Pollini shoes: for Fall/Winter 2012-2013, heels in plexiglass

Pollini is presenting its new and fabulous collection fall winter 2012-2013, a line made as always by creative director Nicholas Kirkwood, which in itself is a guarantee of originality and eccentricity. The designer, in addition to the brand that bears his name, for several years has been building fabulous collections for the brand Pollini, as we have seen recently with the wonderful collection Resort 2013, we discover today with the new line dedicated to the coming winter.

Apparently, one of the reasons inspiring the autumn winter 2012-2013 Pollini is the plexiglass, material heavily exploited in recent years by different designers and different fields of fashion. Nicholas Kirkwood thinks her heels in this transparent material and the result is truly unique.

The new line offers the most classic decolletes a narrow point with stiletto heel up, one of the models back in fashion this year and now considered classics that every shoe addicts can not do without. In these more classic Italian brand with models then alternates plateau sculpture trademark of Creative Director. The decolletes are designed more often in paint, pastel colors such as orange, or variations in color block heel with plateau and characterized by different patterns than the upper.

The models cap-toe players back for the winter season, and in this case we speak of decolletes in bicolor with contrasting patent leather toe and heel in plexiglass to make the shape even more eccentric, while the plateau sculpture featuring ankle boots and booties really singular.

Pollini offers models with strings, wide wooden heel and platform that replaces the corrugated tank, or variations in black leather with ankle strap and covered in fur as singular. Also in this field there are the tips for narrow boots the most intriguing, and the plateau outside, as well as fantasies characteristics, heels transparent and original shapes such as those with open heel.

The line of boots tip of overknees with heel or wedge, from the upper often in bicolor and also in this case we can find the sculptural heels plexiglass especially in association with peaks cap-toe. There is no shortage of models sandals evening from variations in cage red stiletto heel, the sandals with color block lists in different colors and tip peep-toe. In short, a collection to be discovered, do not you agree, too?

Charlotte Olympia Shoes Fall/Winter 2012-2013: color block and high heels

Finally Charlotte Olympia has published pictures of his amazing collection fall winter 2012-2013, a line of shoes as always fabulous and all the plateau with front now trademark of the British designer. Apparently, one of the many inspirations that guided his hand to the construction of the new line is the Italian Carnival, so expect color block, bicolor and multicolor reason really eccentric. No shortage of references to the music, a vintage mood and many unique ideas: Let's read together.

Already a delicious pre-fall collection 2012-2013 has proposed new lovely, but Charlotte Olympia once again demonstrates a creative flair uncommon in the new winter collection. Among the most beautiful models that you will find on the official website of the designer and in our photo gallery, there are decolletes Arabella, in classic form with Charlotte Olympia heels and platform 15 outside, think with suede bow on round toe, solid or bicolor . Astra is a model of strap sandal and high heel, while the pumps Dance With Me Dolly have plateau with printed sheet music to characterize them.

The decolletes Desiree have medium heels and satin pom pom on the tip narrow, while the strafamose Dolly are declined in pastel colors such as pink, green and darker shades of burgundy, with a white lace collar around the ankle strap. Among the most eccentric are the Harlequin brand new, mary jane suede and patent heel and platform 15, the upper formed of panels in yellow, red, purple, blue and green side by side, while the Masquerade have tip peep-toe and vamp shaped mask, always in color block.

Among the new sprout decolletes moon that you can see at the beginning of the article, a narrow tip pumps with stiletto covered, from the Upper marked by the moon-shaped profile with shoe print on the right side and stars on the left. The decolletes Zelda, another new entry, are designed in leather and suede, they plateau covered with contrasting striped upper and foam that rises from the tip peep-toe! The ankle boot Zena have heel 15 and internal plateau, but their most unique feature is the network lists gold that surrounds the front part of the instep.

In the line of models in the model flat back kittens Kitty slippers with a cat face on the tip, while the Suits You is to dancers with printed hearts on a red base blacks more romantic.

