3.1 Phillip Lim Shoes, Resort Collection 2013: triumph of the asymmetric shapes

Phillip Lim allows us to look at the first models of shoes Resort 2013 collection, a collection that remains pillowcases idea of ​​fashion is easier to carry and offers very characteristic patterns in terms of form. Just recently we had a look at the beautiful creations of spring summer 2012 collection, a line that knows how to get noticed without actually focus on spectacular tones are too bright or inserts that are the center of other high fashion collections. Let's take a look along with new branded Phillip Lim.

Phillip Lim's line of sandals for the next hot season focuses on a particular form that provides the upper asymmetric. The models that you can better see in our photo gallery are in fact designed with wooden pyramid heel of 10 cm and with a particular upper that covers the tip-toe with an open-end and back up to the ankle, creating a border and the other asymmetric neckline , to the wide band closed with adjustable buckle and metal inserts.

Phillip Lim thinks his sandals in different versions, from black leather charm and recalling the glam rock biker fashion, models in neutral tones such as salmon. But the most interesting there are sandals with mesh uppers more intriguing and far more expensive models in reptile skin, another must-have essential in the last period. Phillip Lim thinks his sandals in the original versions very flat, with a strap behind the heel and around the ankle and leather or mesh uppers, but always asymmetric.

And asymmetric are also the pumps and decolletes of the line, models equally fabulous and original. We speak of beautiful decolletes for which has been chosen the characteristic shape of the models D'Orsay, ie low-cut on the sides. The pyramid-shaped heel pumps are medium, covered heel, toe and narrow necklines and elongated on the sides of the foot. They think in different materials and colors, neutral tones of orange and salmon, to the much more striking black and white bicolor versions of which part of the heel is designed in glossy paint.

A collection of highly original and certainly the character conceived by the brand 3.1 Phillip Lim, give it a look in our pictures. There is a model that strikes you most?

Fratelli Rossetti Shoes, the Red Lady decolletes Brera dedicated to Marilyn Monroe

The fashion brand Fratelli Rossetti celebrates a great myth of international cinema. This year, in fact, the whole world remembers the past, a diva, an icon of beauty, style and charm of the most admired of all time, unfortunately, left us prematurely fifty years ago. We're talking about Marilyn Monroe, the famous blonde actress who has turned the heads of the boys around the world and caught the imagination of millions of women with his stratospheric look. How many other brands, Fratelli Rossetti has also decided to celebrate his legend, with a model of shoe designed specifically thinking of her!

After having revived the iconic Moccasin Brera Fratelli Rossetti creates a new shoe that is a candidate to become a must have for the female wardrobe. A very elegant and chic shoes, inspired by the charm of a woman who died prematurely fifty years ago: the causes of his death still haunt many, too many mysteries, which, inevitably, have made it one of the most famous actresses of the world a true and own myth.

A myth that this year was also celebrated by the 2012 Cannes Film Festival, where we saw beautiful shoes but also their posters starring Marilyn Monroe, intent on blowing out candles on a cake to celebrate this important birthday, the festival reached film, which took place recently in the beautiful scenery of the Côte d'Azur.

Fratelli Rossetti also wanted to tell her, presenting a tribute to the great diva who could only be achieved through a lovely pair of shoes, made in limited edition to celebrate the myth of Marilyn Monroe: the shoe is a beautiful and elegant special version the legendary Lady decolletes Brera, however, made in a stylish red crocodile. The stiletto heel is obviously high, but not too exaggerated to an appeal that is timeless, like the blonde actress in "Some Like It Hot."

Fratelli Rossetti, also will attend the international exhibition curated by Alessandro Gedda: Tribute to Marilyn is a retrospective which consists of fifty works will see the actress. The works will be exhibited in the halls Umanitaria Milan until next July 10, 2012. The exhibition is touring the capital of Lombardy and after the celebration of art dedicated to the diva will arrive in Cannes, then moved to Lugano, and finally in Moscow.

Valentino Shoes Pre-Fall collection 2012/2013 awards the studs

Valentino offers us images of fabulous footwear styles from the pre-fall collection 2012/2013, an exclusive and precious value that comes back to classical forms, however embellished by elements of character as the studs. Since Valentino did a few seasons of the studs on the center of his lines, I just think the whole collection Rockstud characterized by these metal inserts glam rock flavor, a demonstration of how a famous brand in the world for its style and its elegance can also aim to conquer fashion different areas.

