Gianvito Rossi shoes, beautiful shoes

Gianvito Rossi completes its 2012 spring summer collection of footwear with the spectacular sandals the Carbon version. The collection consists mainly of carbon and sandals easily combine technology with a flair for design and aesthetic unmatched. The carbon fiber is a material borrowed from other use areas, including Formula One, used for its strength and lightness. So Gianvito Rossi adds to its summer collection models whose work is entirely handmade and includes forms and colors for every moment of the day and for every taste. Let's take a look at the new summer line of Carbon.

The line of sandals Carbon favors high forms, stiletto heels metal models for evening precious and in some cases, decidedly original. Starting from the beautiful sandals with stiletto of 11 cm and a low plateau front, pointed-toe opent covered with black patent belt and instep wrapped by a network of lists covering even the heel and ankle and a form web-like strings unique.

Very special models are also embellished with bands and lists of reptile print, a must-have for summer this year than in the collections, or variants with inserts alternating with pink hair painted black lists with effect, sought to create a mood but also intriguing and character. In line with most lists you will find fabulous sandals on the toe, instep and ankle connected by t-bar and central variants still almost naked with insert pom pom on tip-toe open.

Obviously there are in-line models with platform platform most obvious external and higher heels. You find them in versions with silver snake print more chic and sophisticated, but also in coated versions of satin color block that uses shades of red and black, colors that come back for the covering of the heel.

Very special are the black leather sandals with lists, and insert the external plateau along the t-bar that creates a particular effect frills golden, but also versions with studs along the straps twisted dall'allure glam rock. For most of the sandals are designed with open-toe tip and leather lists in colored versions in addition to classic black and brown, with more special inserts, buttons or holes studded the effects are normally expected to complete.

A line very sophisticated and classy to Gianvito Rossi, you do not agree?

Bally sandals, all models from the Spring/Summer 2012

Bally presents its new collection of sandals in the summer line for the spring and summer 2012 in the wake of the fabulous collection of colorful dancers, even the sandals are proposed in shapes and colors to suit all tastes. Bally loves surprise by proposing variants of its models in different patterns, so it is not surprising to find in the collection of summer sandals with heels of varying heights in order to satisfy all fashion victims, and also see some creativity in the field of flat sandals, very valued in line. Let's find out what's new.

The sandals of the line are very special orchid right from the form. They are made of textured leather calf, have open tip-toe, high heel and wide coated, covered heel and ankle strap White. The models are concluded to have leather soles and uppers of turquoise with white profiles, and the price the online store is 495 euros. The same form is also provided for the versions with different heel: we speak of the model with Olinda kitten heels, at a price of 395 euros, and shoes with heels Olara average of 450 euros.

Crevas is a sandal lambskin with stiletto heel of 12 cm and 1 cm outer plateau, has open toe tip lists and twisted along the instep complemented by elastic slingback, brown leather band at the instep and gold inserts. The price is 495 euros.

The sandals are shaped slippers Tinus lambskin with stiletto heel of 10 cm and the tip lists suede open toe adorned with gold ribbon and leather inserts. The model is provided in powder pink and the price is 495 euros.

The Seashell are comfortable low-heeled sandals with 3-inch, available in kid leather with red paint effect. The lists are intertwined, and the model is also fitted with ankle strap to create a cage (395 euros).

The collection also includes the wonderful line Polda flat sandals, leather heel 3 cm, paint effect, elastic inserts and contrasting applications open at the tip toe. Lists have red and black with red ribbon, red leather slingback and the price is 375 euros. The Polda are also offered in other colors, while the slippers Syba exploit the effect of gloss paint.


Cannes Film Festival 2012 (2)

The Monday of the Cannes Film Festival 2012 was decidedly more sober, less international stars ready to show their looks. The celebrities who still took part in this new day of international film festival, however, we have shown the wardrobe chosen for this important opportunity, especially for what concerns the shoes. Among the usual style solutions, formed by peep toe, a must have on the red carpet at Cannes 2012, sandals and decolletes of every shape and color, there are also those who dared to taste much of ski boots.

Beautiful, for example, the pumps with high heels and platform that Phoebe Price has decided to splurge on the red carpet at the sixth day of Cannes 2012: a bit 'less convincing is her dress instead. Perhaps he dared a little 'too!

Even the ugly shoe choices on the red carpet by Isabelle Huppert: those sandals blacks in conjunction with its lovely white dress just does not convince us. Best solution to his feet he wore during the photocall of the afternoon. Far more glamorous, do not you?

We find, however, delicious black shoes tipped Delfine Cheneac, very elegant and chic, in conjunction with a complete sensual but simple, consisting of a pair of white pants and a short top the same color, to show the belly. It seems to show the navel is in fashion!

What to say instead of the boots worn by Sabine Azema blacks? Even her dress was very heavy, with this solution of shoes its look is very winter. Okay, these days it rained a lot in Cannes, but we are not in the winter!

Cannes Film Festival 2012 Reese Witherspoon's shoes on the red carpet of Mud

The 2012 Cannes Film Festival is about to take the last steps with her amazing shoes with stiletto heels is, in fact, staged the eleventh day of the French film festival, the second youngest of the whole event, that on the night Sunday, May 27 to decide the winners. Not only for what concerns the look: we will pull the money for what concerns the best and worst looks sported by celebrities, for what concerns the shoes. Meanwhile we see what celebrities have worn the eleventh day of Cannes 2012.

Beautiful shoes that actress Reese Witherspoon has chosen to combine his midnight blue evening gown with precious details: a sandal peep toe very elegant and chic, with a decidedly vertiginous heels.


Christian Louboutin Shoes, the original pumps pvc transparent to the summer 2012

Christian Louboutin I think more of the devil, so complete his already eccentric and very special collection for the spring summer 2012 season with a line of pumps and mary jane really special, designed inter alia in respect of one of the most popular fashion trends in this season: shoes pvc. It is not the first time that the French designer-shoe amazes us by adopting forms and choosing materials a little 'outside the box, whether it's the limited edition models to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the birth of the mark, or the regular line - provided that with Louboutin is never possible to speak of regular! - His shoes are unique and extraordinary.