Alberto Guardiani shoes, the Fall/Winter 2012-2013

Alberto Guardiani presents its new collection of shoes for women for the next cold season autumn-winter 2012-2013, a very special line in which these are among the most frequently paint in stilettos models in various colors, studs and pleas mood over character and yet precious embroidery to complete the look more elegant. After the fabulous collection spring-summer 2012, the brand returns with interesting news and glamorous: Let's read together.

The new collection of Alberto Guardiani leaves ample space to model dell'ankle boot, shoes ideal transition between summer and autumn. The new models designed for the cold season are offered with high heel and thicker than a stiletto, high 12 cm, balanced by a plateau earlier than 2 cm, ankle boot-shaped half-way to that of a decolletes, that you will find on official site in several colors, from beige, burgundy, dark red to to red. They are very original and the asymmetrical ankle boot that cover only a part of the instep and have stiletto heel.

In the line of ankle boots certainly could not miss the new variants of the Lipstick Heel, heels lipstick crazy celebrity and fashion victim. They are designed in black leather or patent and nude version, while the return decolletes leather, satin and paint in dark colors.

The line then decolletes offers models with toe and heel with contrasting golden skin, variants with different patterns and upper tip cap-toe embellished with studs pointed or rounded, one of the most fashion trends of the season. Mary jane pattern in paint that mimics embroidery, have high heel, platform front and are designed in coordination with high boots in the collection, models in leather and black suede with the heel of 12 cm.

No shortage of models and in particular flat slippers, the new craze winter shoes with much sought after fantasies, complete with studs from the tip. Alberto Guardiani also thought patterns lace lady's skin, another male model originally very fashionable this year, while a shoe that surely many of us do not want to do without this winter is the biker boots!

Alberto Guardiani enriches its proposals buckles that wrap around the instep and also on the return leg, and above all adds studs and metal inserts that complete the mood glam rock of the model. Do you like the new collection?


Fornarina Shoes Fall / Winter 2012-2013: back to the mary jane mania

Fornarina flies to New York and the Big Apple presents his shoe collection for next autumn-winter season 2012-2013, a wonderful line that the brand has immortalized in pictures dell'adv against the backdrop of American skyscrapers. Dominating the new collection of shoes Fornarina we are mainly pumps, and mary jane decolletes, models etiquette that several collections have been to prioritize this year, but in the hands of Fornarina become an opportunity to create small masterpieces in vintage style and glamor.

After the fabulous looks spring-summer 2012, Fornarina returns to present a winter line that really knows how to compete with the previous ones. The brand specializes in young fashion always manages to combine the latest trends with some reasons now classic of its lines.

The return of the fabulous dècolletès Demy that have made us dream in their summer versions. For winter offers the Fornarina suede teal green with polka dots along the surface, covered with 12 cm stiletto heel balanced by a plateau outside and a beautiful bow bon ton on the side of the tip.

In line with the passion for the golden different brands, Fornarina think its Demy gold in the new version, in this case a mary jane strap on the instep, the high heel and platform outside, while even more special is the model Kensit, with round toe, heel sculpture trapezoidal often surface in pink suede and pink tartan fabric on top.

The line offers charming Juliette mary jane heels often with burgundy leather as the outer plateau and the strap at the instep, round tip and surface multicolor floral printed from mood 70s, or even in the version upholstered in dark blue glitter. If not then you love quirky prints, the Juliette are designed in pastel colors like green water.

But the heart and the highlight of the autumn winter 2012-2013 Fornarina are without a doubt the mary jane Dorothy. They remind us a bit 'models proposed by Prada last year, but because of our passion for mary jane, have provisions to new versions there is always good. Dorothy has wide heel and medium round toe and strap on the instep. It is designed in leather with polka dots blacks-on-beige, golden, black polka dots, the fabulous fuchsia or orange, and floral printed version, all reasons reflected in the line of bags coordinates.

