Isabel Marant Shoes: prices and models of sneakers heel

You prefer to wear such shoes, sneakers or shoes with high heels? Isabel Marant is to dissolve all your questions, with a collection of shoes that is already a cult hit among fashionistas around the world. Introducing the sneakers with high heel 10 cm: of shoes that are still comfortable, but they are able to give us the style that only shoes vertiginous know us, it's triggering the legs less fit. The sneakers with heels by Isabel Marant are also available in different colors, a more engaging than the other, to make each of our look more lively and glamorous.

The multicolor models such as those of Giuseppe Zanotti are a must have this autumn 2012. These shades on, mixed together in an absolutely impeccable, the fashion label Isabel Marant joined by another detail that has been especially popular among women who want to show off shoes exclusive, but that are both practical and comfortable.

In particular, the sneakers with heels by Isabel Marant are achieving great success among fashionistas by birth smaller, so that they can mix the style of sneakers with that of high-heeled shoes.

The sneakers with heels by Isabel Marant are made of leather or suede multicolor ton sur ton. In the front there are three bands with velcro straps, while above the ankle are always a closure strap. The cover flap is suede, the tongue is padded, padding which is also found around the ankle.

But sneakers Isabel Marant also offer a high heel that does not go unnoticed, made more convenient because the proposed wedge.

And we now come to the sorrowful notes: how much do sneakers with high heels by Isabel Marant? Let's say you are not just given away, since their price is about 440 euro: a bit 'too? We can always take advantage of the balances or write a nice letter to Santa Claus because Bundle for good and positions under our tree decorated, but it will be very difficult to find for sale have gone sold out within a very short time and on the websites of the most popular online shopping are no longer available for some time ... I hope they come back soon for sale, or Santa Claus will have a hard time with our requests!

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