Nicholas Kirkwood Platform pumps, all models in the spring summer 2012

High Heels —— Nicholas Kirkwood offers us a collection of decolletes inspired spring summer 2012 the best ever! The German shoe designer for several seasons now delights us with unique creations, whether it be the line that bears his name or the one designed for the brand Pollini, Nicholas Kirkwood can be renewed every year adding to its collection of forms now iconic elements always new innovations, or even creating forms even more features. To this we add the passion for art that transforms the elements of common accessories in small works of art! Let's take a look along the line decolletes for spring summer 2012!

One of the most unique innovations, which for several seasons featuring Nicholas Kirkwood collections of patterns are formed by these particular trays pearls. The shoe designer suits a detail so elegant and sophisticated pumps to its most beautiful in satin and silk in both the classic version with a round toe and high stiletto heel that is greater than 12 cm for both the version with toe slingback and peep-toe, among other things, designed in honor of spring in bright colors like turquoise with a lace effect, a gem from the new collection!

A little 'any collection of shoes for spring are leaving room for pumps in pastel colors this year, we saw him looking through the collection of Prada and Christian Louboutin, the summer is the perfect time to experience the shades of color block and an eccentric fashion designer as Kirkwood could not get up the chance! The models we propose are made of suede, have asymmetrical heel height 12 cm and internal plateau under a ballpoint tip. You find them in electric blue and pink at a price of 495 euros on mytheresa.com, but on the official website of the designer there are other color variations.

This year as never before the craze of the prints has plagued the field of shoes as much as the clothing and accessories. Nicholas Kirkwood has wanted it in his collection of fabulous models pumps with floral print in shades of pink and turquoise in the variant, but also models with upper portrayed as a true artistic canvas. Alongside these then sprout decolletes coated lace on a flower print in shades of blue or pink of the most romantic, shoes with clear cut plateau outside (595 euros).
The collection of Nicholas Kirkwood pumps is really a dream, you do not you agree?


Emporio Armani Shoes spring summer 2012 collection

High Heels —— The shoe collection Emporio Armani spring summer 2012 season dedicated to the tip to impress especially with a touch more chic and sophisticated, proposing models of sandals and pumps very interesting and sophisticated. But as often happens in the collections of King George, the surprise is just around the corner, so the most classic and refined, the Italian designer alongside models from more eccentric and whimsical mood, in brightly colored patent leather shoes in the effect of which is joined to high heels and outer trays this year are a real trend. Let's find out the Spring Summer 2012 collection of Emporio Armani.

In the line of pumps and Emporio Armani decolletes you make sure to notice the beautiful shoes covered with gold glitter print that the House version also offers more blue glitter. The model has broad heel height 10 cm and round tip and also found on the official website at perzzo of 295 euros. Very beautiful also decolletes slingback in black suede covered heel, round toe and outer plateau (395 euros), while the moods decolletes etiquette and elegant are those black patent high heels 11 cm and insert embellished with reptile print on the points (340 euros).

The line of sandals Emporio Armani, as I said, covers different models. Beginning of the article you can see the beautiful leather sandals with stiletto heel 11 cm high and price lists on the tip twisted open-toe, instep and behind the heel, supplemented by strings. The model comes in white, black and gray lists in the paint for the price of 495 euros. The variations however are more eccentric than those in paint on high heels that reach 14 cm offset by external plateau of 3 cm. They are designed in red and black (350 euros) with slingback, but also in t-bar mary jane strap behind the ankle and Central (375 euros), and again with braided straps over the instep in a more delicate powder pink and chic.

The dancers are different types of Emporio Armani. If you remember, during last fall winter 2012-2012 fashion show, the label wanted on the catwalk only flat shapes, it seems that shoes with low heels are a passion for the young line of King George! The dancers in the collection are available in both print with glitter and paint a contrasting bow, both with leather effect paint in many colors from red to black, beige (between 250 and 295 euros), also used to paint the beautiful lace Pointed (340 euros).


DKNY shoes, glamorous and vibrant collection for spring summer 2012

High Heels —— Donna Karan DKNY introduces us to the new collection of shoes for the warm season spring summer 2012, a beautiful young line that among other things, the American designer has thought of in conjunction with the equally spectacular collection of handbags. Donna Karan draws much of its inspiration from everyday life in New York and the rest all parades DKNY have as their backdrop the iconic yellow cabs in the Big Apple. The footwear collection reflects this urban flair and character, let me put it together in detail.

The collection of shoes DKNY rewards high wedges this year, perhaps because in other collections are heels over 13 cm, the current must-haves and the American designer wanted to provide an alternative not bad. Among the new models come out with Corinne print painted in shades of red and blue or the variation in white, black and beige, with less than 13 cm high wedge heel is balanced by the external plateau of 3 cm. They also have a nice ankle strap to better secure your foot! Do not miss the simpler models like espadrilles or wedges Kassy Margaret in the more traditional forms, while the model Rita rewards the most chic reptile prints.

In the line of pumps and decolletes DKNY models emerge as Francesca, decolletes round toe leather with glitter effect with medium heel, but especially the beautiful Allison pumps proposed in the most eccentric press with futuristic red and black, and high heel slingback with offset by 12 cm outer plateau, in the collection in a more classical in gold. Kidneys are beautiful pumps with geometric print in black, white and green, one of the most beautiful new DKNY thought in conjunction with the line of bags.

As often happens, the big brands direct much of their creative talent to the most visible models and high heels. However, in the collection of DKNY sprout flat sandals very interesting, as the model Carminne shaped cage very attractive, and Huntington flat sandals with thongs and a low wedge rubber slim the leg. In the line of dancers stands Fiona model which is actually a cross between a ballerina and a sneaker, designed with rubber and fabric paint effect and completed by the strap around the instep, an original idea to complete casual look with style.

In our photo gallery are the most desirable models DKNY shoes, you have chosen your favorite?

Nicholas Kirkwood sandals, Spring Summer 2012

High Heels —— Let us see now the most beautiful models of sandals Nicholas Kirkwood that the German master of the shoes he designed for the nice spring summer 2012 season. If you have followed our previous articles on creations by Nicholas Kirkwood, you know what to expect, the designer brand Pollini has a creative flair uncommon and in view of the hot season the forms already very eccentric, Nicholas Kirkwood adds fantasies and vibrant colors that represent the end of the period very well. About some of the novelties of the collection.

In the field of Nicholas Kirkwood sandals always manages to give his best. The new collection embraces diverse inspirations as always, but do not forget the trend of the moment. In fact you can see our photo gallery templates with reptile print in color also very heated, but also with floral patterns that take advantage of one of the colors of the moment, the pink! Nicholas Kirkwood also has a particular passion for high heels, her stilettos so easily will exceed 12 cm in height and shall be accompanied by plateaux showy exterior.

But in addition to his high heels, flat sandals to Nicholas Kirkwood devotes much of his line, ripesandoli in beautiful versions which also are inspired sandals with heels. In our pictures you will notice that the basic shape is always the same, the lists of sandals with braided along the instep, supplemented by strings in some cases. They come with a flower print on pink polka dots and in variation with reptile print that are on sale also mytheresa.com the price of 770 euros. Beautiful, is not it?