Liu Jo Shoes Fall / Winter 2012/2013

Liu Jo presents an amazing shoe collection for next autumn-winter 2012/2013. The cold season is approaching and now we necessarily think of what to put back into our wardrobe to show off always look glamorous and trendy. Not only clothing, but also accessories at the trend of this period will be as fashion shoes? He explains perfectly the fashion brand Liu Jo, much loved especially by young people, and in terms of shoes is very knowledgeable and offers us a range of shoes with high heels, ideal for expressing the most of all our femininity.

After admiring and maybe even worn the complicity of the end of season sales, the beautiful collection of Liu Jo shoes for spring-summer 2012, here we are to turn the page, chapter, and also to change the season, with a new line of footwear designed specifically to make each of our outfits more attractive, elegant, chic, but also pop and rock.

Several lines proposed by Liu Jo:

Metropolitan Charm, a line that offers boots, ankle boots, but also décolletés and pumps with peep toe, all with a fresh style and youthful, which is also found in the sneakers of the group. Shoes for a young woman, who wants to live the autumn-winter in complete freedom. A line that stands for elegant dancers bon ton, while for what concerns the colors have dark bottle green, dark blue, dark green and gray taboo, which is also found in other shoes that are not part of this collection .

Allure de Poupee, a line dedicated to women who do not give their sensuality and who always want to show off shoes super feminine high heels, as decolletes, boots, ankle boots, although sometimes make an exception for dancers equally chic. The shoes are made of satin, suede, patent leather, in shades of warm and traditional as beige, desert sand and taupe, which will return the great protagonist of our wardrobe!

Glam Gold Celebration, a line from the name says it all on her shoes that contains, this collection is designed for the most important evening, with sparkling details such as rhinestones and glitter, with décolletés, sandals and boots that will become our valuable allies with the look more sophisticated, but also to make fascinating of simple jeans. The most popular colors are black and gold, of course, a must for every stylish woman who respects!


Isabel Marant Shoes: prices and models of sneakers heel

You prefer to wear such shoes, sneakers or shoes with high heels? Isabel Marant is to dissolve all your questions, with a collection of shoes that is already a cult hit among fashionistas around the world. Introducing the sneakers with high heel 10 cm: of shoes that are still comfortable, but they are able to give us the style that only shoes vertiginous know us, it's triggering the legs less fit. The sneakers with heels by Isabel Marant are also available in different colors, a more engaging than the other, to make each of our look more lively and glamorous.

The multicolor models such as those of Giuseppe Zanotti are a must have this autumn 2012. These shades on, mixed together in an absolutely impeccable, the fashion label Isabel Marant joined by another detail that has been especially popular among women who want to show off shoes exclusive, but that are both practical and comfortable.

In particular, the sneakers with heels by Isabel Marant are achieving great success among fashionistas by birth smaller, so that they can mix the style of sneakers with that of high-heeled shoes.

The sneakers with heels by Isabel Marant are made of leather or suede multicolor ton sur ton. In the front there are three bands with velcro straps, while above the ankle are always a closure strap. The cover flap is suede, the tongue is padded, padding which is also found around the ankle.

But sneakers Isabel Marant also offer a high heel that does not go unnoticed, made more convenient because the proposed wedge.

And we now come to the sorrowful notes: how much do sneakers with high heels by Isabel Marant? Let's say you are not just given away, since their price is about 440 euro: a bit 'too? We can always take advantage of the balances or write a nice letter to Santa Claus because Bundle for good and positions under our tree decorated, but it will be very difficult to find for sale have gone sold out within a very short time and on the websites of the most popular online shopping are no longer available for some time ... I hope they come back soon for sale, or Santa Claus will have a hard time with our requests!

