Topshop collection of shoes soled shoes by Chloe Green Jade Green

High Heels —— Topshop gets to make shoes with green soles. This new project by the young Chloe Jade Green, which offers not only the nuances in his name, but also in a new line of shoes that will be sold in outlets of the group of low-cost family fashion. There is, indeed, who makes shoes with red sole, even suing due to all those who dare to copy it, and who, instead, uses the color green, much more eco friendly fashions seen the turning of the international fashion. Here's the brand new project that will gorge addicted to shoes.

The sole is very important in a shoe.Or rather, its color it is, so that a designer like Christian Louboutin shoes has filed a lawsuit against famous Yves Saint Laurent just guilty of stealing the idea, proposing in his collection of shoes for sale in the United States of America the same nuance, that he had even patented.

I wonder if Chloe Jade Green has taken the same action for his new fashion project. And who knows if it is informed that there are in circulation already offering green shoes in their soles. The heir to the British fashion brand Topshop low cost, in fact, decided to build a personal collection of shoes, which will be sold in their store of the British Empire created by his father. At the age of 21, he decided to do something concrete for the family business. And we addicted shoes that we can not be happy about this news. Also because it is a low cost brand!

Chloe Jade Green is now one of Britain's most famous IT Girl: not surprisingly is invited to all the shows of London Fashion Week, while the celebrities are racing to pose with her. Now the young scion of Topshop will also invented a new shoe collection, made entirely from her. The line, which will go on sale across the network Topshop from next May 17, has a curious feature: all have the green soles. The red led right to Christian Louboutin, who knows if the greens will be a lucky charm for the young Chloe Jade Green!

After all she is a passionate designer of the famous shoes: and who is not a faithful follower of Christian Louboutin, surely one of the greatest designers of shoes? To pay homage to him he decided to design a new color for the soles, inspired by its red but not copying it, because that Christian Louboutin would not welcome a new invasion of the field in the war of the red soles.

We just have to wait until the middle of May, to see what has combined the young heir of Topshop: you say, will conquer us?

Viktor Rolf Shoes, the Spring/Summer 2012

High Heels —— Viktor Rolf continues to pursue an ideal of very eccentric and peculiar fashion, demonstrating that there are pictures of beautiful models of shoes proposals for the hot season spring summer 2012, a collection of more features that have walked the catwalk in Paris Fashion Week last year. We now see in detail and together since the early shots, one senses that this is an unprecedented collection of shoes, the House of the Dutch experiences both in the field of shapes, flat or high heels, and in the materials and color associations . Look with the news of the summer collection.

In his new collection, Viktor Rolf wanted stilettos unique and very special. Let's talk about shoe with high heels and thin, tip-toe and open-end feature wrinkled fabric that wraps around the instep. It is designed in shades of turquoise, black and pink and comes back on selected models of open-toe sandals supplemented by lists leather pumps and a narrow tip, creating the effect of a mary jane. Sandals are very special ones made of leather effect with paint, and embellished with gold or silver inserts and ankle strap pvc, an accessory shoe adds to already very striking that extra touch that makes it more glamorous.

Also of very high heels stiletto ankle boots, always leather, fetish flair and complemented by the upper tapes, available in black and red more imaginative passion. But in addition to high heels, the brand is not above the more traditional forms and moderate, and the uses to decolletes and pumps more bon ton models pointed close as they want fashions this year, but proposals in paint and bright colors such as magenta and turquoise with touches of midnight blue. In short, a collection that really knows how to be talked about!

But in addition to models of thin and tall stiletto heel, Viktor & Rolf also invests on flat shoes and especially sandals on. There are models in the collection of flip flops with leather uppers complete with laces and studs, and a nice ankle strap, even available in different colors. The most romantic and bon ton with flat sandals and t-bar strap with adjustable buckle embellished with PVC inserts in shades of red and pink, a shoe evening nothing wrong if you do not like heels.

In our photo gallery you will find more specific models, which you prefer?


Tabitha Simmons Shoes, the beautiful Spring/Summer 2012

High Heels —— Tabitha Simmons shoes are always a choice most common in American stardom and the reason you show the pictures of the beautiful new collection spring summer 2012 fashion designer, an innovative and full of character that proves to be daring and want to experience, what not always obvious in the field of big names in fashion. The young British designer shoe in a few years he has established in the world for his flamboyant style and its unconventional choices, let us see what he thought for the summer.

In its new spring summer 2012 Tabitha Simmons has added fabulous models of sandals mostly colored block patterns or features but still very colorful. The Galaxy model is an example, thought-tipped peep-toe, alternating lists in different colors, pyramid heel and ankle strap (the price of 1280 euros on the official website), while the beautiful Bailey sandals are ankle boots with uppers that was very special also to wrap the ankle, and are available in the version with printed flowered Flower (850 euros), and the variation Flesh Kid patterned multicolored stars. High heels even for models Gemma colored version and black and white bicolor (650 euros), and the model Gwineth more elegant and sophisticated, with lists embellished with rhinestones and crystals (975 euros).

The pumps in the collection of Tabitha Simmons sees the dominance of the models to narrow tip as decolletes Dela Flesh-colored nappa leather powder pink, the more "measured" in the collection, but one can not but mention the Gaia model in all its versions, with high heel, tip-toe and open side buckle on vamp proposal in the lizard print version (890 euros) and floral motifs typically spring (695 euros) and in clear tones, which in the most lively and humorous.

Tabitha Simmons completes the collection with beautiful flat sandals with reptile print versions Felicity (625 euros) or with fancy flowered, and especially with very flat espadrilles features: Dolly the model. Dolly is offered with or without a wedge, and the particularity of an upper colored by fantasies very beautiful, the flowers, the multicolor striped navy the mood (375 euros), which is certainly not unique lace will make you go unnoticed.