In the collection of Nicholas Kirkwood sandals will notice the presence of models in classic tones like black and beige, often embellished with glitter and printed price lists with rose-shaped inserts along the t-bar, but to attract attention are inevitably colored models, whether newcomers pvc with big satin bows on the front offered in colors like turquoise and red, or of the more eccentric with reptile prints or floral prints, Nicholas Kikrwood always knows how to make unique every creation!

It is no coincidence that his models are increasingly springing up on the red carpet at the foot of the celebrity, the new gems with satin bow and slingback are really a gem, do not you?


The photos of all the strangest shoes in the world

High Heels —— Women go crazy for shoes and follies would have for a new pair. Sometimes, though, are the shoes designers to do something crazy, proposing, usually just for the female wardrobe, shoe, very original, unusual, special, maybe we'll never see walking down the street, but that could well make a good impression as a work art in a museum. Shoes that could possibly be put in the empty shelf in the library or on the glass table that is sad and lonely in front of the couch. The rest are sculptures, worth a pedestal of respect!

Shoes with heels or special forms weird, very architectural and shoes made of a curious structure, which immediately attracted the attention of fashionistas throughout the world, ready to enjoy some real works of the designer shoes that have decided to amaze us with special effects. Hoping it would never really thought that a woman could wear the shoes that we offer in our gallery!

Shoes with unusual heels

Among the parts of the shoe that can be converted into strange and beautiful good, definitely heels are those that lend themselves to extreme metamorphosis. If in this shot we have proposed a red shoe that rests on two thin sticks woven, here's designer shoes in this regard have indulged. There is, for example, the shoe rose that splits, with a heel that is identical to the shoe itself, but also one with very special and fuscia heel boots gladiator with contoured heel in which the designer has forgotten to insert the tip!

But sometimes even the fashion designers have proposed heels really special. How can we forget the shoe with Empire State Building built Geox decolletes or heel lipstick Alberto Guardiani. Madonna, however, had brought the gun heels of Chanel, Dior and had decided to revive the caryatids!

Shoes inspired by the look of the stars

The look of the stars are sometimes a source of inspiration for designers maximum. Such as the famous bra top designer Jean Paul Gaultier dress worn by the great Madonna, time ago, which here becomes a shoe with lots of hair style equal to that of the singer. Above, however, the designer wanted to pay homage to a famous cartoon character of Popeye as Olivia, with a shoe model that reproduces the famous collar and also the hair in a nice neat ponytail!

Shoes with strange shapes

Among the shoes with strange shapes in the world, what about the model that mimics a slingshot? Certainly particular, but also very interesting with that red strap that goes to join the handle of this weapon fashion with the front of the thong sandal. For those who never grew up and remained a little girl, here comes the decolletes peep toe slip-shaped, yellow and red, colors that are very reminiscent of the World of Childhood. For the good housewives, then, some people have thought about a pair of shoes in the shape of the shopping cart, complete with a built-in wheels. Eye then the shoes with his teeth are very dangerous!

Shoes to eat

For all women tempting, however, some shoes designer has seen fit to bring the white shoe that looks like a pitcher who is coming from the excellent and tasty hot chocolate. For those who adopt a healthier lifestyle, there are shoes in the shape of a banana skin ... hoping not to slip ... The banana seems also great fashion brands: Do you remember the black shoes, polished, embellished with a right heel in the shape of the yellow fruit of Sergio Zambon?

Shoes in a particular style of animal ...

Pets are great source of inspiration for designers of shoes, not only for the proposed animal prints, but also for the forms that sometimes make their shoes: we, in fact, reminiscent of a duck decolletes (yellow beak becomes heels!) and those who are inspired, however, the shape of a bird as the most regal swan. For those who love exotic places, here are some pumps that are inspired by the silhouette of the toucan.

Obviously there had to be man's best friend: dogs, especially those with long ears, are well represented by a model of pumps brown. And if there is Fido, could not miss a nice kitty, with a shoe that faithfully reproduces even the tail of a cat and dog collars, with strictly fuchsia bell.

Strange famous brand shoes

Even the famous fashion brand, at times, we offer shoes and curious details, which soon became a cult. How to Lace Shoes of the fashion label Salvatore Ferragamo Tuscan, with a silver metal heel and embroidered footwear that appears.
Even Christian Louboutin is no joke when it comes to strange shoes, like those that we propose with the classic red sole, heel, strictly dramatic, covered with brilliant gold on black background details that embellish a sandal with interwoven lists fuchsia and gold again. Shoes on the red carpet, no doubt. But that bring trouble!

Romantic and delicious, however, the model of shoe with a heel Nicholas Kirkwood offers, strictly dramatic, embellished with a delicate black ribbon on a shoe full of very bright colors. Without forgetting the King Alexander McQueen sandals sculpture and, in general, the shoes are not wearable sculpture, but just to be admired!


Prada Sandals, all models of the Spring Summer 2012

High Heels —— The collection of Prada sandals for next season spring summer 2012 is really a dream, we speak of the collection at the end of the year and the most interesting line of sandals is his strong point! The splendid collection of Prada shoes began to be talked about as early as the Milan fashion shows in which it was launched a few months ago, we have already begun to take a look at models of the line, but now it's time to concentrate on the wonderful sandals , from "flaming" in paint, with wonderful models to show off jewelry on special occasions. Let's see in detail

This year's high-heeled pumps and sandals are really settled in the collections of shoes and one of Prada in particular gave us the most beautiful news. Among the new models of sandals from the spring line are shoes kid with lists intertwined to create a cage effect (590 euros), sandals in black satin embroidered with colored crystals and ankle strap, and even models in suede or leather in various colors (560 euros). The common elements of these models have a high stiletto heel with 13 cm external and plateaux from 2 to 3 cm to balance them!

One of the areas in which Prada has gained a prominent place is the jewel sandals this year, among other variants added to the spring collection is inspired by a romantic mood and very chic bon ton. The most beautiful models that you can see in our photo galleries are available in kid with flower painted on lists that span the tip-toe and open windows to surround the insert (690 euros). I am the most elegant flower pattern with periwinkle and 8.5 cm high heels and leather sandal with colorful crystals and medium heel.

Obviously the big news in the spring of 2012 these are very original patent leather sandals that have dominated the catwalk of Milan Fashion Week as well as several covers of fashion magazines in the last period. The sandals are offered with a stiletto heel that is the version with high wedges, inserts have characteristic flame-shaped wedge or departing from the band and are really more beautiful than the other one, designed in some cases also with bows bon ton to mitigate the effect of a shoe which in any case remains very striking.

All models in the spring / summer collection 2012 will you look better in our photo gallery, which you have won?

Shoes Dolce & Gabbana, all models in the spring summer 2012

High Heels —— The collection of shoes Dolce & Gabbana spring summer 2012 season dedicated to the tip as always to amaze and leave you speechless. Some of the signs we've had looking at pictures of models on the catwalk a few months ago at the Milan Fashion Week, but to see these gems in detail is really quite a different effect. Inspirations also very different guide the new collection, a passion for floral prints typical of the period, the lace that are a must for the two Sicilian designers, to get to the animal prints in unreleased versions and to be discovered.

