The photos of all the strangest shoes in the world

High Heels —— Women go crazy for shoes and follies would have for a new pair. Sometimes, though, are the shoes designers to do something crazy, proposing, usually just for the female wardrobe, shoe, very original, unusual, special, maybe we'll never see walking down the street, but that could well make a good impression as a work art in a museum. Shoes that could possibly be put in the empty shelf in the library or on the glass table that is sad and lonely in front of the couch. The rest are sculptures, worth a pedestal of respect!

Shoes with heels or special forms weird, very architectural and shoes made of a curious structure, which immediately attracted the attention of fashionistas throughout the world, ready to enjoy some real works of the designer shoes that have decided to amaze us with special effects. Hoping it would never really thought that a woman could wear the shoes that we offer in our gallery!

Shoes with unusual heels

Among the parts of the shoe that can be converted into strange and beautiful good, definitely heels are those that lend themselves to extreme metamorphosis. If in this shot we have proposed a red shoe that rests on two thin sticks woven, here's designer shoes in this regard have indulged. There is, for example, the shoe rose that splits, with a heel that is identical to the shoe itself, but also one with very special and fuscia heel boots gladiator with contoured heel in which the designer has forgotten to insert the tip!

But sometimes even the fashion designers have proposed heels really special. How can we forget the shoe with Empire State Building built Geox decolletes or heel lipstick Alberto Guardiani. Madonna, however, had brought the gun heels of Chanel, Dior and had decided to revive the caryatids!

Shoes inspired by the look of the stars

The look of the stars are sometimes a source of inspiration for designers maximum. Such as the famous bra top designer Jean Paul Gaultier dress worn by the great Madonna, time ago, which here becomes a shoe with lots of hair style equal to that of the singer. Above, however, the designer wanted to pay homage to a famous cartoon character of Popeye as Olivia, with a shoe model that reproduces the famous collar and also the hair in a nice neat ponytail!

Shoes with strange shapes

Among the shoes with strange shapes in the world, what about the model that mimics a slingshot? Certainly particular, but also very interesting with that red strap that goes to join the handle of this weapon fashion with the front of the thong sandal. For those who never grew up and remained a little girl, here comes the decolletes peep toe slip-shaped, yellow and red, colors that are very reminiscent of the World of Childhood. For the good housewives, then, some people have thought about a pair of shoes in the shape of the shopping cart, complete with a built-in wheels. Eye then the shoes with his teeth are very dangerous!

Shoes to eat

For all women tempting, however, some shoes designer has seen fit to bring the white shoe that looks like a pitcher who is coming from the excellent and tasty hot chocolate. For those who adopt a healthier lifestyle, there are shoes in the shape of a banana skin ... hoping not to slip ... The banana seems also great fashion brands: Do you remember the black shoes, polished, embellished with a right heel in the shape of the yellow fruit of Sergio Zambon?

Shoes in a particular style of animal ...

Pets are great source of inspiration for designers of shoes, not only for the proposed animal prints, but also for the forms that sometimes make their shoes: we, in fact, reminiscent of a duck decolletes (yellow beak becomes heels!) and those who are inspired, however, the shape of a bird as the most regal swan. For those who love exotic places, here are some pumps that are inspired by the silhouette of the toucan.

Obviously there had to be man's best friend: dogs, especially those with long ears, are well represented by a model of pumps brown. And if there is Fido, could not miss a nice kitty, with a shoe that faithfully reproduces even the tail of a cat and dog collars, with strictly fuchsia bell.

Strange famous brand shoes

Even the famous fashion brand, at times, we offer shoes and curious details, which soon became a cult. How to Lace Shoes of the fashion label Salvatore Ferragamo Tuscan, with a silver metal heel and embroidered footwear that appears.
Even Christian Louboutin is no joke when it comes to strange shoes, like those that we propose with the classic red sole, heel, strictly dramatic, covered with brilliant gold on black background details that embellish a sandal with interwoven lists fuchsia and gold again. Shoes on the red carpet, no doubt. But that bring trouble!

Romantic and delicious, however, the model of shoe with a heel Nicholas Kirkwood offers, strictly dramatic, embellished with a delicate black ribbon on a shoe full of very bright colors. Without forgetting the King Alexander McQueen sandals sculpture and, in general, the shoes are not wearable sculpture, but just to be admired!

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