So what do you think of the spring collection by Tabitha Simmons?

Timberland collection Sandals for summer 2012

High Heels —— Sandals at will in the new spring-summer 2012 in Timberland, which in the female wardrobe this season's hot offers us a range of shoes from stiletto heels or high wedges, which are going to enrich our casual chic look of these summer days. The collection is not by chance is called Sandals and includes a series of shoes with high heels, cone and comfortable but also with wedge heels, a very important trend this spring-summer 2012 that comes to us as a legacy of those who seventies comeback of fashion.

The woman's wardrobe this spring-summer 2012 is enriched with many models of shoes, which will make our every glamorous look: ultra flat shoes all day, but even with high heels, outfits for far more elegant and chic, wearable the evening. For each woman, her model of shoes for warm weather.

Even the well-known brand sports shoes presents his collection of shoes dedicated to the female, with a style much more glamorous and trendy. The fashion line of spring-summer 2012 Timberland consists of moccasins, to look elegant, classic, traditional perfect in combination with full jacket and pants, as the suit must have feminine style, or with jeans and shirts bon ton.

For women who like to look more romantic, here is that Timberland has presented his 2012 collection of dancers for a spring-summer's outfit of refined, sophisticated, living strictly with his feet firmly on the ground, being a model ultra flat shoes, among the favorites of women around the world. Even the most glamorous celebrities!

Not only loafers or ballet flats, however, for the fashion brand Timberland, who knows what the shoe that women prefer when temperatures get too hot in our wardrobe. If the boots, in fact, shoes are to be preferred in the cold season, here in the summer, even that of 2012, will be the sandals, low heel or wedge, to lord it.

The fashion brand is able to combine very high heels with the comfort that all women look for in models of vertiginous shoes: Timberland, in fact, realize the dream of all the fashionistas, thanks to Sandals, a collection of shoes with heels that are high but are also comfortable and practical and allow us to walk too long on these shoes. We have both the model with broad heel or wedge.

The line of sandals is made of natural colors that are inspired by New England: the materials are completely organic, natural and, most importantly for eco friendly fashionistas from the soul, even recycled.


Chloé shoes, all models of the Spring/Summer 2012

High Heels —— Chloé has developed for us a spring summer 2012 collection of shoes really interesting. As in more traditional style of the house, there are romantic touches to the new collection for years and etiquette that distinguish the Chloé fashion on the catwalks, but the brand adds to this a desire to experiment and dare that is typical at the end of this time of year. The return of the dancers, always great protagonists of Chloé collections, along with more convenient medium heels and stilettos pumps for the most eccentric, evening glamor models and all to discover. Guardiamoli in detail.

The dancers are a privileged field for Chloe, the brand for several years without much space to these flat shoes that have become a must have in any self-respecting shoe addicts can not do without. In its new spring summer 2012, Chloe puts the dancers Lauren line with jagged edges, available in several neutral colors like beige, brown and light red. To these are added the new models with leather straps around the ankle charm glam, or even the beautiful variations with t-bar jewel encrusted with rhinestones and sequins, the dancers perfect evening outfit to complete if you do not like high heels!

Very beautiful pumps and decolletes that Chloe wanted in the new summer line. We are talking about the model Jane, a middle ground between a particular decolletes and ankle boots, with toe peep-toe, high heel and platform bottom to balance it. Jane slingback behind the heel and an upper cut-eighteenth-century French flair, offered with reptile print in shades of gold or silver, and again in leather bon ton in color like pink and beige. The line of sandals ranges easily between models with high heels and medium or low-heeled versions, proposing lists woven inserts and jewel characteristic.

No waiver of wedges summer collection this year and in particular the high wedges! Not even that of Chloe, which adds to its line models of wedges that comfortably exceed the 12 inches high, platform shoes, leather, cork or wood most often combined with leather upper in bright colors. In short, the ideal alternative to high heels 15!

In our photo gallery you can see the most beautiful models, you've chosen your favorite?


Givenchy sandals, all models of the Spring/Summer 2012

High Heels —— The shoe collection Givenchy spring-summer 2012 season dedicated to the tip to impress especially with the beautiful line of sandals, a collection, as always, full of charm and class but does not miss more eccentric touches and daring, as it should be given we're talking about a line created to embody the spirit of summer! Riccardo Tisci chose quality materials for its top models, alongside the more traditional forms and original variations which associates also very bright and pastel colors of spring. Let's look in detail to the new collection for Givenchy summer.

In her line of sandals, as I said, very classic Givenchy inserts designed models of high and thin stiletto heels, rendered, however, more detail of the original thick cork soles, which among other things, creates a small plateau to balance the height of heel. The models are offered with open toe tip covered with black leather band or army green that also occurs around the instep. Models with very special lizard reptile print, peep-toe with the tip covered by a band at short t-bar strap, or the cage version with python lists completed by Bronze slingback.

For sure, they'll be noticed, this was a golden year for silver or gold glitter prints, the protagonists of many collections of shoes. Givenchy also has left and groped in his new collection has included models of sandals with high heels or flat version is completely covered with glitter. This is the case of the beautiful sandals in the photo, a model with leather heel high 11 cm wide upholstered like the rest of the uppers of golden glitter. He tip-toe and open several exchanges with the buckle on the instep, an interesting middle ground between the classic sandal and ankle boot! Its price is 650 euros on luisaviaroma.com.

The cage models are in the collection for Givenchy, is offered in variants with high heels and twisted lists that cover all the instep (720 euros on net-a-porter.com), is more comfortable with a medium heel, designed in classic black (570 euros) or in the beautiful and definitely summer lilac with t-bar and cage lists on the tip and along the instep. Perfect models to complete day look more mischievous. Do you like the collection of Givenchy sandals?