The mary jane pumps are gorgeous Just Picks transparent PVC uppers that add to a particular part that reminds us of Cinderella's glass slippers, the details of crystal-shaped silver studs sharp, in the best traditions Louboutin, in keeping with the coverage Metallic heel and adjustable ankle strap. The model has 12 inch high heels and is also offered in leather uppers with black lace. In European stores on the official website, the Picks Just have a price of about $ 1000.

Needless to say that the most characteristic of the new line Just Picks is that of reptile leather, another must-must-have this year as none of the brands it is private. Just Picks The reptile had heel, heel and toe covered with shimmering reptile print in shades of blue, green and gray contrast, and in this case the tip is completely covered with crystal sharp in tone.

News of the moment are the outstanding pumps A Bout, mary jane with PVC uppers that add to the effect of transparent neon colors. The share of patent heel strap and toe, narrow tip, of course, are made in shades of neon yellow, pink and red. The proposed model is either in its high stiletto heel with covered top 12 cm, is the most comfortable version with a 8.5 cm heel in classic colors like black more elegant, and the red passion, among other models made even more special by 'Use of covering and fixing the slingback heel, of course, always PVC.

The price of A Bout Sling in the new store on the official website is 325 euros.

Gianvito Rossi Shoes, the charming new collection Spring/Summer

Gianvito Rossi presents his beautiful collection of shoes for the warm season spring summer 2012, a classic in some ways, but also very eccentric and modern for others. The brand was launched in 2007 during the fashion shows of Milan Fashion Week and since then the designer has sought to emphasize original design linked to the solid Italian manufacturing tradition which also Gianvito Rossi Sergio Rossi has inherited from his father with whom he worked for twenty years. To date, his collections are much loved by the celebrity of our home for the ability to interpret the concepts of femininity, modernity and elegance in key new and interesting. Let's take a look together to the new collection.

The line of sandals Gianvito Rossi proposes a wide range of models a little 'something for everyone. In our photo gallery and on the official website you can see patterns in white leather with high heels 10 cm high, covered, open-toe tip and black stripe as wide ankle strap embellished with ribbon buckle, open-toe models with price list glitterati who embrace the and end with the instep and heel slingback covered with crystals, and even with the instep covered sandals, t-bar and colored leather strap.

Very beautiful sandals in metallic paint or upper version with heels and jewelry in black satin ribbon and completed with open price on the tip-toe, as well as the fabulous models with upper cage, which creates the effect of a spider web and is designed to paint black or red.

In line pumps are beautiful decolletes a narrow point, as are very fashionable in any collection in the last period, models with black satin covered heel 10 and heel with rubber bands overlapping with decolletes points raised and the upper glitter and variations in satin with crystals applied along the surface.

In line with the trends of the last period, Gianvito Rossi puts in her line of sandals evening special models and much more saucy. Let's talk about shoes peep-toe suede offered in colored blocks in shades of salmon and red, and even variations in light green suede with braided tip lists Peep-toe ankle strap concluded by then. The colored block models also dominates in paint, but purely an extravagant line summer, for your most beautiful evenings.


Just Cavalli Shoes, vibrant Spring/Summer 2012

Just Cavalli presents his eccentric and colorful collection of shoes for the spring summer 2012 season, a line that aims at fostering dizzying heights and forms structures in very special circumstances, adherence to a young and daring mood which for years has been the hallmark of of the line. Roberto Cavalli has given us some very interesting innovations already in his collection regularly, but the young line, as expected, experimenting with shapes and color combinations much more fanciful and extravagant, and the result is often very original. Let's look at the collection in detail.

In the online store now renovated and in our gallery you will find pictures of pumps, sandals and ankle boots heels sometimes very dizzy. They range from caramel colored leather ankle boot with heel high 13.5 cm wide and 3.5 cm outer plateau, with side zip and logo in sight (at a price of 370 euros) and decolletes round toe heel with 13 cm wide and plateau diameter is 3 cm declined in black patent, brown, pink, turquoise (275 euros) and the variation in electric blue with print coodrillo. Very beautiful peep-toe versions with fringe in magenta and dark green (300 euros), also offered in suede.

Do not miss a narrow toe leather pumps (270 euros) and the beautiful slave sandals with leather belts to tie the calf (330 euros).

In line models sprout wedges caramel leather wedge pony that comes to 12 cm and is balanced by a plateau of 2 cm (370 euros), proposed the variant black patent wedge spotted with contrasting colors and neon-colored block , but also more elegant models in leather and wood with reptile print uppers embellished with gold and ankle straps (375 euros).

News of the period, then the wedge sneakers, casual chic model with strings and rubber sole with contrasting patent leather uppers with a proposal in bright shades of green and red, the black version with parts spotted and bolder metallic garments. Their price is 210 euros.

Conclude the collection sneakers in the models in denim or canvas with sparkling rhinestones and trim to the upper (from 145 to 164 euros), beautiful dancers in different fabrics and patterns, and sandals are often inspired by the shapes and decorative patterns with high heels , a line for every taste!

B by Brian Atwood, the first models of the collection Pre-Fall 2012/2013

Brian Atwood gives us a preview of the new models of pre-fall collection for the new 2012-2013 line B by Brian Atwood, the collection of economic and American fashion designer has tried to introduce last year because, according to his words, he wanted his creations were more affordable. Of course, not actually speak of models for everyone, in every case the B collection offers shoes at half price compared to the regular line, and despite this, many celebrities have sported the line B in spite of the success of the year dedicated to Maniac far more expensive. About some of the new winter.

The new collection of pre-fall line B shows a series of models decolletes as always, right from the very special form and then get to choose colors and fabrics. Among the most characteristic that you can see better in our photogallery, we point out the Francoise pumps that we've been in the past interpreted in other clothes, with 15 covered heel and platform crystals of 4 cm. The model is available in beige suede and teal.