The new collection of shoes by Valentino the established forms and reinterprets them in a decidedly new and interesting keys. In fact, fabulous dancers come out of the preview images in black paint that recall the shape of a retro slippers with gold heels, coordinated with the great pyramid studs on the toe. The return of the lace for women, with their mood masculine softened by the presence of a short heel gilded.

But to characterize the collection as always on high heels stiletto sandals are especially charming and pumps. The models are designed more eccentric pony with zebra print along the upper that covers the heel and toe peep-toe, but are also supplemented by lists and strap around the ankle embellished with metal studs and smaller. Heels by a zigzag profile decolletes characterize a narrow point dall'allure usually more refined, combined with the equally amazing bags of the winter collection.

Beautiful new ankle boot then, that mimic the profile of a decolletes with inner sock and are designed in black leather or suede with medium or high heels, and the internal network ended a collar around the ankle, in many cases from the mythical path studs .

Sandals in neutral tones are proposed as the powder with broad heel and obvious feature of the metal inserts that cover not only lists and strap, but the heel itself, making the shoe impossible to pass unnoticed! While the line of ankle boot is characterized by the choice of frills and ruffles along the upper, with coordinated with the bags, or for the shape-toe cap that isolates the tip by thinking in metal than the rest of the upper leather.

Rounding off the collection, the piece de resistance: biker boots! In practice the kind of model that we hardly imagine the jaws associated with Valentino! Yet here they are, available in black leather with gold string and zip sides to complete the form!


Diego Dolcini shoes, a collection Pre-Fall 2012/2013 eccentric and valuable

Diego Dolcini presents a preview of his pre-fall collection 2012/2013 of shoes and let's recognize that this year the Italian designer has every intention of winning a prize for originality and above all for his eccentric style. There is no model in the new collection that does not make itself heard, pumps and sandals designed right from the form because it does not go unnoticed, then with the addition of inserts, material combinations and alternations truly unique and original color. Let's find out the preview winter.

As we've already noted commenting on past collections of Diego Dolcini, the designer has a predilection for particular forms of impact, and also the new collection gives us confirmation. Among the most beautiful leather scamoscita popping pumps with leather upper with reptile who is also the very high stilettos high well beyond 12 cm and balanced by the external plateau, proposed among others in different tones that blend into one another.

The collection of pumps and ankle boots enhances cuts and cut-out details that create new geometries and profiles and original models with round toe suede in colors like pink or turquoise, and the rest of the upper metallic version or bronze, in short the kind of shoes that will not make you go unnoticed.

Maxi high wedges are applied to ankle boot in suede leather and suede as well as the often high boots overknees, for us not to miss anything, but even more eccentric wedges are the reptile to the alternate colored suede uppers,

More elegant and refined are then decolletes round toe with hairy heel inserts, obviously speaking parts in mink or fox that inevitably make up prices. The fur inserts also return in the front of the ankle boot stilettos than 15 cm, and even on the neck of open-toe sandals with toe, models to show off during particularly glamorous soirees.

Sculptural forms spit adapted to models of pumps and ankle boots in leather and reptile with peaks that rise of tissue next to the ankle in color blocks, while sticking to his boots high heels and wedges to balance high leggings as well above the knee, proposed with animal print vamp.

With leather inserts are alternated feathers, Diego Dolcini detail that has already exploited in the past, everything conspires to create a collection of whimsical and terribly glamorous.

Le Silla Shoes, the romantic collection Spring/Summer 2012

The Silla presents his beautiful collection of shoes for the summer of 2012, so put aside jewelery models that usually characterize the collections of the brand, that's back on top sandals and pumps more mischievous. The coating of crystals Silla loves her shoes more chic and sophisticated, yet for summer 2012, the brand has preferred to return to point of pastel colors, high heels and platform interior, all of which are making a fortune in the summer collections 'last period. Let's take a look at the creations badged Silla.

In its summer collection Le Silla wanted beautiful models of leather sandals with lizard print, one of the must-have that is most pleasing to the designers in recent months, high-heeled sandals with less than 13 cm high, covered in leather and platform outside and clear of 3 cm, all complemented by tip-toe and peep lists braided instep.