Alessandro Oteri's shoes Fall / Winter 2012/2013

High Heels —— The fashion label Alessandro Oteri presents his interesting collection of women's shoes for next autumn-winter 2012/2013, that we propose in our gallery. The shades are very trendy and intriguing are the most fashionable in this cold season that promises to really glamorous, elegant, feminine and sophisticated, thanks to a series of decolletes, boots, ankle boots, but also the inevitable peep toe, which will make our wardrobe really feminine and irresistible.

After admiring the trend of shoes in Paris Fashion Week and even before he looked at the shoes worn by the models at Milan Fashion Week, here are now many brands of shoes that we have the intriguing their collections for next autumn- Winter 2012/2013. Such as Alessandro Oteri, which gives us very sexy shoes.

Orange, saffron, cedar and apple are the color palette of autumn-winter 2012/2013 fashion brand, color tones reminiscent of Koloman Moser, artist of the Viennese Secession. We have beautiful plateau with decolletes calibrated, logs that are tapered legs of women, rounded toe shoes to give more femininity to our every step and, of course, the ubiquitous boots and booties, which in winter must not fail in our wardrobe. As the ankle boot with stitching and leaf green stiletto heels, as a true diva, or the decolletes chypre with satin ankle printed in colors such as orchid, oil and wine, and absolutely perfect for glamorous evenings elegant.

Between tones can not miss to neutral shades such as brown, blues, grays, blacks and flesh-colored hues. Not to mention the prints in wood, for nature lovers!

Here then is the shoes that you can see in our gallery and follow the trends of the upcoming Fall / Winter 2012/2013:

Holm, boots made of leather printed with wood effect, the cost of 625 euros.
Doria Plat, a pair of leather printed decolletes beehive effect, light purple color, with ankle strap, peep toe and heel made of satin. At a cost of 430 euros.

Ariosto, a model of decolletes made with teal paint plateau, with teal suede heel and toe. At a cost of 440 euros.

Gabba, a pair of peep toe suede made of orchids, with heel and platform leather printed with wood effect. The lovely contrasting satin bow. At a cost of 510 euros.

Award, a model of black suede boots with suede heel and toe made of molded pearl. At a price of 650 euros.

Solferino, model kid shiny orange boots with heels and details of light green paint. At a price of 610 euros.


Emilio Pucci Shoes, all models of the Spring/Summer 2012

High Heels —— Emilio Pucci of Serbia has for us a beautiful collection of shoes for spring summer 2012 season quite extraordinary and lively. For the most classic and elegant models that the designer thinks to complete searches and classy outfits, alternate models during the summer in shades of bold, bright colors and cheeky that ultimately represent the best spring season and our desire to dare. There are even flat rubber models to show off on holiday, a less showy but perfect accessory to make you feel glamorous on the beach! Let's look at the spring summer 2012 by Emilio Pucci.

In her line of sandals Emilio Pucci gives way to beautiful models with leather toe and peep-toe leather upper formed lists that create a really intriguing cage. The model has long ties to tie the slave around the ankle and heel height 12 cm covered. It is offered in red leather at a price of 690 euros and gold version. Very elegant model in white leather with stiletto heel that comes to 13.5 cm, outer plateau covered with 3.5 cm, tip-toe and open lists stranded on t bar that ends with ankle strap. The price on the official site is 850 euros.

In the field of pumps Emilio Pucci was really sbizzarrito with unique results! In our photos you will find models of peep-toe with grosgrain varnished, with adjustable ankle strap and covered with 11 cm stiletto heel, Black version is also offered at a price of 530 euros. The sensational peep-toe in straw with patent magenta profiles, with stiletto heel and platform height 12 cm by 3 cm (520 euros) or the model in black paint with colored striped print more imaginative and daring. Craze of the year is a narrow point and metallic pumps. Emilio Pucci thinks mary jane model with t-bar with a narrow toe in white wicker and leather with gold paint effect, a true masterpiece (590 euros).

We conclude the summer collection of Emilio Pucci and flat models, leather sandals with laminated effect (450 euros), models of flip flops with printed patent leather in shades of the ocean (390 euros), and of course the beautiful rubber sandals for the holidays and talk about flip-flops in colors like hot pink, green and turquoise water for sale at 190 euros.

What do you think of summer collection of Emilio Pucci?

Alexander Wang shoes, the first images of the Fall/Winter 2012-2013

High Heels —— Alexander Wang offers us the very first models of its shoe collection for next winter fall winter 2012-2013, a collection that despite being designed for the winter, does not give up investing in one of the forms that we adore fashion victim, that of sandals. The young American designer adored by celebrities has made a name in the star system because of its structured models and always very special in form, in the end it's always shoes are impossible to pass unnoticed and even the collection for next winter that keeps its strength. From sandals to pumps, from lace to flat models, Alexander Wang has created a truly spectacular collection,'s discover together.

As I said, Alexander Wang wanted in his collection of sandals very interesting models. Among the most beautiful ones stand out in leather open-toe tip covered by price wide, wide ankle strap with button and covered stiletto heel of 10 cm. The model is available in pastel colors like powder pink, a beautiful lemon yellow and of course the obligatory black reptile print much character.

In the line of pumps and decolletes find forms that have made the fortune of Alexander Wang collections in the past, namely the narrow pointy pumps. The proposed model always stiletto heel, has braided straps around the ankle and in the new collection, as well as Evergreen black leather, you will find models with reptile print in shades of brown and white variants of the most romantic in pink powders to complete a perfect outfit evening, but also models with a low heel and double strap with t-bar from the original form.