Fabulous new interpretations of pumps Fontanne, decolletes which Brian Atwood is increasingly linked. In winter keep their new look tall stilettos and big plateau outside, and are designed with alternating green reptile print in shades of plum, red and speckled pattern along the plateau. The Fontanne are made also in animal prints, while the new upper Frederique have colored paint and heels balanced by internal plateau 12.

The preview of the pre-fall collection also includes models of peep-toe pumps in various materials, such as those in the beautiful magenta suede heel cigarette high plateau covered with 13 cm and 3 cm, then complete the form bead-coated crystals. More particular model is that of suede sandals Campisa proposed in beautiful colored blocks, covered heel, peep toe and outer side parts reptile print magenta, culminating in lower bands, t-bar and straps on the instep and ankle in orange suede. All variants have heels of 12 cm in the best case, which can easily exceed 15 cm, as in the case of sandals Frontera with their eccentric stylets of 15 cm balanced by external plateau and lists suede "naked" alternating with profiles in skin brown reptile.


Christian Louboutin Shoes, the spectacular collection of Pre-Fall 2012-2013

Christian Louboutin back to astonish and win a prominent place with the pre-fall collection preview 2012-2013 of shoes, a line of stilettos "impossible" that in every case, celebrity fashion victims and continue to love. The same shoe designer, whose most desirable models are on display these days in London in an exhibition devoted exclusively to these babies, said that no matter how bad her high heels can do to women, what matters is the aesthetic impact that you get! You can agree or not, the fact is that in twenty years, Louboutin has created unparalleled masterpieces, and even the winter collection lies in its wake.

The line of Christian Louboutin pumps and decolletes provides a range of models very unique, especially on stiletto heels truly remarkable. It ranges between decolletes round toe suede declined in several colors with pom pom's appeal in shades of fluorescent contrast Achilda in the model, while the beautiful Lady mary jane Glitter added to form the inevitable ankle strap, a heel 12 and a small interior plateau.

Among the models to narrow tip, which this year are a huge comeback in fashion, first place is always reserved for the beautiful Pigalle in new clothes and Spikes in the version with pointed studs, but there are patterns in paint, not to mention the eccentric Daffodile in new colors and materials.

The line of sandals tends to be in every collection, the most eccentric and flamboyant. The pre-fall sees dominate models with balanced heel 15 maxi dress in animal print peep toe uppers with contrasting cut out the details, beautiful cage sandals with a stiletto heel height 12 cm and no plateau to balance it, from the Upper woven mo 'arabesque, and even variations slingback peep-toe stilettos with metal and tweed effect for the upper.

Completing the preview several models mostly suede ankle boots adorned with side inserts shaped vortex models in short fur that also holds the heel, peep-toe versions with effect reptile scales and models for the upper-colored block with bow bon ton on the tip as the beautiful Arnoeud.

Among the boots stand out the fabulous Gwen, models that mimic the effect of gaiters and are offered with animal or upper version with bare braided leather inserts along the leg.


Clog Scholl for the summer of 2012, a classic in contemporary

Scholl's model focuses on must-have this summer in 2012, offering us his collection of the clog, and the infamous clogs really like all women. Then it is a footwear brand known for its comfort and convenience of its accessories, we are certain to show off our feet is not only trendy products and glamor, but also healthy, that does not adversely affect our health. Trendy shoes made according to the colors must have of this hot season, with earth tones, basic but also passionate and heated.

The color has always been a trademark of the Scholl collections, especially as regards the spring and summer: the rest is not sfoggiamo accessories from shades of hot in these days of sun and warmth, when we do it? The trends for spring-summer 2012, then, come to our aid, because the color will be the main protagonist, is the most elegant look both more casual and informal, just like those we can achieve with the new and colorful collection of hooves of the fashion brand Scholl.

Scholl always offers its summer collections of beautiful models clog, English word to describe the classic high-heeled shoes and tip, strictly closed and rounded, that are fashionable for some time now. But if you want to wear the shoes that your feet are glamorous and healthy at the same time, here is the Scholl brand to which you should rely.

The new line consists of models clog perfect for enjoying the sea in complete freedom, without forgetting that may be best to live fully in the summer in the city: for informal and casual chic look, thanks to their heels, these shoes will be valuable allies in style, with comfortable shoes, though not exactly low heights.

This shoe is very rustic flavor, perfect for experiencing nature and the rhythm of nature, through a shoe model very basic and simple, without frills and without too much excess to divert attention from the basic style of clog, which turns in a very radical chic accessory.

His clog for summer 2012 were made of suede, with a low heel and square, but also tall and slender: it is up to us to choose the model that best suits our needs. There are also many colors available: in our gallery of images we can see, for example, the pure white, romantic and traditional, warm brown color of the earth so much in vogue this summer 2012, and the passionate red, not a shade on underestimated!

Cesare Paciotti shoes, the collection of jeweled sandals and pumps P/E 2012

Cesare Paciotti presents its unique collection of shoes for the spring summer 2012 and summer in full style of the most loved Italian brand of shoes from fashion victim, find the line in chic and classic models, but also fully colored versions of jeweled sandals inspired the spring. The collection mainly rewards high stilettos for sandals and decolletes who are already making their appearance on the red carpet at the feet of young celebrities like Selena Gomez, along with the news we see the most beautiful.

As I said, Cesare Paciotti back to win a leading role with its jeweled sandals even in the summer collection. Among the most characteristic are red suede sandals with open toe-toe, price lists with embroidered flower-shaped crystals bombarded by a cascade of pink, magenta and white shoes, then completed by ankle strap and covered heel 10 (the price of 765 euros). Also the beautiful coral colored suede sandal with open toe-toe, lists flower-shaped, ankle strap with logo, heel 12 balanced with plateau outside red and multicolored crystals on the petals (855 euros).

