Christian Louboutin Shoes on display in London

High Heels —— The great designer Christian Louboutin shoes will be celebrated in London, with a truly amazing show that offers all visitors the most beautiful and unusual women's shoes create a brand that women all over the world, including celebrities, love to wear at every opportunity imaginable. The retrospective is, in fact, the scene these days in the famous Design Museum of the capital, the first retrospective dedicated to British shoe designer. And could not he be the first to be celebrated with his creations!

At this time we are only talking about one of the genes of international fashion. A few days ago, in fact, women have received great news: Christian Louboutin would have made the Disney Cinderella's glass slipper, that all the girls want to wear since I was small (even in the hope of meeting their Prince Charming and the 'True love, the happy ending of fairy tales!).

Today we talked about him, because they are waiting to be able to admire the crystal shoes by designer Christian Louboutin, we can enjoy some of his most famous shoes, shoes really special, designed to enhance the natural beauty and sensuality of each woman, which were choices for the show on stage these days in London.

The first retrospective devoted to an English designer shoes is quite exceptional: we have beautiful decolletes studded rock flavor, but also romantic sandals embellished with brilliant crystals, as well as historians laced boots of the famous fashion brand. All shoes with heels, that few can afford to bring ...

The exhibition, simply called "Christian Louboutin", celebrates the 20-year career of one of the most creative fashion designers in recent years, made famous around the world from its red-soled shoes, a trademark of really important: open from today, Tuesday, May 1, 2012, will remain available to us until July 9, in the halls of the Design Museum in London.

The Design Museum in London is at number 28 on Shad Thames. Tickets for the shows can be purchased online at Ticketweb, while the opening hours are as follows: in the morning from 10 to 13.45 in the afternoon from 14 to 17.45, on Saturday evening from 18 to 21.45.

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