The beautiful collection of pumps by Dolce & Gabbana link above features a lot of forms. It passes by the models with leather effect paint completely covered with floral print in tones very bright (395 euros on luisaviaroma.com), to models with reptile print that runs through the narrow tip, heel and stiletto heel with part of the neck Instead of the foot covered with black lace (475 euros). Very characteristic then mary jane patent leather strap around the ankle and the addition of an internal network that creates an original effect and intrigued (495 euros).

Among Dolce & Gabbana sandals are classic models as always, but especially special news. Dominate the scene the very high-heeled platform sandals and platform outside. From the patterns woven leather high heels with a massive 14 cm proposed in pastel colors such as green (595 euros), those with high wooden heel and platform and inserts jewels alternating with reptile prints for price lists and the upper, all models are downright quirky and daring. Beginning of the article you can see the beautiful sandal with heel plate 11 cm high, price lists and leather upper in black tulle, a gem of the collection that you find at a price of 475 euros.

In the field of Dolce & Gabbana wedges get them very often the most extravagant results. The new collection leaves ample room for high wedge espadrilles with up to 14 cm in the heel and 4 cm in that of the plateau, with upper wedges designed in pastel colors like purple, but especially with spotted prints which can not Dolce & Gabbana really resist (325 euros). The model is the one with more whimsical strings that imitates the shape of a sneaker, but has internal wedge with 11 cm!

In the photogallery you can see the most beautiful models in the collection, including boots summer, what do you think?

Shoes Christian Dior Spring Summer 2012 collection

High Heels —— Christian Dior presents the news of his fabulous collection of shoes Spring summer 2012, a collection that can roam easily between models more refined and elegant forms that favor high and in some cases even high heels, but also touches more bon ton and the saucy dancers and low wedges. Just a few days ago we commented on the proposed new collection for next winter fall winter 2012-2013 and in that case, the high heels were really great players! But in addition to the models on the red carpet, Christian Dior is also thought to our needs more "earthly", let us see what we proposed for spring!

In its summer collection there are several models of Christian Dior sandals very interesting, not only offered the most classic in shades of black and brown, but also in pastels. The model in the picture above is made of suede, has printed lists with Tejus embracing open-toe and the tip together down the t-bar then go to close on the ankle strap and slingback. 12.5 cm high heels and have found them on saksfifthavenue.com the price of 1100 euros. In the gallery there is also the model paint with clear plateau of 3 cm to balance a heel of 13 cm, one of the more interesting (770 euros).

The field is dominated by the pumps by Dior Miss Dior model, decolletes round toe or peep-toe version in the summer more typically, do you think matt leather effect with paint, and new versions with reptile print in pastel colors like turquoise and red. The models are provided with different heel heights, from the most comfortable 10 cm, 13 cm high to the versions in patent leather with peep toe by 3 cm, also available in pink, beige and black (535 euros).

In the collection of Dior wedges are very clear space, but also more chic models. The photo above shows the model of espadrilles with CD2 lists Dior black patent logo and Central. A nice t-bar is connected to the strap around the ankle and the wedge reaches to 14 cm in the heel! More elegant and refined the model in white leather, with a low wedge of 4 cm and a classic allure and bon ton. You can find it at a price of 500 euros.

The industry sees the dancers as always excel forms and color choices more bon ton, but Dior did not surrender to experiment with colors and fabrics more eccentric. Very beautiful dancers patent proposals in black and red logo on the tip (380 euros), while the classic is the model with leather imputure to view and comfortable elastic. The price is 500 euros.


Marni shoes, all models in the spring summer 2012

High Heels —— Marni gives us his idea of ​​spring summer 2012 collection of shoes, and we know that the brand has always had a soft spot for very specific shapes and color combinations. These days all eyes are on the new collection created in collaboration with the Swedish giant fashion economic H & M, but if you have followed our previous articles on the creations of designer labels, you'll know he can do a great job with his collections regularly . Let's look at the news of the summer collection.

As we have seen commenting on other collections of shoes in the last period, this is not only the golden year of high heels, which anyway is one of the must of the time, but especially the big crates external or internal, necessary to balance the dizzy heights of stilettos. Marni has always invests characteristic forms, as we have seen in past seasons, is focusing on open-toe sandals or peep toe with a broad heel and platform as the upholstered model in the picture. We speak of a sandal strap that mimics the shape of mary jane, made of suede like in the photo at the beginning of the article, which is also enriched with jewel details. Find them on mytheresa.com and on the official website of the brand.

Do you like these Marni decolletes? In addition to his more eccentric models which as we have seen, are found mainly in the field of sandals and wedges (on the official website you'll also find several models in paint color block!), Marni does not give up a more classical style for his decolletes from mood etiquette, how they want to end the trend of the season. So under your high-waisted minidress 50s style imagine a model like the one pictured, pumps that reflect the typical patterns of Oxford, rethought in key men's feminine and very chic. The model is realized in two-tone leather heel and 10 cm wide, its price is 450 euros.

We could not complete our roundup of models without spring Marni flat shoes, and sandals with low heels and flats in the collection of Marni there are different, demonstrating that this is also the year of the forms platform, but the lovers of more moderate heels can still choose between flat patterns also very glamorous. In the picture you see a nice sandal bronze, which among other things will be perfect with a tan! He lists the tip twisted open toe and ankle strap to make the model more bon ton. Its price is 345 euros on mytheresa.com.

In our photo gallery you can see better each model, you've chosen your favorite?

Shoes Stella McCartney Spring Summer 2012 collection points sull'ecofriendly

High Heels —— Stella McCartney presents his spring summer 2012 collection of shoes, a collection that goes back to reward the reptile prints, big stars of this season, and especially suited to environmentally sustainable materials, especially all'ecopelle. Stella McCartney is working more and more in this, his latest shoe collection for next autumn-winter 2012-2013 season he marched along with the clothing collection at Paris Fashion Week has provided models especially in leather and rubber, new not bad if you think about it! Let's see the most beautiful models in the collection spring summer 2012.

The collection of sandals Stella McCartney offers us, as always, very chic and sophisticated models. The one in the photo above is a beautiful leather sandal with a stiletto heel height 10 cm, then nothing impossible with respect to the fashion of high heels that dominates the new collections. He tip-toe and open lists that are interwoven instep, ankle strap provides a model to look more sophisticated and the price of mytheresa.com is 485 euros. Beautiful, is not it?

In the field of decolletes and pumps, as I said, Stella McCartney has favored reptile prints this year, and many other lines of high-level designers have followed the same path. The models in the photos of the gallery are mostly decolletes, among which is the version with python print orange and round tip (380 euros), and decolletes peep-toe python in shades of gray with hot pink which is really a gem (470 euros) . Beginning of the article then you will find the beautiful mary jane with paint effect for the tip and heel of only 7 cm (430 euros).