In any self-respecting winter collection boots, booties and ankle boots have an important place. Alexander Wang thinks models in the same tones of leather pumps, with high heels and thick, but in the case of boots, wedges even more details that combine to form the overknees a key to the most glamorous. Do not miss the charm biker boots in black leather.

And here too flat patterns from the collection of Alexander Wang shoes, androgynous shape revisited in women. We talk about models in glossy leather with a buckle, lace the highest gloss or suede leather in dark colors and pastel-like flat pumps and still decolletes and ankle boots without heels, however, that reproduce patterns and colors.


Miu Miu Sandals Spring/Summer 2012 dedicated to the sea

High Heels —— The Italian fashion house Miu Miu brings us directly to the sea with his new collection of sandals for this spring-summer 2012. Elegant and brilliant sea creatures, in fact, go to embellish many styles of shoes ideal for the summer season. Ultra-flat sandals or heels quite content to meet all our needs for looks, impeccable style and sophisticated, in line with a fashion label that, as with shoes, there just never disappoints. Miuccia Prada knows how to surprise us with solutions looks amazing!

The spring-summer 2012 Miu Miu, presented at the fashion shows of Paris Fashion Week in October 2011, is enriched constantly look for new solutions, with beautiful accessories designed specifically to make every outfit our most intriguing and fascinating. And this special line of shoes is the proof.

If the fashion catwalks of Miu Miu for spring-summer 2012 have sanctioned a return of the shoe, which is again becoming major players in the female wardrobe, here are the sandals that you want to take their revenge, with creations that leave us in the mouth open: you want to dive into the sea of ​​glass and style of the famous fashion brand Prada group?

In our gallery of images, in fact, we take the special collection of Miu Miu shoes dedicated to marine creatures. Several models of shoes on offer, with the little creatures sparkle and glamor that will keep us company in our summer looks the most intriguing, sophisticated and glamorous. From morning to evening, we will be accompanied by really fascinating creatures!

The line consists of shoes with heels and without: the ultra-flat sandals are ideal for any time of day, especially if we are to stand a long time or we're going to walk much. Perfect for a day at sea, with our swimwear glamor. Obviously they can not miss even shoes with heels for much more elegant outfits. Never fear, though, because the heights are set, making these sandals very versatile, perfect for every occasion will present itself in this hot weather.

Among the animals that we can show off in style at our feet, we have crabs, but also elegant seahorses and even starfish, all creatures that we see in our dive in the most glamorous seaside resort. The animals are then embellished with pink crystals from amethyst, precious stones and lit with glitter details.

Prices range from 695 to 890 U.S. dollars. If we consider that are completely hand made, we must admit that they are well worth everyone!

Michael Kors Shoes, news of the Spring/Summer 2012

High Heels —— Michael Kors presents the news of her footwear collection for next spring summer 2012, a line that involves a lot of time on the iconic model, the sandals with high heels that are really at the end of the shoe tip of which we can not do less in the summer. Very present in the new collection is particularly gladiator model by more passionate mood and character, redesigned from the American designer in both stylet, both in the model with a low heel. But there are wedges, other protagonists of this year's spring collections, ballerinas and pumps. Let us see what are the most interesting models of the new line.

The line of sandals Michael Kors offers us one of its most striking models, sandals with high heels and platform 12 cm 3.5 cm outer well, which form this season spring summer is particularly fashionable. The model has leather straps with adjustable buckles and closed-toe peep toe and can be found at a price of 197 euros on luisaviaroma.com. Very nice sandal Leonia, a model brown leather gladiator embellished with studs and buckles with gold inserts, open-toe and the tip has twisted the slave lists, high heel and platform 10 cm by 1 cm in external balance it.

As I said, this year you can not think of a summer collection without the platform shoes, and in particular the high wedges that are the queens of new lines. In the collection of Michael Kors will find models with 12 cm high cork wedge is balanced by a plateau of 4 cm with ostrich leather upper, ankle straps with buckles, peep-toe tip, available in classic colors like brown, the 'blue and orange. Its price is 170 euros on luisaviaroma.com. While the lovely espadrilles that you can see in our photo galleries are designed with dark orange leather braided lists, not bad, right?

In line models come out flat rubber thong with black or brown logo on the t-bar and crocodile print, priced at 68 euros on luisaviaroma.com. The model proposed is rather Darci Thong vanilla-colored leather with gold inserts, thongs, t-characteristic bar and ankle strap. The model is designed Leora also in flat-heeled, while in the field of dancers popping patterns in canvas and rope-soled leather trim in colors like hot pink, orange and striped with imagination, or patent magenta Model City Flat.

Do you like the new collection of Michael Kors?


Giambattista Valli Shoes, the most beautiful models of the Spring/Summer 2012

High Heels —— Giambattista Valli has for us a collection of Serbia in the spring summer 2012 shoe truly unique, a line that always rewards as more elegant and refined and refined inspiration in the best tradition of the brand. Despite some typical patterns of this period, such as the reptile prints and python prints in particular, however, emerge more vibrant touches of color for the models of flat sandals and high wedge heels, and finally reaches the astounding decolletes of the collection, as we shall see, surprised at first glance. Let's find out the new line of shoes Giambattista Valli.

The collection of sandals Giambattista Valli focuses mainly on stilettos very elegant and classy. Among the models that you can better see in our photo gallery, there are gladiator sandals with toe peep-toe and vamp python lists composed of many paths to very specific strings. Were 12.5 cm high heels and a bit 'the highlight of the collection. Very beautiful then the open-toe sandals with toe offered in black and white satin strap and heel of 12 cm, at a price of 705 euros on net-a-porter.com, but definitely among the most specific template found in the green python Water covered heel height 12 cm band and golden metallic leather at the tip, in coordination with the metal chain at the ankle (1090 euros on mytheresa.com).

