Alessandro Oteri's shoes Fall / Winter 2012/2013

High Heels —— The fashion label Alessandro Oteri presents his interesting collection of women's shoes for next autumn-winter 2012/2013, that we propose in our gallery. The shades are very trendy and intriguing are the most fashionable in this cold season that promises to really glamorous, elegant, feminine and sophisticated, thanks to a series of decolletes, boots, ankle boots, but also the inevitable peep toe, which will make our wardrobe really feminine and irresistible.

After admiring the trend of shoes in Paris Fashion Week and even before he looked at the shoes worn by the models at Milan Fashion Week, here are now many brands of shoes that we have the intriguing their collections for next autumn- Winter 2012/2013. Such as Alessandro Oteri, which gives us very sexy shoes.

Orange, saffron, cedar and apple are the color palette of autumn-winter 2012/2013 fashion brand, color tones reminiscent of Koloman Moser, artist of the Viennese Secession. We have beautiful plateau with decolletes calibrated, logs that are tapered legs of women, rounded toe shoes to give more femininity to our every step and, of course, the ubiquitous boots and booties, which in winter must not fail in our wardrobe. As the ankle boot with stitching and leaf green stiletto heels, as a true diva, or the decolletes chypre with satin ankle printed in colors such as orchid, oil and wine, and absolutely perfect for glamorous evenings elegant.

Between tones can not miss to neutral shades such as brown, blues, grays, blacks and flesh-colored hues. Not to mention the prints in wood, for nature lovers!

Here then is the shoes that you can see in our gallery and follow the trends of the upcoming Fall / Winter 2012/2013:

Holm, boots made of leather printed with wood effect, the cost of 625 euros.
Doria Plat, a pair of leather printed decolletes beehive effect, light purple color, with ankle strap, peep toe and heel made of satin. At a cost of 430 euros.

Ariosto, a model of decolletes made with teal paint plateau, with teal suede heel and toe. At a cost of 440 euros.

Gabba, a pair of peep toe suede made of orchids, with heel and platform leather printed with wood effect. The lovely contrasting satin bow. At a cost of 510 euros.

Award, a model of black suede boots with suede heel and toe made of molded pearl. At a price of 650 euros.

Solferino, model kid shiny orange boots with heels and details of light green paint. At a price of 610 euros.

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