They could not have been complete without the platform shoes in the collection of shoes Stella McCartney for the summer, because aside your shoes, we talk about the top model of each summer line. The model proposed by British designer uses cork, the material widely used recently for the platform shoes and shoe uppers for even the most eccentric. It is supplemented by lists in faux leather with orange paint effect, closed with silver buckles on the toe open toe and around ankle. The price is 325 euros.

Very beautiful even with a low heel sandals from summer collection, which in the end we reproduce the same forms which are based on glamor models high heels, so allow us to be chic and sophisticated without having to suffer on high stilettos, no? What you see in the picture are open toe sandals with reptile print on the wing and lists patent around the ankle. They cost 355 euros.

What do you think of the collection by Stella McCartney ecofriendly?


Burberry Shoes, Spring Summer 2012

High Heels —— Burberry also offers us the most interesting news of his spring summer 2012 collection of shoes, and contrary to what one might think, not just the iconic check printing to dominate the line. Models adorned by famous screen printing there are, of course, speak of the distinctive brand of English, but in view of the summer there are models of the most eccentric and extravagant shoes, high heels and wedges are often supplemented by prints very special and colorful, more vivid touches in a collection that in any case does not give up even more classic and sophisticated forms. Let's take a look together.

In his new collection Burberry Prorsum in particular wanted very high wedges this year, models that are certainly noted among other things designed in different materials and as I said, with fantasies also very characteristic. They range from models in woven leather and raffia lined wedge with 13 cm high in the heel region and 3 in that the plateau (1195 euros), those with very whimsical print the 70 peep-toe tip-supplemented (895 euros on the official website). The wedges always tend to exceed 12 cm, how they want the dizzy heights must this season!

In the field of pumps are more sophisticated models with reptile print and effect lacquer, which as you know is a real trend in this period. Among the proposals dominate the pumps in the beautiful pics, mary jane leather with python print and effect lacquer, with 13 high stiletto heel and platform outside of 2 cm (695 euros). Very nice also the model of decolletes peep-toe patent leather biker style with ribbed panels and high heels 10 cm (395 euros), pretty good alternative to high heels!

Needless to say that the collection of Burberry sandals are really fabulous. The models more "measured" are in black, as the variant with lacquered heel height 10 cm, t-bar effect yellow reptile print and ankle strap (475 euros). But to get much out MODELS are the beads line Burberry Prorsum, more often on high heels and big trays, even color block patterns designed to impress and leave you speechless.

They could not miss the beautiful models of shoes with screen printing in our roundup. On luisaviaroma.com you can find a number of variations, starting from the beautiful ballerinas with elastic, and even to get to the wedges to sneakers and boots, rain boot, in short, a model for any time of day.

Jimmy Choo shoes, all models in the spring summer 2012

High Heels —— That is a Jimmy Choo shoe collections that we addicts always look forward to seeing more, the British brand leader in luxury accessories is ultimately what we regularly offers the most interesting and intriguing. And in fact, the new spring summer 2012 shoes there belies a '70s-inspired line that focuses on many different forms and patterns of very eccentric and manages to create jewelry on the red carpet and not only that, but your shoes unique and recognizable. Let's see what's new in the spring summer 2012 collection of Jimmy Choo.

This spring, the summer is seeing the triumph of high heels, high fashion from the catwalk collections of luxury brands, none of the new lines has been saved. In the collection of Jimmy Choo sandals are emerging as a wonderful model Mira whose stiletto heel is a well-balanced with 15 cm outer plateau (1895 euros on the official website), and Scent-heeled sandals, beautiful interior of the same height and covered with lists Glitter print (895 euros). But the list is long and the models are all fabulous!

Jimmy Choo has dedicated this year's success of decolletes a narrow point, a classic form of fashion shows from the brand but also other brands of high quality, heels and rethought also considerable. Highlights of the collection of Jimmy Choo lines are Abel and Anouk, decolletes who also shared the choice of skin with paint effect Stilletto heels and between 10 and 12 cm, all seasoned with very beautiful pastel colors like fuchsia! Prices are 395 euros and 365 euros for Anouk for Abel.

For his collection of Jimmy Choo sandals as usual ranges between two different inspirations, the jewel of the shoes that dominate models such as those seen in the picture at the outset, shoes embellished with Swarovski crystals and glitter printed price lists, and mood eccetrico most of the more vibrant and saucy. We speak here of innovations such as Gail sandals with leopard print (750 euros), Imogen suede (845 euros) and wonderful patent Lance declined in many colors, one of the highlights of the collection (550 euros).

The line of dancers Jimmy Choo's summer this year is very varied, ranging from classic models, and how precious Whirl with glitter print, and variations in perforated leather as the Walsh model more casual. But the most vivid are the models of elastic Wallach embellished with prints in paint in pastel colors, or even with exotic print very very daring (360 euros).

One of the areas in which Jimmy Choo is really sbizzarrito this year is that of wedges! Many models, especially those that take advantage of considerable height. In our photo gallery you will find models like the Pearl wedges denim with exotic flower print (525 euros) with wedge height 12 cm and then well beyond the 14 cm version of Utopia wedges, Topaz and Leora suede, the other a more particular .


Albano Shoes Spring Summer 2012 collection

High Heels —— Albano as the color of your wardrobe for spring-summer 2012, with sandals and peep toe heels from, offered in fluorescent colors that go so fashionable in this warm period we are facing. Now we understand it: multi-pronged fashion brands of shades are proposing on, that should not miss in clothing and accessories, not forgetting the much loved color blocking that will keep us company in the months ahead. As with shoes that Albano put in his women's collection for spring-summer 2012.

If the fall-winter 2011/2012 of Albano has been marked by the boots, the footwear must-haves of the season cold, not only in the past but also of what will come when the summer eventually giving way to cold temperatures, the new collection for spring-summer 2012 is composed of colorful creations, from sandals to high heels, which are strongly affected by the trend of color blocking.

The autumn-winter Albano and one for spring are sharing the same decidedly female shoes with vertiginous heels. While the collection of the cold season was characterized by dark colors, embellished with fashion details such as bows and precious stones, the new line in stores these days is full of bright color.

Shoes still elegant and feminine, but very modern design, inspired by the style of the Cote d'Azur 40 years. Albano also reveals his passion for vintage fashion, reinventing mood and details of past eras, leading directly to the south of France, to enjoy an eccentric style, never banal, yet seductive and appealing, decidedly retro.

The shoes offer linear forms, never predictable: we have fine lists that wrap around the foot as if it were a glove, while sandals are embellished with applications that do not go unnoticed on high heels that will give to every step we take in more than a touch of sensuality.

A rainbow of color invades the spring-summer 2012 Albano: there are various shades of blue, shades of must haves this season hot, but there are yellow, pink, green and pink, all combined together to effect colorful perfect for dealing with happiness and a touch of irony at all times of the day in which we decide to wear these shoes. Each shoe also offers details glam metal rock, which give an extra touch of chic to any model.

The Albano sandals are made of materials like silk, not forgetting the square embroidered with sequins and colored compounds and details of gem stones with more nuance summer. Colors that come to life even in high heels, stiletto or bon ton, shaped into wedges and trays mounted on each shoe model, although there are ultra flat models.