In the collection by Giambattista Valli wedge model commands a unique and eccentric. We speak of black satin wedges that also covers the lower part, reaching the height of wedges that less than 14 cm in the heel and 4 cm in that of the plateau, supplemented by open tip-toe, price lists and a central band of satin, ricollga that the ankle straps. A model of the most whimsical platform proposed in the new collections, at a price of 775 euros on mytheresa.com.

In the line of pumps and Giuseppe Zanotti peep decolletes models like the peep-toe satin bicolor fringe at the tip,-t central bar, ankle strap and heel height 12 cm (860 euros on net-a-porter), but above all decolletes beautiful bicolor that have already been photographed in various social occasions at the feet of celebrities and on the covers of fashion magazine chic. The model is made of silk for the tip, the heel and the heel covered with 11 cm high, while the rest of the upper is made of gold metallic paint. The price of mytheresa.com is 485 euros, fabulous, is not it?

Fornarina shoes, all models of the Spring/Summer 2012

High Heels —— The Spring Summer 2012 Fornarina shoes is really original and character this year, and ranges between fantasies and inspirations also very different. Dominating the scene but there are colored prints that among the other protagonists are a bit 'all collections of clothing and accessories in the last period, but in the case of Fornarina in particular, we are talking about very special prints of inspiration nipponica . These are flanked by chromatic and forms the most chic and sophisticated but also more mischievous models to show off in our daily lives. Let's find out the Spring Summer 2012 Fornarina.

This year one of the must-have essential is that of wedges and in particular the high wedges that can compete with the heels 15 and maxi plateau, as I imagine you know, are the center of the summer collections. In the Fornarina are particularly fancy model, proposed by the particular floral print in dark tones. He tip-toe and slingback peep and is designed in several variants, from the wedge covered with the same printed fabric upper, the one with cork wedge. Given the height of the models, which are provided with plateaus in the front, is also present an ankle strap to better ensure the foot.

Fornarine Shoes S / S 2012: the pumps

The field in which the marks are still indulges more than the pumps and Fornarina is no exception. Among the most beautiful models that you see on the official website and in our photo gallery, peep the proposed Chantal ankle boot with perforated leather toe peep-toe, laces and stiletto heel, and especially the models of the Demy. The Demy is decolletes rounded point in their most traditional, with a cigarette heel high plateau outside and flakes along the neckline side, but they exist in Demy peep-toe ankle strap in darker colors. Beautiful model Lyla Printed romantic etiquette.

Fornarine Shoes S / S 2012: the dancers

Delicious dancers Fornarina added to the summer collection. We speak of two models in particular, Grace ballerinas with bow and button on the round tip, characterized by the same Japanese floral prints that stand out amongst other items on the clothing line Fornarina, Celine and the beautiful model, with ankle strap Black leather, round toe and no other insert to cover the fabulous print in lighter tones.
Do you like the new collection of shoes Fornarina?


Vivienne Westwood for Melissa Shoes, the new Anglomania Spring / Summer 2012

High Heels —— Vivienne Westwood and Melissa returned to work in view of the beautiful spring summer 2012 and once again the result is a lively and unique collection. The Anglomania line sees the collaboration between the eccentric and always brilliant British designer and Brazilian brand specializing in rubber shoes for several years, four to be exact: in this short time the collection has become so popular that he was addicted to shoe impossible to reach without the new summer line. As always, the models are fabulous and a more original than the last, you switch from iconic pumps Dragon Lady, the beautiful ballerinas with portholes and flip-flops in new forms decidedly unique, scopriamole together.

The Lady Dragon pumps have become in recent years an important landmark in the collection, shoes, PVC soft and very comfortable, which also added the feature to be scented. The Lady Dragon in particular are decolletes peep-toe slingback high heels and to ensure better fit, in honor of summer see their completed form at the tip of a heart magenta-profile golden, or in the more glam rock, a wing of a bird that picks up the red color of the sole of the model. A true wonder!

Another iconic form is that of the dancers and it is to recognize that this Melissa was very clever, throwing fashion models flat rubber ago that some of that time are becoming indispensable in subsequent seasons. The dancers are obviously proposed PVC and are characterized by a small door on the tip. The first model is embellished with golden buckle and side logo, but it is also a version without buckle on a gray tabby with imagination, for the fans of a style more in character.

Skyscrape fabulous new pumps, do not you? We speak of beautiful decolletes pvc with a ballpoint with medium heels, in a classic color perfect to complete even the most committed and sophisticated look. The new year is the addition of a wire mesh around the neck of the foot that turns the model almost in a mary jane strap, from which hangs a lot especially the Orb, the symbol of the fashion house Vivienne Westwood who surely will understand all what you like fashion accessories more details!


T Strap Sandals for Summer 2012, the choice of star

High Heels —— The T-strap sandals are all the rage among the stars in this hot season: spring-summer 2012, it will be dedicated to this model of women's shoes very elegant and chic, to show off with both more casual look, opting perhaps for the ultra flat or for the wedge, with both outfits decidedly more sophisticated, choosing, in this second case, the footwear with stiletto heels, vertigo or less. The trend has now been traced by celebrities around the world. We do not just have to follow their example.

If in autumn-winter 2011/2013 as a brand we had shown Brian Atwood pumps with T Bar (in this case we are talking about the famous model Goldy Bis Strappy, so glamorous!), Here is that even in this season's hot trend will be confirmed . The stars have a wardrobe full of these models and we offer them in every occasion imaginable.

In the past we could enjoy delicious star intent on showing their shoes with the T Bar, sandals or pumps does not matter. Remember, for example, the sandals of a designer Gucci Heidi Klum absolutely gorgeous in her animal print dress shorter maison by French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent, on the occasion of his participation in the television program Good Morning America? Divine.

