Chanel Shoes Fall-Winter 2012/2013

Treads the catwalk of Chanel Paris Fashion Week with her ​​new collection for next autumn-winter 2012-2013 heating season and all the ideas that we had made ​​on trends and must-have for the winter are not. Obviously we could not do without budgets for the new collection of French fashion house, and we must recognize that once Karl Lagerfeld did not disappoint, combining a more classic taste and elegant with modern, cutting-edge designs and shapes. I'm on stage once again in high heels and mary jane, but nothing we've ever seen before!

Many of the collections we have invested so far commented on the model of mary jane, redesigned versions also very different. The most romantic touches and good manners were characteristic of the models on the catwalk taken by Chloe, but on quite another plane were ranked variants with high heels and dramatic plateau cut designed by Giambattista Valli.

Element in common, ubiquitous and comfortable ankle strap that is not missing in the models Chanel. But for the Parisian fashion house mary jane high heels and acquire cylindrical plexiglass, the upper is leather in different colors that tend to blur into one another.

One of the most innovative features is that the t-bar that closes the upper with asymmetrical strap and cover behind the heel, creating the effect of an ankle boot if you look at the models on one side only. Round toe pumps for Chanel, in contrast with other lines that have rewarded the tips narrow.

An original collections from as early as forms that do not waiver in some cases to combine contrasting colors and different fabrics. What do you think? Did you like?

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