2012 for a summer full of color. How to match these shoes neon? You'll be spoiled for choice: mini dress witty, but also shorts and t-shirt with jeans, not to mention long evening dresses to make a little 'more lively from sandals with stiletto heels!

Prada shoes, all models of the Spring-Summer 2012

High Heels —— The collection of Prada shoes made for summer spring summer 2012 is one of the most beautiful and interesting this year, although this is not a first for the House of Miuccia Prada who always knows what to invent to astonish. The models proposed in the new collection are also many and all very interesting, we move from more traditional versions of decolletes to narrow tip or round tip, with cage sandals most intriguing alternate models eccentric patent. But there are touches in the more casual line of dancing girls and even women's sneakers. Let's look together with the collection.

This year more than ever, no collection is saved by the trend of high heels, all the designers have added models in their lines with vertiginous stilettos and Prada was not certain for less! The most classic mary jane shoes has become an opportunity to rethink chic in a version very glamorous! Those photos are made in black or gray suede, have high heel and platform 13.4 cm by 2.5 cm, an ankle strap completes the form and their price on the official website is 550 euros.

With the arrival of spring all the big names returning to reserve a place imported jewelry to shoes in their lines. The models that Prada has designed this year are different but all very beautiful, sophisticated shoes to complete your perfect look more elegant. The model above is a sandal in black satin with a cascade of crystals that cover the strap, the t-bar and the band at the tip open-toe, heel 13 for these babies that are well priced at $ 950.

One of the top models of the new Prada collection is these fabulous patent leather sandals designed in a very characteristic. They were the center of the parade of Prada Spring Summer 2012 Milan Fashion Week a few months ago and the heart of the new advertising campaign for their unique ability to attract attention! The sculptural wedge is 12.5 cm high well, they tip-toe and open flower jewel embellish. The form is completed by patent slingback and the price, alas, is no less than 1170 euros.

In any self-respecting collection there must be ballerinas, shoes that every self-respecting shoe addicts can not do without. Prada among other things, thinks about adapting to current trends, so on the official website you'll find beautiful models to work with suede bag in pastel colors like pink and turquoise, adorned with gold ribbon logo, but also the beautiful variations with reptile print, which as you know is a must this year!

And for those who prefer a more casual style but do not want to give up to feel glamorous, here's the wonderful sneakers for summer 2012! Can not find it fabulous? The model is made in naplack background and probe are designed in vulcanized rubber and the form is completed by strings and bow. The model comes in different colors, but this pink reflects the best of current trends that are rewarding their shoes in pink and hot pink. The price is 230 euros.

Very nice the new Prada collection, do not you agree?


Dsquared2 Sandals, Spring-Summer 2012

The collection of sandals for next season Dsquared2 Spring Summer 2012 is able to embody in himself all the time must have united as always eccentric and peculiar taste of the two designers who make unique Dsquared2 lines for several years. The two Canadian brothers Dean and Dan choose from time to time to complete their collections with footwear models who know how to get noticed through characteristic shapes, as we noted just recently flipping through the images of the new fall winter 2012-2013, but also using colors and unusual combinations of materials.

As I imagine you'll know this was the golden year of high heels, now there is no collection that manages to do without stilettos well over 12 cm and Dsquared2, in turn, could not resist! The model you see in the picture is one of the most beautiful, we speak of red patent leather sandals with heel and platform 13 of 2 cm to balance it. Its finest feature is the patent leather ankle strap complete with scarf with print. Its price on the official website is 570 euros.

Dsquared2 Sandals with heel sculpture
Just because the fashion of the moment are verginosi heels, the two designers take the opportunity to complete the ranks of their models with more specific forms, as in this case. The beautiful sandals in the photo is a highlight of the Spring summer 2012, the heel is made of wood with glossy finish, while the lists are available in colored block. Heel height 13.5 cm and 3 cm of the plateau in orange suede. The t-bar has profiles in purple and a red leather strap completes the form. (1230 euros)

Dsquared2 shoes in color block
One of the most popular trends in this beautiful warm weather is obviously the color of the block and when it comes to betting on eccentric color combinations, Dsquared2 is always the first floor. So there are models in the new collection designed by combining not only contrasting colors, but also fabrics and materials, as in this case. The sandal has high-heeled pink leather-wrapped, go for shades that lists open twisted at the tip-toe, while the ankle strap is brown leather. Their price is 485 euros.

Dsquared2 Sandals with wedge
They could not miss the wedges in the spring collection, especially this year where all the big designers are investing in forms also very high, creating alternatives to the heel 15 which as I said, are a trend of the moment. Dsquared2 think the colors of the period and perfect for color-matching block. The model you see is made of fabric, plastic and rubber for the lists alternate skin. The wedge is 10 cm high and is designed in blue, while the band at the tip is silver open toe with contrasting elements in orange. The price is 530 euros.

Dsquared2 Sandals, flat models
In the collection there are models of flat sandals, as it should be. Dsquared2 shows variations that are very chic and sophisticated with lists such as those proposed in the skin in different colors, but for lovers of a more playful style, there are also models of rubber, as in the illustration above. The flip-flops in the photos are available in orange, purple and black on the official website where you find them at a price of 130 euros.

Christian Louboutin shoes, sandals cage "Disqueen" in black paint

Christian Louboutin in the past has never hidden his passion for an almost fetish-style, and I would say that the beautiful cage sandals Disqueen are confirming today. Christian Louboutin back to experiment with very characteristic shapes, sculptured heels really true in this case he calls futuristic and visionary, a touch more audacious than the model adds a feature not bad. So even sandals, classic and very popular in the shoe collections of many designers, shoe designers are reinvented by the French and transformed into something new and extraordinary.

After 20 years of career, Christian Louboutin looks really had not lost an ounce of his creativity, just recently was presented the capsule collection of shoes that the designer has created to celebrate the anniversary of the brand and there is really confirms that his imagination knows no limits.
Christian Louboutin is now the first choice of celebrity for several years, ask Blake Lively has a full shoe with all our creations! And in any case, have a Louboutin shoes is a declaration of status!

The model that I propose today is from the new spring summer 2012, these beautiful cage sandals Disqueen are called, are available in black leather with paint effect that covers both lists covering the toe peep toe and instep, and heel cropped really strange.

The height of the model is less than 12 cm in the heel area, balanced by a plateau just outside of 1 cm. The iconic outsole with contrasting pink check, but the price of $ 1095 model is well on the official website! We like the same, right?


Valentino shoes, lovely slingback wedge high and romantic flowers

Valentino completes his amazing collection of shoes for spring summer 2012-style and romantic etiquette. Once again, the Italian fashion house surprised by inserting in his new collection of footwear models very beautiful, inspired by a mood almost retro but always sought to end that kind of love the lovers! It is the first model near this inspiration that we see in the new summer line, but in this case we also find some of the coolest must-have, that of floral patterns are everywhere lately, and especially the trend of very high wedges!