In line Cesare Paciotti sandals platform models stand out in red leather with open tip-toe, heel 12 covered, plateau leather exterior with contrasting black lists and twisted the neck of the foot in black, red and powder (495 euros) , gray snakeskin sandals with heel 10, price lists and slingback t-bar connected to the center of studs coated silver charm pendant and a dagger, a symbol of the brand, from the buckle (760 euros).

Do not miss cage sandals in black leather heels and more on models with cinnamon-colored leather open toe-toe, t-bar lists and completed a double ankle strap attached to the cover around the heel that ended a fringe on top (495 euros).

In the line of pumps and decolletes Cesare Paciotti, the flagship model is the one in gray leather with stiletto heel 10 cm high, with a narrow tip as they want of the fads, upper asymmetric logo on the heel and rain of crystals along the neckline . This shoe is fabulous! (770 euros).

A complete collection of Cesare Paciotti then there are flat sandals, the models with pink leather strap and lists flower-shaped crystals coated with pink and white, models in leather with orange t-bars with colored inserts. Charms with a dagger hanging conclude the most beautiful forms.


Alexandre Birman shoes, the Spring/Summer 2012 awards the python multicolor

Alexandre Birman us this year offers a collection of shoes more detail than ever. The designer Brazilian adora always work with reptilian skin, from python to alligator, lizard, and in view of the hot season, has definitely decided to focus on fashion colors of the moment and color combinations in color blocks that really know how not to spend unnoticed. The new collection leaves plenty of room to experiment with shapes and heights at times very dizzy, but the classic models of sandals and decolletes in the hands of a shoe-designer can become an opportunity to create masterpieces unique and inimitable.

The line decolletes and mary jane Alexandre Birman is very rich and fabulous. The model combines a high stiletto heel Claire 12 to a plateau inside, and it is proposed tipped peep-toe, straps over the instep and ankle, in which tissue from python in shades of gray, and the skin painted in bright colors such as the red. The model Adele is more restrained with his band and the upper fabric or patent leather, peep-toe while decolletes Hilary usher in the trend of multi-colored python, used for many models, slingback from Belle, Diana in the pumps ocean tones, the charming mary jane Olivia a little 'remind us Relika Louboutin's in shape.

And if that were not enough, they are designed in python, but in fluorescent tones, models Naomi and Kate especially, with high heel and platform outside. A collection that leaves you speechless!

Also the line of sandals Alexandre Birman has its own to say. Dominating the scene are very high stilettos as always but more often balanced by equally dizzying plateau. It ranges between models with leather effect paint series Rachel, with ankle straps, also offered in python multicolor, and variants Mandy in shades of blue and turquoise. Cecily is a peep-toe sandal with toe and thin lists to create a cage, while the LV models are more exposed and open-toe.

Both the line of beautiful dancers, as that of flat sandals relies on python as a material and offers it in all shades of the finest we have already encountered in the collection of pumps with a heel. Amazing dancers Emma python, do you think is in versions less showy solid, both the version in some ways even more daring, python multicolor.

Jason Wu shoes, sandals and stilettos sculpture of the Spring/Summer 2012

Jason Wu presents his beautiful collection of sandals and stilettos for the spring summer 2012 season. The young Taiwanese designer continues to reap success in the star system, among other things, the recent collaboration with Target led his side celebrity famous for their passion for fashion and shoes in particular, like Blake Lively, usually a lover of mostly Louboutin models. Jason Wu blends elements typical of his land and Eastern traditions with elements who are more easily traced back to the world of big American cities, and the result is a truly wonderful collection. Let me put together in detail.

The sandals Jason Wu have characteristic names that identify particular patterns. The sandals Bryce in particular is characterized by stilettos clad and full of character, around 12 cm high and balanced by obvious external plateaux always in black leather. The model has open tip-toe in leather covered with lists available in different colors from red, blush, gray, and lists of special elastic-mesh covering the instep, making it safer, given the height.

The beautiful pumps Billie mix the form of a sandal with that of an ankle boot. They are offered with tip-toe and open wide to embrace band embellished with inlays, while the heel is covered and from the instep to the ankle, a special cut-out structure surrounds the foot by making the shape of the model structured but very original.

White mary jane is a very characteristic, which reflects the stiletto heel and plateau of the previous models, has the upper cut into a sculptural form and covered with ribbons that are interwoven along the instep and around the ankle to create a fabulous cage.

Model of the collection is that of Jason We Carolyn sandals, sandals with a stiletto heel height 12 cm, outside and covered plateau, price lists that are linked to a central t-bars and still rings and thin ankle. The designer is thinking of them in different colors, from classic black leather or beige leather, with variations in black leather with red lists and metallic leather in colors like turquoise, white and powder pink.


Jimmy Choo shoes at the Met Ball 2012, photos of the stars

On the evening of Monday, when Italy was now already late night in New York took the Met Ball 2012, the gala is held every year at this time from the Costume Institute of the Big Apple to officially inaugurate the annual exhibition, dedicated to great men the world of fashion. This year we talk about two great names in Italian fashion: a comparison of the style back in time but close to mood of Elsa Schiaparelli, who worked in the early decades of the twentieth century, and Miuccia Prada, the great contemporary fashion designers. Obviously the red carpet at the opening ceremony was full of highly polished star!

Many celebrities who are meeting in the Big Apple to participate in what, rightly, is considered the most glamorous event that relates to fashion: the Metropolitan Museum in New York, in fact, every year presents a retrospective analyzes characters Note the golden world of fashion. After a year spent with the great Alexander McQueen and his Savage Beauty, here we are talking about Made in Italy, with Italian dialogue impossible of two women, two designers, who lived in different eras, but linked by their common desire to bring something again in the female wardrobe.