Stuart Weitzman shoes, Fall/Winter 2012-2013

Stuart Weitzman presents its new collection of footwear for the cold season autumn-winter 2012-2013, a line like always focuses on the must haves and more chic trend of the moment. Dominating the scene of course there are the animal prints, the undisputed queen of the 2012 and apparently the next 2013, there are of course high heels, in some cases very high, plateau outside and the style that has always distinguished the creations Stuart Weitzman. Let's take a look at them in detail.

After the extraordinary proposals Stuart Weitzman has presented this spring summer 2012, the brand once again the star of the winter focusing on all the elements that made him famous and much loved in the star system.

As you can see better in our photo gallery, one of the models present there are ankle boots and booties, shoes passage perfect for the fall season. Stuart Weitzman they are proposed with suede heel tall and strong and narrow tip, declined among other things, in different colors, but also with reptile print and alligator in particular, one of the essential trend this year.

Among the most special ones occur in suede or pony with animal print, the variants with those fancy spotted in bright tones such as red to contrast with the black, while among the finest you will find those ankle boots black suede heel and sculpture variants cap-toe heels with balanced front to plateau.

The line of pumps and dècolletès has really fabulous jewels. Starting with the dècolletès Dagger with black suede stiletto heel and golden metal covered at the top by elements spotted, to get to the pumps Glopear, elegant, refined and embellished with jewel inserts on the narrow tip or heel jewel covered with crystals.

From retro mood are then Uprise pumps with leopard print, while the collection of boots are very special models. Spars The model is made of leather and suede on the heels of his boots and Givenchy, proposes the leg folded to cover the heel and gold buttons to mo 'spats. The model has instead Vivid heel of no less than 12 cm, plateau interior, black suede upper and back to leopard spots, reason for other boot covers the entire surface.

Take a look at the new collection fall winter 2012-2013 by Stuart Weitzman in our pictures, what do you think?


Pumps Salvatore Ferragamo Pre Fall 2012 collection, stylish shoes with high heels

The fashion brand Salvatore Ferragamo Tuscan as our feet with a unique style. On his Facebook profile, the Italian group has posted some images of the tip of his shoe collection Pre Fall 2012, a veritable tribute to the elegance, femininity, sensuality, with pumps you will want to wear right now, if only the high temperatures we suggest to wear footwear models much more easy, like flip-flops or sandals with high heels. The décolletés Salvatore Ferragamo are great for next winter, to combine with elegant clothes, but also to look casual chic outfits and even in our office, at meetings or important meetings during which it is important to stand out!

While we are still grappling with the footwear of summer with flip flops to match with mini dress fluttering, light and glamorous or sexy shorts and trendy, that's the most prestigious fashion brands lead us to know from now the trends of 'fall-winter 2012/2013. Because it's always best to come prepared!

Do not be afraid, then, that these days the fashion brands compete to present the best pre fall collections, as well as the first shots of the advertising campaigns that will keep us company in fashion magazines and billboards of our cities. Today is the turn of Salvatore Ferragamo which has a collection of Serbia for us Pre Fall 2012 line-up, especially for what concerns the shoes.

Ferragamo has always been synonymous with shoes trendy, stylish, chic and feminine and not to be outdone in the next winter, with a range of footwear from high heels that pop out under our skirts, long but also short, well below the our pants more elegant not to mention the glamor pairing with jeans, casual and glamorous.

The pumps by Salvatore Ferragamo dress in classic shades of the female wardrobe, like black that can never fail, not to mention the gray, which now seems to have become the new black. Stand out even more eye-catching shades such as deep red or dark burgundy, to give a little 'light even the most monochromatic outfits.

The heels make you high but not too over the top, perfect to be worn at all times and everywhere, while the shoes do not go unnoticed much more dizzy, complete with a platform for the most important occasions: these décolletés are made of glossy paint, but also in horse and fabric, with precious details and shiny, real jewels peeking at the tips that are beginning to shake a little ', returning to the feminine style of a time!

