Fornarina shoes, all models of the Spring/Summer 2012

High Heels —— The Spring Summer 2012 Fornarina shoes is really original and character this year, and ranges between fantasies and inspirations also very different. Dominating the scene but there are colored prints that among the other protagonists are a bit 'all collections of clothing and accessories in the last period, but in the case of Fornarina in particular, we are talking about very special prints of inspiration nipponica . These are flanked by chromatic and forms the most chic and sophisticated but also more mischievous models to show off in our daily lives. Let's find out the Spring Summer 2012 Fornarina.

This year one of the must-have essential is that of wedges and in particular the high wedges that can compete with the heels 15 and maxi plateau, as I imagine you know, are the center of the summer collections. In the Fornarina are particularly fancy model, proposed by the particular floral print in dark tones. He tip-toe and slingback peep and is designed in several variants, from the wedge covered with the same printed fabric upper, the one with cork wedge. Given the height of the models, which are provided with plateaus in the front, is also present an ankle strap to better ensure the foot.

Fornarine Shoes S / S 2012: the pumps

The field in which the marks are still indulges more than the pumps and Fornarina is no exception. Among the most beautiful models that you see on the official website and in our photo gallery, peep the proposed Chantal ankle boot with perforated leather toe peep-toe, laces and stiletto heel, and especially the models of the Demy. The Demy is decolletes rounded point in their most traditional, with a cigarette heel high plateau outside and flakes along the neckline side, but they exist in Demy peep-toe ankle strap in darker colors. Beautiful model Lyla Printed romantic etiquette.

Fornarine Shoes S / S 2012: the dancers

Delicious dancers Fornarina added to the summer collection. We speak of two models in particular, Grace ballerinas with bow and button on the round tip, characterized by the same Japanese floral prints that stand out amongst other items on the clothing line Fornarina, Celine and the beautiful model, with ankle strap Black leather, round toe and no other insert to cover the fabulous print in lighter tones.
Do you like the new collection of shoes Fornarina?

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