Let's see who has celebrated the opening of this exhibition, wearing on the red carpet at the Met Gala 2012 shoe designer Jimmy Choo:

Nina Dobrev, on the red carpet at the opening ceremony of the exhibition "Schiaparelli and Prada impossible conversations", has chosen to show off a pair of platform sandals with the fashion label Jimmy Choo. This is the New Fiery beautiful model.
Even the beautiful and elegant Kristen Bell on the red carpet at the Met Ball 2012, chose the style of Jimmy Choo: for her heel and platform sandals with Greta. Matching shoes in a beautiful dress designer Tommy Hilfiger.

Jimmy Choo shoes for a radiant Julianne Hough, who instead opted for a classic model of the famous fashion brand: the red carpet for her the most glamorous event in New York a beautiful sandal New Zodiac. Her beautiful pink dress!

Even Amy Poehler wanted to entrust themselves to the timeless style and glamor of the collections of the brand of shoes Made in Britain. For her high heel sandal with a collection of Jimmy Choo dell'Icons Greta, in combination with an evening dress is really important.

Finally, even the beautiful Emily Blunt has decided to dress the style of the British brand: a model for her platform sandal called Louisa, and that is part of the beautiful collection of Jimmy Choo collection called 24 7.

Sigerson Morrison Shoes, the most beautiful models of the Spring/Summer 2012

Sigerson Morrison shows us the most beautiful models in his collection of footwear for the spring summer 2012 season, a line drawn from classical assumptions and consolidated, and gets very, very special and innovative results. Dominating the scene are mainly wedges, big stars of the summer collections of all major brands this year, and of course Sigerson Morrison did not want to do without it. The new collection, however, leaves ample room to fabulous models of sandals with high heels or flats, in flats and pumps are unique. Guadiamole together in detail.

As I said, the wedges are the queens of all the summer collections especially this year, revisited in so many different keys and original. In the collection of Sigerson Morrison Dali models stand out with characteristic wedge / heel carving complete a form transparent powder pink leather, beige, black or metallic, tipped peep-toe and the end covers in different tones such as magenta, electric blue and turquoise.

More particular model is that of Diane wedges, lower but still feature a futuristic shape that the tip-toe and open to the lists also add a more comfortable strap around the ankle. The higher the wedges Donte and more chic in the form proposed in magenta and in classic black and beige.

In the line of sandals Sigerson Morrison space models are equally sculturoi and in particular the pumps Bottice and variants Bunch. The open-toe sandals are Bottice with the band on the toe and vamp cut complemented by leather inserts that are connected to the strap around the ankle and studs. Are offered in black leather with heel and round up or block color. The model Bunch, more classic, discovers the instep, but lists on the toe, heel strap and round like the Bottice. In this case the colors are forever black, white and brown.

The line of dancers Sigerson Morrison favors the model Bonny, a dancer in woven leather with round toe, available in two-tone beige, black and silver, emerald green and beige and in black and silver. There are also many models of flat sandals, shoes embellished with ethnic flair than double straps and highlights the most often in contrasting tones in bicolor.


Liu Jo Shoes Spring/Summer 2012

The fashion brand Liu Jo presents his interesting collection of shoes for this spring-summer 2012: the catalog of fashion brand is full of different shoes, with heels or super flat, perfect for any time of day and for every style that we want to wear for different occasions that we will live with our feet the beautiful designer shoes Liu Jo. The fashion brand, in fact, plays the way he likes to go out of fashion trends in these summer months, for a spring-summer 2012 with elegance and style more feminine, which can enhance the beauty of a natural every woman.

If you loved the shoes of the spring-summer 2011 Liu Jo, remember that this new season hot fashion brand has passed, giving us the shoes that are a mix between the classic tendencies of the female wardrobe, which can never fail, and much more innovative solutions for a modern woman who likes to wear a contemporary style and, above all, she loves living with her feet planted firmly in the present.

The spring-summer 2012 Liu Jo is divided into three different lines, which will satisfy every taste and every type of woman:

Sahara Sunset, a collection of shoes with clearly inspired by the fifties, which as the name suggests, presents a range of footwear from the warm earth colors, with colors that remind that Africa particularly fashionable this summer 2012. We have beautiful full of rope, but also shoes with heels that accompany ultra flat sandal style much ethnicity. Do not miss the heels average, more affordable for all walks, with irresistible peep toe.

Shiny Soul, a collection of shoes, really cool, with patterns like stripes and polka dots, which are clearly inspired by the nineties, with shoes that seem to come directly from our recent past. The tones that are in this line are more valuable, with very refined details and much more elegant solutions. For all women who want to enhance their femininity at the highest levels.

Boho Chic, a collection of shoes, however, goes back to the seventies, a continuous return to the era of hippies and hippie style that all the major fashion brands have revived this spring-summer 2012. A romantic line, with dancers in lace, clogs and those espadrilles that this season will be particularly hot in fashion, both at her feet and the feet of him.

A contemporary collection that transcends decades and it has some shoes that will always be a must have. Perfect for the modern woman that besides beauty also looks at the practicality of the shoes going to incorporate into her wardrobe. Shoes that come to the right of the most beautiful of Liu Jo, of all times!

Jimmy Choo shoes, a narrow point decolletes collection for summer 2012

Jimmy Choo is one of the big names that have won this year's model of a narrow point decolletes, shoes retro flair and elegant especially in the spring summer 2012 season are back to being a real must have. From the more classic and sophisticated, with variations from day carefree and colorful, no collection has given up decolletes a narrow point from Prada to Christian Louboutin, Marc Jacobs by Cesare Paciotti, the interpretations were many and very interesting. Jimmy Choo is dedicating an entire line models, discover them together.

Queens of the line of a narrow point decolletes Jimmy Choo pumps are Agnes, proposals with average of 8.5 cm stiletto heels and leather in many colors, from beige paint patterns in "nude" to those in black and red (the price Official site is 365 euros), to later models more eccentric as the zebra Agnes (525 euros) and the faux crocodile in shades of purple or black (425 euros).