Sergio Rossi shoes, Fall / Winter 2012-13: high heels and studs

Francesco Russo presents the new license plate Sergio Rossi shoes for the next season autumn winter 2012-2013 and it seems that this time to lead the creative talent of the shoe designer has been the desire to impress with forms and inserts character. Studs and leather belts characterize different models of the new winter Sergio Rossi, frequently recurring elements in the recent lines dedicated to the next season, but are not the only novelty in the collection of the Italian label. Let's take a look at the proposal in detail Sergio Rossi.

In this summer, Sergio Rossi has already presented several lines internal to its spring-summer 2012 collection and inspirations that have marked each of them there are so many. But if you thought that Francesco Russo had stopped to rest on their laurels, you're wrong: the new autumn winter 2012-2013 is preparing to conquer more and more addicted, which is already the preview pre-winter we had to guess.

The return of the pumps, decolletes proposals is a narrow point more often embellished with reptile prints strictly in pastel colors, and round toe dall'allure more romantic and bon ton, and of course all made of stiletto heels from 10 to 12 cm in height.

Models retro mood is inspired by the shape of suede loafers and thought always in bright tones such as red, complemented by classic tassels and knotted to form flakes. The sandals reproduce forms that we have seen enhanced by the brand, adding inserts jewelry, high heels and platform outside very obvious.

But to dominate the collection is a mood glam rock with hints fetish much character. As you can see better in our photo gallery, there are pointy pumps with stiletto clad in tight black leather, developing an upper made up of lists twisted able to track the polaccio to the knee.

Items similar return for ankle boots and booties, always designed in black leather, with laces on the front tab and original behind the heel slingback, while among the dècolletès stand out models in leather with reptile print on the tip narrow and high heel decorated with bands leather, ribbons and studs, studs returning pumps also completely coated.

The animal dominates the line of ankle boots and boots, some of which are designed in pony and complemented by bands of black leather with studs also along the heel, the other entirely made with spotted prints, while shares in python skin lining the far more eccentric overknees boots. A collection of unique and bold, do not you agree?

Le Silla shoes, Fall/Winter 2012-13: model cap-toe shoes and jewelry

Le Silla shoes presents his autumn-winter 2012-2013, a line that once again returns to foreground shoes unique and precious jewel in the tradition of the brand, but among the most interesting of the winter collection sprouting also touches singular character. These groups are mainly pointed-toe cap and metal studs which apparently will be a real must-have winter, as we have also shown other collections. Let's find out the latest collection of Le Silla.

Le Silla is a brand known in the star system and between the shoe addicted especially for his creations covered with Swarovski crystals, models that season after season they continue to dream the fans of the genre. Even in its new winter collection Le Silla wanted to surprise entering the ranks of its models pumps and boots completely covered in glitter and crystals, all mixed effect of uppers in satin and suede in shades ranging from fuchsia, l ' orange, purple and classic colors.

Among the most beautiful that you can see better in our photogallery are ankle boots with high heels completely covered with crystals that create a very special stripes, ankle boots with internal platform alternating with dècolletès round toe and stiletto-heeled boots with plateau and external coating multicolor, supplemented by the effect of studs in relief.

15 and platform heels are very obvious external exploited for the peep-toe pumps, while the plateau become distinctive with their striped patterns and sculptural forms for dècolletès with high heels in leather, suede and patent leather.

Studs pointed in a sea of ​​crystals lining peep-toe ankle boots that remind us models targati Christian Louboutin, while the style of the brand becomes more aggressive with footwear dall'allure glam rock: we speak of round toe ankle boot with straps and chains along the ankle booties quilted leather with metal tip cap-toe, also studded, and dècolletès that resemble materials and tip in bright colors such as red.

Zip and metal inserts mark both the pumps as boots and sandals evening of the new collection, while crystals multicolor dècolletès return to a narrow point with fancy tiger in shades of gray and black.