But in addition to the German model, actress Katie Holmes also the wife of his colleague Tom Cruise had delighted us with a similar model. For her a beautiful pair of beige pumps with T Bar dellla French fashion house Lanvin, in combination with a very low-cut black dress that highlighted the absolutely perfect physical Katie's delicious.

All look good manners for the star, as you can see even in our gallery, where we find again the star of the television series for teenagers 'Dawson's Creek', opting this time for a model of shoes bicolor absolutely irresistible, along with other stars Style icons like Olivia Palermo, who sports a pair of glamorous shoes!

Match this model shoes is simple: their style, very feminine and chic, we can show it off in every look. With the mini dress is stunning, because it lengthens and slims the leg, but it is not disdaining even under a pair of jeans maybe rolled to look casual chic trend. For summer 2012 favorite sandals to pumps: for everyday green light or ultra-flat models with a low heel, wedge perhaps, dare for the evening high heels!

Not just the big fashion brands we have proposed their T Strap Sandals: even the low cost fashion brands like Zara, Asos, Stradivarius and Blanco have their models, sold, obviously at lower prices. Do not you be spoiled for choice!

Sergio Rossi shoes, the collection "Glory Denim" chooses the trend of Spring 2012

High Heels —— Sergio Rossi gives us the news of his spring summer 2012 collection of shoes and in particular, the Glory Denim line, which as the name suggests, rewards models also very eccentric in form, but all characterized by the use of denim fabric. Sergio Rossi is no stranger to find this as a very eccentric, his spring summer collection is marked by so many different inspirations and sometimes even contradict each other, it seems that the creative talent of Francesco Russo is unlimited and it only makes us pleasure! Let's take a look along the line models Denim Glory!

Glory Denim line, Sergio Rossi sandals beautiful places covered plateau high 10 cm offset by brown leather exterior that is 3 cm high. The sandal has toe peep-toe, ankle strap and denim uppers in particular.

The Denim Glory leaves space for the pumps and in particular to a beautiful model decolletes with stiletto heel leather mirrored 11 cm high, also in this case balanced by the external plateau of 3 cm. The model has the characteristic round toe and upper jeans mood casual but glamorous.

The model wedge inserted in the line Glory Denim is designed brown leather wedge leather mirrored a height of 8.5 cm in the area of ​​the heel, and slingback with adjustable ankle strap. He tip-toe and peep lists denim jeans to pair with your most sought after jewel.

The line of flat shoes Sergio Rossi Denim Glory series has two models in particular: a fabulous lace, men's model in the past that this year has become a must for women, decorated with studs on the toe and heel of 2 cm Leather mirror, and a dancer in brown leather and denim with the same studs that will complete the form.

It completes our roundup of Glory models Denim with the article most notably the entire collection. We speak of overknees boots, knee high, therefore, with 9 cm broad heel and round toe. Its most particular? The entire upper is made of denim, a hymn to the 70's this year are the summer trend, but also a bold shoe for shoe addicts that love does not go unnoticed!

In our photo gallery you can see in detail each model, you've chosen your favorite?


Manas Lea Foscati Shoes, Spring/Summer 2012

High Heels —— By Manas Lea Foscati vitamin colors brings to our feet at the presentation of her spring-summer 2012. The color will be the star of the hot weather that we are moving: our entire wardrobe to be an explosion of colors from pastel nuances that will, for the most romantic, feminine and bon ton, to the brightest, perhaps fluorescent, as is so fashionable in the spring-summer 2012. Not only for our clothing, but also for accessories. Shoes in the front row!

Some time ago, admiring the collections of shoes for the cold season and that trend would have gone out of fashion in our wardrobe, we've got to talk about this fashion label. On that occasion, however, had commented with you the proposed models of suede boots from Manas Lea Foscati to all women who want to stand with glamorous accessories, never trivial, in line with seasonal trends and, of course, hyper female.

For spring-summer 2012, a totally different style of fashion brand. And even shoe model, since we are talking about a hot season, and the boot is the must-have shoe of the winter. And in summer, what we are going to wear for most of the time? Obviously, the sandals will be the real protagonists of these sunny days, both the sea and the city.

The spring-summer 2012 Manas Lea Foscati consists of a series of very colorful sandals, available in colors bright and cheerful, however, look to combine with multicolored or embellished with a single shade, shine for your accessories. Shoes to wear every day, is to overthrow the greyness of a warm season lived in town, maybe in the office, is to have some fun 'with the sea.
Two models of sandalwood offered: Tropea is a very high-heeled shoe, and Positano, an ultra-flat shoes, practice, maximum comfort, which allows us to walk around freely. The names of the shoes are already thinking about our holiday destinations, is not it?

The shoes come in different versions: we have the model-heeled patent leather coated or made of natural wood, but we can also choose the flat version, if you do not like to go around the world by wearing shoes too dizzy heights.

The shoes are easy to match with every look, from formal to informal ones: perfect under a pair of jeans, long shorts or capri but also ideal with a long and short dresses. The important thing is to match the colors of various well heads!
The prices of these shoes are 149 euros for the version with the high heels, while the ultra flat sandal has a cost of 129 euros.


Kate Spade Shoes New York, all models of the Spring / Summer 2012

High Heels —— Kate Spade New York is his shoe collection for spring summer 2012, a veritable feast for the eyes. The American brand back to surprise coloring the new collection of colors and patterns appropriate to a period considerably, ranging among others from different styles and inspirations. Kate Spade in fact choose to enhance forms not very high, except in the case of wedges, but especially in the color combinations most often adorned with colored block inserts, distinctive and original. Let's look together to the new collection.