The Abel of Jimmy Choo pumps are to narrow tip coming from the line 24:7, with a stiletto heel higher than 10 cm and coated. The British brand to think in black paint or red version priced at 365 euros, but also with reptile print in colors like blue, dark gray beige (550 euros), models for which the waiting list is open to existing !
Pumps Jimmy Choo: Alicia

The lovely Alicia decolletes are available with 11 cm high heel and toe even more elongated. From the variants covered with bare heels, models in black patent or black suede, the line is very sophisticated and character and all models can be found at a price of 375 euros.

The beautiful decolletes Barb is one of the most unique new collection Spring Summer 2012 Jimmy Choo, and also for this model is open to the waiting list. We speak of pumps with lace toe, heel and trim in black leather with paint effect. A shoe evening without a doubt, with heel height 10 cm, you will find the price of 525 euros.

To complete the summer collection then came the newest decolletes Archer and Alias, a model that in English we call "cap-toe" to the manner in which the point is emphasized in proposing other materials. The new Archer are designed with leopard print and black patent tip (550 euros), while Alias ​​come in suede with crocodile toe in shades of black, brown, ivory and magenta, priced at 395 euros.


Tory Burch Shoes, the beautiful Beverly decolletes in many colors for summer 2012

High Heels —— Tory Burch completes his spring summer 2012 collection of shoes with beautiful mary jane decolletes Beverly line. In this season when they are fashionable styles of shoes in fluorescent colors and shapes sometimes very eccentric, Tory Burch proposes an alternative not bad, ranking it in the wake of world-class brands such as Red Valentino: so here is a mood bon ton and very romantic who becomes the center of a particular line and saucy, a collection that aims to impress with little and proposes models of pumps and high heels that on average the most comfortable heels. We see all the variations of the Beverly line.

Any collection that meets a lot of space this year to reserve pumps on high heels, stiletto heels, mainly at times well over 12 cm as they want the dictates of fashion. Tory Burch chooses the way of a simple though refined femininity particularly in the details, it also highlights another trend during this period discovered, that of decolletes a narrow point that many are characterizing collections. The line decolletes high-heeled mary jane Beverly includes models with a red polka-dot print in blue or alternatively, with a cigarette heel height 10 cm and a beautiful bow on the canvas, which you can pull on the strap that runs over the instep.

Among the variants there are also special models in leather navy blue, less eccentric, and the golden orange-colored leather version which is really a treat!

But there's more! As I said, Tory Burch complete his collection of Beverly pumps with medium heels gorgeous models for all fashion victims who do not particularly like stilettos or that they want something more portable and easy in their wardrobe, as an alternative to the equally amazing dancers Reva. The news is that although in form the young designer has been spared, no one can say the same fantasies and colors! On the official site you will find it a wonderful model with covered heel, detachable bow, the tip narrow and elongated typical French flair, designed with white polka dots on a cobalt blue, but especially the variant yellow and blue stripes on white base that has a flavor casual and carefree. Tory Burch has also considered the most sober-colored leather pumps with ribbon in ecru or navy blue canvas classic complete with glossy effect.

Ralph Lauren Shoes, the new collection Spring/Summer 2012

High Heels —— Ralph Lauren presents his stylish collection of footwear designed for the hot season spring summer 2012, a line-class, elegant and sophisticated, which focuses mainly on the shape of brogues and ankle boots, and even offers very special models of boots. The American designer has a penchant for these more refined and bon ton, his creations are often the first choice of celebrities on the red carpet for this. In our photo gallery of images you can see the most interesting models of the new summer collection, a collection of evening shoes doubt,'s discover together.

In her line of sandals, Ralph Lauren wanted to mainly high heels and reptile prints, then two of the trends that have depopulated this year on the catwalks of haute couture. Among the most special of summer sandals, stand out those high heels 12 cm balanced by a plateau of 3 cm, covered with snakeskin. The model has tip-toe and open to embrace it and still lists braided strap around the ankle with adjustable buckle and network lists with special cutout behind heel. In addition to the model with reptile print in shades of silver, Ralph Lauren thinks a variation in iridescent bronze heel with sophisticated contrast. Fabulous model cage sandal that you see in the picture!

The line of brogues instead sees the American designer to experiment with materials and inserts special characteristic. It ranges between pumps with stiletto heel and 12 cm high wooden balanced by a plateau outside always wooden, coordinated with the woven leather upper in closed string models with metallic leather reptile print peep toe heels and who also, and even variations much more romantic and bon ton profiles characterized by white leather uppers and embroidered very nice indeed.

The collection is completed, you will find in our photo gallery of beautiful mary jane high heels with lists to create the effect of cage around the tip and behind the heel, models with t-bar that connects to the round toe ankle strap heels that reach well 15 cm, and even boots embroidered retro flair and very refined embroidered with upper strings that run through the height, in contrast to more casual wedges proposals always dizzy heights. In short, a collection of glamorous but also very eccentric in his way!


Loeffler Randall Shoes, the Spring/Summer 2012

High Heels —— Loeffler Randall is reconfirmed a great innovator with his spring summer 2012 collection, a collection that leaves much room for experimentation with forms and patterns as always eccentric and extravagant, in the very style of the American brand. Consent for the creations of the brand continues to grow, especially overseas - just a few weeks ago on Gossip Girl Loeffler Randall were the jewels sported by the protagonists! - And this because of the unique creative ability of the designer. Try just giving a quick look at our photo gallery, although it will be tough shoes to wear in our daily lives, not very original are you?

In its summer collection Loeffler Randall wanted to bet on one of the most glamorous trends of the period which is depopulated in the lines of high fashion, by Brian Atwood to Christian Louboutin: the maxi plateau. In addition to high heels and often sculptural, check here and very characteristic high platform. Among the most unique models of sandals stand out boots with toe peep-toe, heel round, slingback and ankle strap, available in the ethnic flavor and geometric patterns in shades like orange as well as classic black, or with heels and plateau in rope, and finally reaches the beautiful models in leather with braided lists declined in colors like coral, green reptile print and pastel finest.