In the line of pumps stand out slingback peep-toe-tip shape and a rounded front, characterized here as a high heel and platform interior, all covered with reptile print. More casual and lively model decolletes round toe reptile proposed but in pastel shades like pink, covered heel and platform interior, while much more impressive are the models in the paint.

Among the most interesting find slingback with a peep toe-toe, heel of wood balanced by a plateau of 13 cm diameter is 3 cm, the upper with pink paint with elastic strap behind the heel, or decolletes caramel-colored pearl with contrasting wooden heel and an air alters but very glamorous.

The collection also gives way to Le Silla sculptural plateau, adapted to models of decolletes peep-toe slingback from the upper or paint in colors like red and powder pink. Their plateau are offered in gold metal, a touch of originality and character.

The collection pumps in patent leather with gold exterior and the same plateau to be noticed than the upper coating covering even the heel of 12 cm and particular models slingback with cut out details. They toe peep-toe slingback a comfortable elastic straps behind the heel and twisted at the tip to complete the effect.

No shortage of models of sandals jewel among the collection of limited edition Le Silla, a collection that plays with the trends of the moment without setting aside a certain romance etiquette. Which model draws your attention?

Derek Lam Shoes 2013

Derek Lam gives us a preview of the models of its beautiful collection of shoes Resort 2013, allowing us to take a look at trends that will mark the next hot season. According to the previews for 2013 we are looking at these days, a trend that we find is that of reptile prints, must have already this summer and apparently, a great protagonist of the new collections. Derek Lam on the other hand loves to always add an ethnic touch to his creations, be it shoes or accessories, let's see what he made up for next year.

In his new line of sandals, Derek Lam fits models with heel and pyramid plateau outward, as the fashions they want the last hour. We speak of beautiful open-toe models feature an upper asymmetric shape, with open instep and leather straps that go up to embrace her ankle, entered into by and adjustable gold buckle. The most striking feature is the beautiful reptile print in shades of black and white polka dot effect, fantasy exploited among other things, for the variant with flat thongs very peculiar and intricate lists.

Derek Lam sandals are also available in the finest leather versions, available in shades such as caramel, white and black forever, covered heel. Something special is also consistent with the giraffe print, which offers models with high heel and platform versions but also flat cage ethnic flair and daring.

Even the line of pumps and decolletes Derek Lam uses patterns and shapes very eccentric. Just like the sandals, mary jane high heels will print and giraffe in shades of brown, beige and white ankle strap and heel covered in leather, but also models a narrow point of asymmetrical upper complemented with reptile print with polka dots blacks and whites.

Back to the protagonist of the upcoming 2013 season hot denim, almost in contrast with the more chic and sophisticated style pursued by Derek Lam with other models in the line. You will experience heel sandals with wooden pyramid plateau and outside and cut, shape, alternating bands of black denim and leather bands, or in total denim with lists and braided instep strap.


Sergio Rossi shoes, the Resort 2013 collection preview

Sergio Rossi lets us peek at her collection for next summer, one of the most beautiful lines Resort 2013 among those we are discussing these days. And according to initial images, it seems that among the must-have for next summer will be back very beautiful colors, tones and vibrant character, adapted to reptile and animal prints that are already leading players of current collections. Also returning are high heels, platform pumps and pointy sculptural narrow, bright colors and jaunty. Let's take a look together to the new collection.

The line of pumps and decolletes Sergio Rossi offers us beautiful models with reptile print in bright shades like orange papaya, high heels 12 cm beyond the plateau offset by external models designed paint color that is in total colored block, with parts in green and blue, or red and magenta contrast.

Also wonderful decolletes a narrow point on heels 12 or 10 and no plateau, which makes them regain a more chic and sophisticated mood. Are offered in matte leather, patent leather or reptile print, in colors like neon yellow, turquoise, yellow ocher, a beautiful red and orange passion. Also returning are the models that cap-toe are having much success in this period, decolletes or slingback with contrast with the upper tip, a little dream!