In the line of Kate Spade sandals stand out immediately as the models proposed by Robin sandals feature two-tone floral print inspired atmospheres Nipponese, Fornarina choice that has made this year. Beautiful models in color blocks like the sandals from Stella mood bon ton with a bow on the toe or still Cecelia turquoise patent leather high heels 10 cm, ankle strap and trim plants at the tip. In the line of flat sandals are also very beautiful models and Ivy Felicia proposed not only in bright contrasting colors, but also with inserts along the t-bar original and funny.

All collections for spring summer 2012 have invested on the model of the wedges, especially those high easily exceeding 12 cm in height in the heel area. This is the case of the beautiful Kate Spade Lindsay reaching 14 cm and were wedge multicolor contrast with the lists in beige. The espadrilles link on Lila Rose and gold tones, while Lexia sports a classic form with bow on the toe. Another must is the period of animal prints, so here is the true model with fancy spotted chic, not bad, right?

In the collection of Kate Spade also provides space for casual models, as in the case of Trey Treaton sneakers which include the Japanese floral print sandals Robin and other models of pumps, also proposed in pastel colors like orange. And then of course they could not miss the fabulous dancers in rubber and in particular the model Juliana is thought to be in pink with a bow on top, both black with white ribbon, which in green, one of the most dyed in the collections this year's summer . Needless to say that the dancers in the rubber are a trend for at least a couple of years!

In our photo gallery you will find the most beautiful models in the collection Kate Spade, whom you prefer?

Alexander Wang shoes, models in particular of the Spring / Summer 2012

High Heels —— Alexander Wang's collection of shoes for spring summer 2012 is one of the most special in terms of originality, but also one of the most difficult indosseremmo in everyday life - even the celebrities are always more ready to prove us wrong lately! - The young American designer of Taiwanese origin, are ushering in the heart of the star thanks to a special collection which we can more easily see on the red carpet in fact, despite what his idea of ​​fashion is especially appealing because it aims to impress with touches of irresistible character. Let's find out its spring summer collection 2012.

The sandals of Alexander Wang's new collection have already been involved in several shots for advertising campaigns and glossy magazine covers. We speak mainly of the models proposed Chloe in a structured form very characteristic, with their high heels rectangular 10 cm, the tip covered with open-toe patent lists and ankle strap Leather and suede in a form almost as futuristic heroine of video games . They have contrasting profiles in electric blue or orange fluorescent and can be found on saksfifthavenue.com the price of 400 euros.

In the collection of Alexander Wang pumps stand out Joan innanzitutti models that have dominated the last catwalk in New York. Let's talk about leather ankle boots in different colors, with narrow tip, upper embellished with cut out detail and ankle strap off. Very beautiful also decolletes Aida suede uppers with a proposal worked in electric blue with contrasting white heel and platform, and the beautiful Shelly perforated leather ankle boot with heel and toe sculpture very narrow and elongated (450 euros).

The collection of Alexander Wang shoes leave much room for flat models, especially in forms from masculine mood. On the official website of the designer models like the fact you can see Anouk leather ankle boot from garçon mood, but also laced boots and flat narrow tip that always look a bit 'Oxford of the most elegant men. In the field of flat sandals will find the model Anette ankle straps with buckles and contrasting with the black sole, or as chic as the model versions with Vika lists with suede stitching.

In our photo gallery are the most interesting models of the Spring summer 2012, what do you think? There's one that attracts your attention more?


Stuart Weitzman Shoes, Spring Summer 2012

High Heels —— Still a fabulous collection that Stuart Weitzman dedicated to lovers of his style for the season spring summer 2012, a line that retains its classic tones and sophisticated, yet dares focusing on the dictates of current fashion, including high heels, the big plateau and especially the color combinations in colored block. Leading players also reptile prints in any collection of high fashion that respects this year can do without, available in bright colors and character. The result? A very interesting spring collection,'s discover together.

In his collection of Stuart Weitzman pumps wanted iconic models like the leather with paint effect Diplille declined in colors like red more dynamic, with 12 cm stiletto heel and clear round outer plateau. In version Pennie Shi model is enhanced by printing pictures and insert the tip flower peep-toe, while the link on Platswoon reptile prints monocratic or multicolor with a unique effect! Beautiful mary jane capsize with the metal tip, ankle strap and patent leather uppers, while the Naughty remain on most classic form of decolletes with narrow tip, but do not give the character touches of colored python prints.

The Spring Summer 2012 collections of shoes are important to reserve a seat wedges, especially those who compete with high heels over 12 cm. Stuart Weitzman, a leader in this field, include in its line-heeled espadrilles and wedges cut to the inside, one of the new year, but most versions in color blocks like the Encore model, perfect to embody the spirit of the beautiful summer . Given the height, a little 'all models has ankle strap will complete their form and in some cases even bows bon ton on the open tip-toe very chic.

In addition to its beautiful wedges, Stuart Weitzman sandals offers us truly unique, patent models, such as high-heeled sandals and maxi Ounces plateau external colored blocks are designed in shades of orange and red lines, while more "measured" are were selected for variants such as the lovely Livia sandal that you can see the beginning of the article, with his lists of patent teal and orange, with contrasting heel and upper with pink. Multicolor python print patent alternate effect for flat models, in stark contrast to the light and the lines of the most sophisticated collection of evening sandals, a true wonder!

You can take a look at the models in our special photo galleries, what is your favorite?


Casadei sandals, all models of the Spring / Summer 2012

High Heels —— This year more than ever we Casadei Sandals offers a collection of unique and very special. Much of the inspiration for the new collection comes in fact from the '60s and '70s, and this has led to the creation of stunning models, most often real shoe sculpture that certainly leave a mark in the history of footwear. The Spring Summer 2012 Casadei sandals ranges in each case between different forms and above all color combinations, while still leaving room mood and more chic and sophisticated, but also to variants and even casual sandals to beach! Let's take a look!