As I said, in the past Valentino has shown his preference for this romantic style and etiquette, as we saw with the beautiful mary jane from the spring collection, and maybe even better looking through the pictures of the last parade of haute couture that has privileged flat shoes, but all very chic and sophisticated.

Thus, in the best tradition of the brand, here are the photos of new arrivals in the line of the moment, we talk about decolletes with round toe, contrasting with the fashions of the period that favor narrow peaks, with a slingback decolletes completed with adjustable buckle.

The model is made of white leather and the upper is covered with tiny white flowers, which among others are also of the wedge are 12 cm high and the interior plateau of 2.5 cm. A delicious and perfect shoe to complete day look more elegant, and incidentally mentioned that this year the white shoes are very fashionable!

Can be found on the official website of Valentino at a price of 660 euros, you like it?

Kanye West shoes by Giuseppe Zanotti sandals from the beautiful capsule collection

A very special collaboration that has joined Giuseppe Zanotti and the American rapper Kanye West, but also the strangest collaborations we're seeing a lot lately, this year as never before the footwear sector is open to a kind of experimentation that exceeds the new screens and conventions and typical results obtained, as in this case. Giuseppe Zanotti not then you do not pray when it comes to creating models of special shoes who can strike at first sight, and I would say that even in this case has done a great job!

The collections of Giuseppe Zanotti are increasingly popular in the world and often chosen for the red carpet by celebrity, I just remember that the last of a shoe collection for spring-summer 2012 the Italian designer has been chosen to complete the outfits of the angels of Victoria's Secret during the last show!

Kanye West debuted in the fashion world very recently and wanted his models to wear walking shoes, Giuseppe Zanotti at the last Paris Fashion Week, four models were the result of this collaboration, a capsule collection very characteristic.

The sandals that we see today have covered stiletto heel in black suede upper 11.5 cm, while the rest of the upper, beginning with open lists on the tip toe to reach the finish on the instep and ankle straps, features the pearls, pearls cream in different sizes and colors that create a unique, almost ethno chic, do not you agree?

Obviously we are talking about a limited edition, the price of luisaviaroma.com comes to 4500 euro, but price aside, they are beautiful, too?


Shoes Alberto Guardiani, the new model Mira Zebra

But what we like the new collection of shoes Alberto Guardiani? Among other things a lot and continues to amaze us with new models and all very typical this year! The inspiration behind the new Spring Summer 2012 are many and all very welcome to us shoe-addicted, whether it's the models improntanti a mood more casual or more of these little treasures dall'allure chic and sophisticated, this year more than ever, the Italian brand has done a great job with the new collection, you do not you agree?

The Spring Summer 2012 Shoe Alberto Guardiani has already proposed models very beautiful, starting with the lovely Mira Lamborghini pumps that we think are one of the highlights of the new line for summer, and finally reaches to touch the most eccentric and provocative printing of big wedges with Vichy this year are really dictating trends!

But if you want a more sophisticated style, I would say that Mira Zebra sandals are right up your alley! Back another trend of this year, that of the animal prints and in particular in this case, the press zebra. The model is made of leather framed in black, stiletto high heel is a good 10 cm with the characteristic shape of each model Guardians.

A list brown leather covers the toe open toe, but the most characteristic is the strip that covers the instep, leather zebra proposal in a very particular shape with rounded profiles.

If you are interested, Mira Zebra sandals are also found in the online store on the official website of Alberto Guardiani at a price of 335 euros, you like it?

Nicholas Kirkwood Pumps, new models with floral print

New lot in the new spring collection by Nicholas Kirkwood for the summer, and in the end the expected too! The Spring Summer 2012 Fashion designer brand Pollini returns to invest in very whimsical shapes and tones, in the best tradition of Nicholas Kirkwood, managing to transform one of the reasons typical of the period in a veritable feast for the eyes. At the end is always the magic of Nicholas Kirkwood, not only surprising at first glance with creations that seem real works of art, but also prevent us then to look away!

For Spring Summer 2012 Nicholas Kirkwood we are proposing models beautiful but above all inspired by one of the must-haves of the season, reptile prints. We have already given a first look at models like sandals with high heels and python print in shades of pink, but also the flat variants do not disappoint, leaving ample room for experimentation.

The British designer at this point returns to invest on one of the more traditional motifs of spring, the floral prints that are already scored many collections of brands. The model that we propose today is to decolletes round toe, in contrast with the fads that favor narrow spikes.
The model is made of leather and lined with floral print in shades of pink and fuchsia, turquoise or alternatively. Has high heel 12 cm in a characteristic shape, and internal plateau of 2 cm. The press also continues along the heel, as you can see in the pictures, do not adore you?

You can find them for sale online at mytheresa.com priced at 495 euros, what do you think?


Prada shoes, delicious decolletes patent peep-toe with bow

The patent leather shoes are a must have this year and is always ready to Prada fornices the most beautiful models! Here are pictures of the new variants of decolletes peep-toe fashion house that has just recently added the ranks of the new collection of footwear for spring summer 2012, and as you can see, once again our Miuccia combines style touches even the most classic elements of glamor and bon ton with a characteristic that ultimately make us recognize certain as his creations and his only!

The new spring summer 2012 is featuring a lot of Prada patent shoes for this year, a few days ago we saw the first models of decolletes a narrow point with high heels designed in different colors very eccentric, but also the more traditional variants rounded point did not give effect to the skin with paint, as is the fashion of the year among others have shown us the latest collections on the catwalk for next winter.

The models that we propose today are designed leather and shiny the paint is pretty obvious, right? Let's talk about decolletes tipped peep-toe on which appears the beautiful bow with logo which is a fixed element of the summer collection.

The models have very high 12.5 cm curved heel, balanced by a plateau outside of 2.5 cm and are available now in the more classic and timeless black or variation in the nude more chic and sophisticated. Their price on saksfifthavenue.com currently is about 600 euros, but not temente, will also appear soon in the store on the official website of Prada and there the price will drop.


Christian Louboutin sandals, new Armadillo Bride colored block

The block color also invades the new collection of Christian Louboutin and was to be expected since we are talking fashion spring 2012. In this case, however, the Armadillo Bride sandals I am presenting today are not from the new spring summer 2012, but the capsule collection created by the French master of the shoes on the twentieth anniversary, an important anniversary that is seeing the celebrities always related to these Louboutin to celebrate these events in the lineup for the first 20 years of extraordinary success of the brand.

The capsule collection "20 shoes for 20 years" includes just 20 different models of shoes ranging between forms and inspirations very different, not to mention the fantasies and the unique qualities that have made ​​Louboutin shoes in the world.

The French shoe designer is showing us, among other things with the regular collection these days to have a creative flair uncommon and still really want to impress and remain on top.

So here's the new version of the sandals Armadillo Bride, one of the most beautiful models of the capsule collection. Let's talk about leather sandals with stiletto heel metal top 12 cm well-balanced by an internal plateau of 2 cm.

The price lists covering the tip turns red peep-toe in pink passion, an adjustable strap ensuring better shape concludes the foot of the height of these babies. And most of jewelry is real, as we speak, however, a limited edition of the online store of Christian Louboutin well costs $ 1195!

