The heel seen by a woman

Simple: a torture to have to endure if low or very slender or just having to pick up. If you are a prostitute is work requirement. The feeling base is to be pierced at the tip of the foot by a chain saw. It's like when Mr. Berlusconi is another prostitute with your money.

The heel is, for many women, a key rite of passage from childhood to adulthood. Sometimes, there is no precise age to perform the ceremony: in many Central Asian countries, males are circumcised at age twelve, while in the western world, at a similar age, girls are started to walk on high heels . The only difference is that circumcision in the end it only lasts a few minutes and eventually heals, but you must wear high heels for the entire fertile life and continue undeterred to hurt like the devil, after all, and use the ' abuse that they can do.

She suffers and you enjoy! She suffers and you enjoy! Shame!
There is an active debate about whether there is a precise technique for walking shoes codeste: some say the heel-toe and the heel-toe who, some say to put one leg behind the other and those who raise The seat, which of those swaying gently in his arms and jumping to the rhythm of the rumba, singing the national anthem of Turkmenistan. The truth is that there is a way of alleviating the pain, except for a root canal surgery of the nerves of the legs.

Not to mention the dance is very beautiful and poetic view, in movies, beautiful princesses in a fluffy white dress twirling and swaying to the rhythm of the waltz from their twelve inches in the arms of a beautiful young officer decked out in his uniform high-ceremony style debutantes' ball; less beautiful is the experience of trying to move to the beat of twelve dizzy, thin and fragile inches of heels that are likely to crash under the wheels of decent dancer at every awkward, clumsy and awkward hop or worse than it tumbling into a loud craniata the polished floor of hard marble, in the eyes of all dismayed. Even if the woman taccuta [citation needed] manages to avoid trauma and fractures, the pain that can result in five minutes of slow dance of the harmless six centimeters is comparable to forty lashes on the ankles, buttressed with a cat o 'nine tails electrified.

Recommended, if anything, the outlook is for any movement which differs by five meters in a straight line on level floor, to escape into the bathroom to change her deadly heels with a couple of quiet dancers who sighted the woman always carries in her purse.

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