Queens of the summer season, wedges are the must-have become a fashion victim and which brands can not do without. Loeffler Randall proposes there with lists and braided t-bar that reaches the ankle strap, but especially in molded versions that mimic the shape of a heel offset by very high plateau. They think in black leather with t-bar and ankle strap, and variations in the beautiful wedge with white polka dots on a green, gray and beige.

To complete this eccentric collection there are also obviously flat sandals and flip flops that reflect the decorative motifs and colors of high-heeled pumps, from polka dots to print more bon ton reptile chic and sophisticated, not to mention romantic motifs and floral inserts. Another star of the line is the color block to which the lists of the more vibrant tones will alternate fluorescent shades and bold for the lovers of a more lively style.

Red Shoes Valentino, all models of the Spring/Summer 2012

High Heels —— From spring summer 2012 Valentino Red, we propose the most beautiful images of models of shoes designed by Italian fashion house most famous in the world. The Red Line of Valentino as always leaves ample room for reason and inserts from retro, bon ton romantic and glamorous touches that make creating a recognizable brand. During the summer, the Red Line relies on must have some of the most interesting, beginning with the rediscovery of a passion for denim is scoring several collections of high fashion, and finally reaches the floral patterns typically spring. Let's look together with the collection.

As I said, the Red line like so many others, chooses to invest in denim for its most distinctive models. Specifically we talk about beautiful plain sneakers with contrasting white strings, logo on a white ribbon and a nice side. The price on the official site is 190 euros. The line also includes high-heeled sandals and pyramid, complemented by open-tip-toe denim belt with bow and side studs (190 euros), and still beautiful cork wedges and espadrilles with adjustable ankle strap, heel height 12 cm and plateau of 3 cm, and still bow at the tip (250 euros).

The line includes both models of sandals with high heels to flat shapes. In our photogallery you can find shoes in canvas printing with lovely yellow daisies, high heel and platform of less than 14 cm to 3.5 cm (270 I), proposed with the tip lists braided open toe in yellow or pink, more romantic (290 euros ). Very beautiful models with heel and platform models cage with rope and net lists leather in colors such as classic black and beautiful baby pink (295 euros). In the line of flat sandals in calfskin models stand out with strap and bow with studs (210 euros) and of course the beach sandals in many colors (59 euros).

Rounding out the line then there are the beautiful ballerinas, pumps, and mary jane, the top models of each collection Red. Among the decolletes it points out the model with patent bow and point d'esprit tulle effect (280 euros), while the mood is more distinctly retro leather mary jane with laser processing and bow side (295 euros). The premium line of dancers forms a narrow point in many pastel colors (220 euros).


Marc Jacobs shoes, all models of the Spring/Summer 2012

High Heels —— Marc Jacobs gives us the news of her spring summer 2012, a line like always very eccentric and extravagant, what eventually did talk more about yourself through the collections that we have admired the catwalk last year. Do you think Kristen Stewart just recently posed for a service dedicated to Elle UK wearing the very beautiful mary jane's summer collection by Marc Jacobs! But in addition to the mary jane, the new awards a number of very specific forms, from sandals to ballet flats, boots and moccasins through, there's something for every taste.

In her line of sandals Marc Jacobs wanted very eccentric models with high wooden heel and platform of up to 14 cm by 3 cm, supplemented by lists from clear plastic profiles orange, with a closed toe, side studs and cage effect (for the price of 645 euros on net-a-porter.com), but also beautiful metallic leather versions with price on the open tip-toe, heel and ankle strap 10 Contrast (425 euros). The models stand out flat sandals with lists that mimic the shape of a flower and a central button, or black leather sandals with round studs along the lists (475 euros).

Flagship of the summer collection of Marc Jacob are certainly beautiful mary jane, leather pointy pumps close declined in many colors. 12 cm high heels have a cigarette, strap on the instep with button and find the price of 425 euros. Mytheresa.com are also versions of patent leather strap with contrasting metallic and special variants, a real bonus in a fashion victim with all the trimmings can not do without.

Another very particular model in the summer collection of designer is to know that most eccentric of boots with heels, boots with heels country mood by 9 cm high wooden and metallic leather upper in the bottom and transparent PVC along the ankle. Original, is not it? The price of mytheresa.com is 595 euros.

The collection is completed then we think the beautiful dancers in colorful leather and lace strip to wrap around the instep, a good competition to the mouse line Marc by Marc Jacobs, and moccasins special flair in patent leather and snake garçon really glamorous (495 euros).

Pierre Hardy Shoes, the original collection Spring/Summer 2012

High Heels —— Pierre Hardy is reconfirmed once again the king of the shoe sculpture, her new collection for spring summer 2012 return forms structured to reward the best tradition of the brand, a line that really leaves you speechless. From sandals with high heels and very often especially in the line, the pumps with medium heels, high wedges to get to the eccentric, there is no model in the new collection that does not appear as a small work of art. Dominating the scene is once again the color block and, in particular bright color combinations and impact, as they want at the end of the period must have. Let's take a look together to the new collection by Pierre Hardy.

The line of sandals is more open to experimentation and proposes a series of very distinctive patterns. Open-toe sandals with toe and high heel, often over 12 cm, are designed crocodile leather with price lists in different colors and fabrics to create a cut to the height of the instep cover that looks like a mask. They come in different colors and especially colored block.

And colored blocks are also designed models with thin alternating lists and knotted together, or even variations in patent leather with double strap, often with sculpture heels. There is no shortage of models cage sandals that have a real network of listings and straps to hug the foot or even versions with very special bands that mimic the shapes of the Colosseum.

The line of Pierre Hardy pumps rewards etiquette above all forms and return to medium heels. In our photo gallery and on the official website you can see models of mary jane with a narrow toe ankle strap, leather coral decolletes stylet medium and inserts on the tip narrow and the Orsay decolletes still think in two-tone suede.