Soon the store will be open to Europe, I bet you can not wait, is not it?


Shoes Fendi Spring Summer 2012, the most beautiful models in the collection

Fendi presents us with the beautiful new shoe collection for spring summer 2012, and as much like the house, returning the impact dyes, the colors more beautiful and lively, but always interspersed with chic touches that can not always be under the leadership of Karl Lagerfeld. In the images that you find in our photo galleries and have appeared on the official page of the brand on Facebook, you will find many wonderful models of sandals, wedges and high above all pumps that provide the most glamorous high heels and big plateau, in adherence to the must-haves of the spring of 2012. Let's take a look at them together.

The collections of shoes and Fendi are always very nice features, just a few days ago we had a look at the new brand advertising campaign with model Arizona Muse who sported the most unique gems of the collection.

Collection which also has done a good figure on the catwalk at Milan Fashion Week a few months ago and finally now we can see in detail.
Stand out the beautiful satin sandals with medium heels and ribbons to tie around the ankle, offered in classic black, but especially in pink! Fuchsia also open toe wedges with ankle straps and the eccentric model peep-toe pumps with high heels and big plateau in black complete with tulle around the ankle.

Decolletes are beautiful peep-toe with reptile print in very bright colors like yellow and orange, but also models in glitter. And to finish, the dancers are colored floral prints in pastel colors, essential in the spring.

In the coming days we will see each model in detail, for now you which you prefer?

Fendi sandals, the new model with block-colored straps for summer

Fendi continues to amaze with his new footwear collection for next spring summer 2012 season. Eventually we had already had an idea of ​​what the collection would be eccentric and very unique looking through the pictures of the line on the catwalk earlier this year at Milan Fashion Week, so here's one of the most beautiful models of sandals among other things designed in colored blocks, shoes that can easily make us rethink the creative genius of Karl Lagerfeld and his ability to combine a unique and timeless class with the most eccentric and glamorous touch.

We looked to the new collection also includes images in the campaign this year has been like the beautiful Arizona Muse muse, and we must recognize that in addition to introduce models to sophisticated and chic shoes, Fendi remains adherent to his passion for bright colors and lively and forms for more features like shows us in this case.

The model that we see today is that with a heel sandal with pyramid, an unmissable collection for spring summer 2012 we have seen already adapted to other shoes of the line, only the top 8.5 cm, which is a bit 'in contrast with fashion the moment that favors high heels well over 12 cm.

The Fendi sandals combine lists leather in different colors that embrace the open toe and toe straps around the ankle, creating a sandal effect of the slave, completed between the other more rock glam metal inserts.

The price of the model of mytheresa.com is 490 euros, very beautiful, do not you agree?


Roberto Cavalli sandals with high heels and python print

Roberto Cavalli again the star of the scene with new models of shoes for next season spring summer 2012, and as you can see, once again stars a taste of animal which the Italian designer can not really do without. Just recently we peeked earlier models designed for next season fall winter 2012-2013 who marched in Milan Fashion Week, and although for some the focus was Naomi Campbell, for us were the beautiful models of pumps that accompanied the collection, of course, more often designed always with animal print!

Roberto Cavalli loves to alternate collections in its flavor is more chic and sophisticated as we have seen in recent models of the winter collection, with a touch more daring and courageous as the rest in this same model.

For sandals, we see together today, together with their animal print in the spring summer 2012 collections are filled, there are also fluorescent dyes, another fashion trend of the moment that no fashion designer has managed to do without.

The model that I propose is designed in leather with python print who is also the well-heeled upper 12 cm wide and free of plateau that budgets - will be a short walk walk! - The price lists are woven around the tip open toe and ankle, closed with adjustable buckle ensure that at least better than the instep.

Then you associate the python print profiles in acid green, a beautiful effect that I think will look perfect with colored blocks. The price of these sandals on the official website of Roberto Cavalli is 860 euros, do you like?


Pumps Manolo Blahnik a narrow point with flower print

Still to Manolo Blahnik floral prints that complements its beautiful collection of shoes for spring summer 2012 season in style romantic etiquette. The Spanish shoe designer has a particular passion for flowers and patterns in general for the fantasies that include motifs derived from the vegetable world, you just remember the beautiful Botanic Collection star of last season, or maybe the latest additions to its new spring line fantasies that beyond the plant, even reintroduced forms that refer to the same idea.

Among other floral motifs are an applicant is selected for Manolo Blahnik, and in general for the fashion designers when spring approaches. Many collections devoted to the summer they added similar patterns among their ranks, but the mastery of Manolo Blahnik is now well known, since the days of Sex and the City, I would say!
I found that the new model for you is that of a decolletes very particular, since it is among other things completed in the form of a small elastic slingback behind the heel. The pumps and form a narrow point actually remind us of the more traditional BB, I think in this case, silk and leather, have a comfortable 10-inch stiletto heels - no excess to Manolo, although this is the golden year 15 of heels! -

The model includes pink flower print is perfect for matching with coordinated with flower prints, and with the looks or even in total white minidress with colored blocks if you like to dare! The price of saksfifthavenue.com is 600 euros, do you like?


Dsquared2 shoes, high heels and colored blocks for a truly unique mary jane

The block color also invades the Dsquared2 Spring Summer 2012, and the model that I propose today is really one of those who best embodies the spirit of summer is finally approaching. Of course, the two Canadian twins Dean and Dan, designer brand, do not need additional stimulation to model eccentric and extravagant, regardless of the period of their shoes always know how to get noticed, just as in this case! The current must-haves is an opportunity to create a model very glamorous and a perfect fit for the more mischievous look for spring!

Just a few days ago we were speechless before the new Dsquared2 shoe collection that was designed to accompany the fall winter 2012-2013 fashion collection at Milan Fashion Week. Shoes and pumps wonderful gem we expect next season, but according to the images of the first models of shoes that are starting to see for this period, the surprises never end Dsquared2!

The pumps that I found for you are very special mary jane in leather with shiny patent effect in two contrasting colors, fuchsia and orange. They have round toes, in contrast with the current must-haves that favor narrow spikes. The stiletto heel is high but in perfect keeping with the fashions of the season, 12 cm deep, balanced by a low plateau interior.

The model is completed with adjustable strap around the ankle and can be found on sale in the store online at the official price of 630 euros Dsquared2, you like it?

High Christian Louboutin Wedges, the new Marina Liege fuchsia patent

Christian Louboutin high wedges also aiming to make of his new collection of shoes for the next hot season spring summer 2012, a veritable feast for the eyes! So as you noticed looking through other collections of summer shoes, the model of high wedges is a real must for the period, then if we add that passion more and more high fashion designers are redisplaying the patent leather shoes in the game is done! Obviously in the case of our favorite French shoe designer, the color choice could only be the most eccentric of the season: hot pink!

In fact, we recently noticed that many lines are focusing on summer footwear and its variants shocking pink to fuchsia, seems to be one of the trends of the summer. Louboutin then certainly does not pray when it comes to thinking models who know how to get noticed, right?