In his new collection, Casadei has added several models including those wooden wedges cut inside, with lists in pink and brown paint that you will find the price of 770 euros. The model has a good 12 cm high heel and platform of 4.5 cm, the dizzy heights of the most unique wedges! Very nice the cork model Tall 15 cm with bare and orange leather strap complete with buckle (820 euros on luisaviaroma.com), as well as elegant models in raffia with python print leather straps and adjustable along the t-bar will find the price of 690 euros.

I always like Casadei sandals are many and all fabulous. It passes by the models with effect laminate and heel that comes to 16 cm balanced by a plateau of 6 cm, those with suede heel height 12 cm rectangular coated in colors like orange and mint green. Beautiful model with ivory leather heel and platform 14 outside, next to the one covered with wooden heel, lists and profiles in beige with pink paint effect. To complete the collection there are the inevitable black satin jeweled sandals with straps covered with Swarovski, fabulous, right?

Strange to think, Casadei, but this year has added to its collection of luxury shoes a line of sandals and flip flops rubber very ill suited to the most sophisticated and elegant style that distinguishes the brand's models. Yet here they are, beautiful thong in PVC flat version proposed in typical summer hues like orange, green, fluorescent yellow and pink inevitable that dominates many collections of shoes this year!

You can easily say that during the summer, Casadei has really wanted to please everyone and especially models propose that we take on holiday! You can see the most beautiful models in our photo gallery, which you like best?


Ballin Sandals Spring/Summer 2012

High Heels —— The fashion label Ballin gives us energy with his sandals of the spring-summer 2012: fashion brand it has presented some of the cult models of shoes that women will take place at all costs in their wardrobe, look to complete with accessories glamorous, trendy and eye-catching colors of this hot season. Shoes beautiful, elegant, feminine, available in classic colors like white, or shades much more intriguing and lit up like the blues and reds. For a rainbow of style and class!

The fashion label Ballin gives us enormous shoe collection from 1945, year of foundation of the brand that was founded by the will and passion of the brothers Guido and Giorgio Ballin. The group, now based in Fiesso D'Artico on the Brenta Riviera, famous for the production of footwear, still continues a long tradition, a history we can relive glamor in every single shoe produced by the Italian brand. Just as with the beautiful colored sandals, funny, ironic and hyper feminine form part of the spring-summer 2012.

If the latest edition of Micam, which took place in the early days of March 2012 at the booths of Fieramilano Rho, Ballin has presented his autumn-winter 2012/2013, here we take a step back to admire my shoes and trends that will be part of our wardrobe in these hot days we are living with the arrival of spring.

A spring that the brand not only with color shades more fashionable and appealing that you can think of, but also with style and precision Made in Italy, during the decades of work of the group, accompanied each collection of shoes of Ballin.

Two models of shoes that are part of this special line which, not coincidentally, was called Cocktail Party: a line to give a witty style, but still feisty and feminine in each of our outfits. Shoes to wear in the city but also the sea, for business meetings or to exit with friends or the love of your life. Footwear ideal for casual styles for a bit 'more elegant.

The sandals, T-strap, we are offered in five different shades, which refer precisely to the colors we're going to drink cocktails in the summer: there are white with a pina colada, and tangerine coral color of a strawberry caipiroska an exotic cocktail or a drink at the beach or in town, to dream of the sea, and even the royal blue and turquoise that conjure drink made using the blue curacao.

Shoes with stiletto heel, platform and cross-lists which will make our every look irresistible. Our favorite? The red coral, a strawberry caipiroska to wear at our feet!


El Vaquero shoes spring summer 2012

High Heels —— For spring-summer 2012 ready for an explosion of flowers and studs, details that El Vaquero presents its new collection of shoes, boots, wedges and decolletes shades of fashion this season hot with high heels or low, to look more glamorous. The historic fashion brand as our feet since the eighties, with its style solutions that never go unnoticed, and when it comes to talking to more casual shoes, and when we talk about shoes much more elegant. As in this case, where elegance and glamor coexist.

After admiring the autumn-winter 2011/2012 El Vaquero, here we take a look trendy fashion brand has decided to propose to the warm season to come. A spring-summer 2012 in style rock and the floral, in line with the return of the sixties. Mood already emphasized by many other fashion brands, but also more essential elegance and glamor.

Floral style for El Vaquero style floral, so fashionable in these days of spring-summer 2012, we also suggested by the historical brand El Vaquero in a series of eye-catching footwear, glamor, perfect for a woman who wants to be hot this season with a Sixties style that does not go unnoticed. Shoes elegant and sophisticated, with a mood somewhat 'transgressive that never hurts in our wardrobe.

Valerio Giuntoli, in line with this hot weather, place a capsule collection lit and colored prints are perfect for this spring, because with the arrival of the flowers bloom on March 21. Not only in the meadows, but also in our accessories: the shoes of El Vaquero are available with leather are truly innovative and valuable volumes never dull.

The flowers bloom on cowboy, indianini, boots, wedges, but also, a vintage shoe model they fit very well with a return to bully the sixties and seventies, which must necessarily be present in our summer 2012.

Details for Rock El Vaquero El Vaquero for not only boots, for the hot season offers us a model of decolletes very stylish and trendy, a preview for spring-summer is shaping up very interesting. Shoes from fiery red to a delicate sky blue colors the outside instead. A sky studded with gold and silver studs and Swarovski crystals that make this shoe model even more valuable.

The shoes are proposed to us by Valerio Giuntoli with delicious details that make our wardrobe definitely interesting and glamorous. Heels perfect under a nice pair of jeans, but with a little dress elegant and chic. To look that will not go unnoticed!