The strength of the summer collection is very high and very special wedges, models are truly unique and extraordinary as the one with the upper stripe multicolor, high heel and platform, or the model in black and white zebra striped pattern that alternates at large striped patterns It is concluded from narrow woven strap around the ankle and toe peep-toe. A little 'all models in the collection of Pierre Hary are amazing, you do not you agree?


Christian Louboutin Shoes on display in London

High Heels —— The great designer Christian Louboutin shoes will be celebrated in London, with a truly amazing show that offers all visitors the most beautiful and unusual women's shoes create a brand that women all over the world, including celebrities, love to wear at every opportunity imaginable. The retrospective is, in fact, the scene these days in the famous Design Museum of the capital, the first retrospective dedicated to British shoe designer. And could not he be the first to be celebrated with his creations!

At this time we are only talking about one of the genes of international fashion. A few days ago, in fact, women have received great news: Christian Louboutin would have made the Disney Cinderella's glass slipper, that all the girls want to wear since I was small (even in the hope of meeting their Prince Charming and the 'True love, the happy ending of fairy tales!).

Today we talked about him, because they are waiting to be able to admire the crystal shoes by designer Christian Louboutin, we can enjoy some of his most famous shoes, shoes really special, designed to enhance the natural beauty and sensuality of each woman, which were choices for the show on stage these days in London.

The first retrospective devoted to an English designer shoes is quite exceptional: we have beautiful decolletes studded rock flavor, but also romantic sandals embellished with brilliant crystals, as well as historians laced boots of the famous fashion brand. All shoes with heels, that few can afford to bring ...

The exhibition, simply called "Christian Louboutin", celebrates the 20-year career of one of the most creative fashion designers in recent years, made famous around the world from its red-soled shoes, a trademark of really important: open from today, Tuesday, May 1, 2012, will remain available to us until July 9, in the halls of the Design Museum in London.

The Design Museum in London is at number 28 on Shad Thames. Tickets for the shows can be purchased online at Ticketweb, while the opening hours are as follows: in the morning from 10 to 13.45 in the afternoon from 14 to 17.45, on Saturday evening from 18 to 21.45.

Christian Louboutin and Cinderella's glass slipper for summer 2012

High Heels —— If one of your wishes are a nice pair of shoes by Christian Louboutin and maybe even the magical and romantic beautiful glass slippers that Cinderella wore while dancing with her Prince Charming, in the famous fairy tale proposal on the big screen by Disney, know that now the two can join and dreams come true. The famous designer shoes, in fact, has in mind a project that will groove to the most romantic, to all those who as a small dream of being able to wear the glass slipper, a sign of love a happy ending to "And they lived happily ever after ... ".

Many of the brands that are inspired by Cinderella's slippers, like those of Manolo Blahnik. Moreover it is a shoes and recognize that all we love at first sight: since we are the children associate with the look of a princess crown on her dream of love and that, precisely because of those shoes with heels not too high , a crystal clear very charming, finds her beloved.

Now we think Christian Louboutin to make this dream a reality. As a singer the same Cinderella dreams are wishes shut down the heart ... Just hope strongly and forget the present and here the dream come true ... And the world's most famous designer shoes we need a model that will become a glass slipper cult among the fashionistas.

It seems, in fact, that the great shoe designer has decided to partner with Disney, which led to the big screen this beautiful fairy tale, romantic, hopeful and even funny skits. The aim is to create a model of glass slipper that is modeled on that worn by Cinderella in the evening of dancing with her prince. So our dream is finally real ...

The shoe will only be available from summer 2012 and on its design, material choice, color, heel height, no one knows anything yet. Let's just hope not cost a blunder: Cinderella had a fairy godmother to give her a hand ... not us!

There remains, therefore, have to wait and see cos'avrà of Serbia for us in the brand of shoes Christian Louboutin and what role will the Disney collaboration ... this whole bet that there will be an important event in true fairytale style, in order to present glass slippers for women around the world? Who would you see as the face well into the shoes of the unfortunate Cinderella then eventually marries her handsome prince? Kate Middleton is obvious, because the beautiful Emma Watson?


Giorgio Armani Sandals Spring/Summer 2012

High Heels —— The collection of sandals Giorgio Armani proposal for the nice spring summer 2012 season as always favors shapes and color combinations refined and elegant, but not a waiver of the trends that are defining as the summer collections this year: that of high stiletto heels. The new line that we propose in the photo gallery of images, will aim to impress with great heights, in contrast with what we expect in the coming winter but according to the latest photos of Armani fashion show in Milan Fashion Week. Let's look together with the collection of King George of sandals for the summer.

One of the most fashionable styles of shoes in the past is that of administrative cage sandals, proposals for the most part very high stiletto heels, which the body's contours recreating the images of the slave of a sandal in a more chic and sophisticated. Giorgio Armani enters in his collection models in smooth leather or suede stiletto heel with 10 to 12 cm high, balanced by a low plateau in the toe peep-toe slingback with buckle and complemented by ensuring the best fit, and above all a network lists of all-embracing the instep. Among the most special are those with more straps around the ankle proposed satin and silk in shades specifically designed to complement the most sophisticated evening look.

As I said, this spring summer 2012 is seeing the triumph of high heels, stilettos, which can easily reach the 12 cm and just as easily surpass them, accompanied by clear maxi plateau from the collections of Brian Atwood to those of Christian Louboutin, have become indispensable last period. Even Giorgio Armani enters into its line models that exceed 12 cm, it is mainly open-toe sandals with a t-bar central to which are linked lists covering the instep and straps - generally two - closed around the ankle with adjustable buckle. The models are offered in suede with contrasting lists covered heel, heel and plateau, in shades of powder pink, ice gray and lilac.

Among the most characteristic of the spring shoe collection of Armani peep peep-toe detail in suede pumps with stiletto heels lined, trimmed with a ripple effect from the upper tip and covered with colored fantasy that you can easily match the bags of the same line. Also very beautiful sandals with exotic print in shades of blue and bronze found at the top of the article, a shoe irresistible, is not it?