We have seen commenting on the first models of the new collection and more particularly those of the capsule collection dedicated to the 20-year career.
The model that we see today is called Marina Liege and as you can imagine, comes from the spring collection. Let's talk about high cork wedges less than 14 cm in the heel and 4 cm in that of the plateau, lists embellished with leather effect paint.

Marina toe wedges have a peep-toe and beautiful t-bar which is connected to the ankle strap closed by a button, which is inevitable given the height of the model. The price on the official website of Christian Louboutin is $ 675, I bet you do not see the hours that the store is also open to Europe, right?


Chanel Shoes Fall-Winter 2012/2013

Treads the catwalk of Chanel Paris Fashion Week with her ​​new collection for next autumn-winter 2012-2013 heating season and all the ideas that we had made ​​on trends and must-have for the winter are not. Obviously we could not do without budgets for the new collection of French fashion house, and we must recognize that once Karl Lagerfeld did not disappoint, combining a more classic taste and elegant with modern, cutting-edge designs and shapes. I'm on stage once again in high heels and mary jane, but nothing we've ever seen before!

Many of the collections we have invested so far commented on the model of mary jane, redesigned versions also very different. The most romantic touches and good manners were characteristic of the models on the catwalk taken by Chloe, but on quite another plane were ranked variants with high heels and dramatic plateau cut designed by Giambattista Valli.

Element in common, ubiquitous and comfortable ankle strap that is not missing in the models Chanel. But for the Parisian fashion house mary jane high heels and acquire cylindrical plexiglass, the upper is leather in different colors that tend to blur into one another.

One of the most innovative features is that the t-bar that closes the upper with asymmetrical strap and cover behind the heel, creating the effect of an ankle boot if you look at the models on one side only. Round toe pumps for Chanel, in contrast with other lines that have rewarded the tips narrow.

An original collections from as early as forms that do not waiver in some cases to combine contrasting colors and different fabrics. What do you think? Did you like?


Shoes Giuseppe Zanotti, the bicolor decolletes tip for Spring 2012

From spring summer 2012 collection of Giuseppe Zanotti, here decolletes bicolor its finest! Among other things we talk about one of the models that recently have appeared often in photo shoots for fashion magazines over the feet of celebrity and if you even look at a picture you'll see why! Back to the model of decolletes very narrow point that this year more than ever are seeing very interesting revival in any collection of great brands. But of course, redesigned by Giuseppe Zanotti, could not remain a classic, no?

Giuseppe Zanotti loves to amaze with his creations, even if you give a quick look at the models in the new summer collection will understand that the Italian designer shoe is truly a master of excess. This year in particular, his new collection is inspired by the symbolism of the 70s and this allowed him to play and experiment with shapes and color combinations very, very interesting!

The decolletes you can see in the pictures, in comparison to other models are more "moderate", and yet have quite a temper! We speak of pointy pumps with stiletto heel Tall narrow 12.5 cm made ​​of leather with paint effect, a must this spring.

Of course, to catch the eye are the matching colored blocks of color choices, from the classic cream with its tip in contrasting red or alternatively the red for the upper and cream for the tip, the more extravagant models that provide color like green and dark blue, short, perfect shoes to complete look, or as colored blocks touch of color in a solid look!

The price on the official website of Giuseppe Zanotti is 390 euros, what do you think?


Manolo Blahnik shoes, new decolletes "Superb" by the spring / summer collection 2012

Manolo Blahnik is celebrating the arrival of warm spring summer 2012 season with a new variant of its most classic decolletes designed for the occasion with profiles and inserts in contrasting colors. This year in particular is seeing a return to fashion of decolletes a narrow point, revisited in all ways by big brands beginning with Prada, as we have seen in recent days, we propose the many pastel colors typically spring. But in the beginning there was Manolo Blahnik with its classic and iconic BB, transformed for the occasion in the Superb model that you see at the top, what do you think?

Manolo Blahnik loves typically a more classic and refined, including its beautiful models who look more valued and raised in the collections from celebrities on the red carpet are the wonderful jewel Hangisi insert the tip, and as I told you that BB decolletes revisits the Spanish master of shoes from time to time in the keys are always new and original - the last upper foresaw even cork!

But back to our decolletes Superba that the BB look like so much! Let's talk about decolletes a narrow point with heel 10 cm high and covered in red linen contrasting with the rest of the upper designed in black, but coordinated with the inserts on the tip with alternating red and blue.

A shoe is saucy and perfect to wear under clothes and in total white minidress with a matching accessory, both more casual look in jeans, no? The price of shopsavannahs.com decolletes Superba is 645 euros, what do you think? Do you like?


Shoes Jean Paul Gaultier Fall Winter 2012-2013

Jean Paul Gaultier goes down the runway with his fall winter 2012-2013 collection during Paris Fashion Week and as always, is entertainment! The eccentric French designer is once again a great innovator always keen to experiment with shapes and color effects to create models of shoes that definitely knows how to get noticed! Year after year the catwalk of Jean Paul Gaultier is one of those who expect to be able to comment already aware that the French designer manages to amaze us! And once again we were disappointed!

In these days of Parisian catwalks have seen many collections for next winter in which to dominate the scene were a sculptor shapes and high heels as in the case of Christian Dior, and again today the always unique and extraordinary Vivienne Westwood.

But Jean Paul Gaultier seems to always have an edge over each year, only a few months ago we commented his haute couture collection inspired by the singer Amy Winehouse, and even there the shoes were quite "remarkable"!

For his catwalk pret-a-porter designer chooses once again very striking forms, we start with a black leather ankle boots with high heels and continues with decolletes leather effect paint in different colors which include in some cases a t-bar more bon ton.

The return of the high heels and big trays of sandals even bright colors that include fuchsia, the models we have already seen the parade of haute couture, but there lace of high wedges and pumps with reptile print multicolor which incorporates the colors of outfits. An unparalleled collection of daring and want to impress!


Blacks Dsquared2 shoes with high heels and tulle inserts

More interesting news from the Dsquared2 collection that we have proposed for fall-winter 2011-2012, now let us see these beautiful sandals blacks than among other things are on sale on the official website! The Canadian twin designers who created the brand they know more of the devil, and especially with the latest collections of clothing and accessories are proving mastered the art of transgression and eccentric, as also we have confirmed only a few days ago with their new collection for next winter on the catwalk at Milan Fashion Week.

And the beautiful models of shoes Dsquared2 we have already seen, starting with the beautiful embroidered boots overknees that in the top resume exactly why these beautiful sandals. But even the new spring summer 2012 surprises us pretty good, as we have already begun to notice, according to even the photos of the campaign, we will see some beautiful!

The sandals that I found for you today are beautiful open-toe with lists that are related to a twisted sort of t-bar central inserts with embroidered tulle and feathers to give that special touch to the model that each model has always Dsquared2 shoes.

They have to be tied around the ankle to better secure the shoe to the foot, given the dizzying height of the stiletto heel of almost 12 cm but is balanced by a short plateau of 2 cm. Dress shoes without a doubt this, and yet with the right jeans would be perfect for embellishing more casual look, do not you agree?

The price on the official website of Dsquared2 is 400 euros against 670 initial, not bad, right?