Even more varied and interesting line of sandals that Francesco Russo has in mind for next summer. There are forms that characterize the lines for several seasons Sergio Rossi sandals with stiletto heel and platform coated exterior, characterized by tip-toe and open network lists that cover, t-bar and ankle strap generally coated with jewel details. Have declined in several colors, from fluorescent yellow to red to magenta tones and ocean, but without forgetting the variants in reptile skin more classic and elegant.

Back again this model Mermaid, ankle boot with upper mesh jewel tones of green and bright blue, and the shape recovery of the other models for low-heeled pumps, beautiful shoes with kitten heels, covered heel and network lists jewel at the tip.

Sergio Rossi has designed a collection of colorful and decidedly solar for next summer, the already adore you too, right?

Onassis Shoes collection 2012, a hymn to the beauty and femininity

If you do not know the brand of fashion Onassis, we recommend taking a look at our gallery of images you'll be absolutely fascinated by the patterns of even high heeled shoes with the fashion brand has created for this 2012. This collection is a veritable hymn to beauty, sensuality, femininity, that every woman can make even more accentuated with a simple accessory to wear with style at his feet. An accessory that will make our every look more attractive: not impossible to lay eyes on women who wear these shoes!

Onassis, distributed by SMH FRANCE, long active in the luxury sector, to offer not only shoes, but other accessories and clothing, declined in a style refined, elegant, never commonplace, the work of numerous experts. In this way is offered to clients with a unique and perfect from every point of view. Products manufactured according to the best quality Italian and French design studio.

The fashion house, based in Paris, this 2012 offers us a whole series of creations hand made, where each piece is never equal to itself. Unique pieces, glamorous and unexpected details, like shoes that offer heel spiral, instead of smooth classics, as well as dizzying heights and color combinations you would not expect, but that blend perfectly for a final result is absolutely amazing, The second trend is that the bicolor particularly fashionable in the shoes of the 2012 women's wardrobe.

These beautiful decolletes that Onassis was inserted in his collection of women's fashion for spring-summer 2012. Shoes really beautiful to see and wear, made with fine fabrics, Made in Italy, and processed by the expert hands of Italian craftsmen who know how to please the luxury side of each of us, with a decidedly glamorous accessories. The company, working with prestigious brands in the fashion world, such as Christian Dior, Christian Louboutin and others, shows us her beautiful shoes for warm weather to come.

The new brand of luxury shoes has arrived just in the Milan Fashion District, with its headquarters: in order to raise awareness of fashion and glamor in the Mecca of our country the style of a brand that knows how to make shoes. Shoes absolutely delicious, with very high heels, as dictated by the spring-summer 2012 more elegant (see Cesare Paciotti sandals that has made for its collection of hot weather!)

The shoe brand is aimed at the Onassis women's wardrobe is the male wardrobe, with unique clothing, then to match the beautiful shoes. If I showed you above the beautiful decolletes, here below we propose a pair of sandals, elegant, chic, jewel of the shoes that I know will meet your refined taste!

But in our gallery of images we can see many other models, a more beautiful and valuable of the other: we have shoes with high heels, straight or spiral, with a combination of glamor and sensual colors, like white with silver.

If you are interested to know the world Onassis, already very popular brand in China, Saudi Arabia and Russia, where the luxury sector is investing a lot, know that they are currently organized many events in the presence of celebrities from the worlds of fashion, entertainment and television both in Milan and Forte dei Marmi. Do not wait to touch it by hand!

Charlotte Olympia shoes, preview models of the 2013 Cruise

Charlotte Olympia introduces us to advance his new collection of shoes for the next hot season, the Cruise Line 2013. In fact they are already several brands that we are proposing the first models of shoes for next summer, preparing, inter alia, must-haves that will mark 2013. Charlotte Olympia has every intention of keeping the eyes of celebrity and fashion victim focused on his creations, so there is no one model that does not make you notice the new collection! Give her a look.

The 2013 Cruise collection by Charlotte Olympia back to focus on high wedges, wedges, which have already scored very well with his collection summer 2012 fashion spectacular shapes and colors. The line for next year is still pointing higher, and it does not just wedges that reach and exceed 12 cm in height in the heel area, but also very eccentric decorative fantasies.

We talk about models with platform front and toe peep-toe, ankle strap and cover with multicolor abstract print or the version with geometric print in pastel colors for models that come to 15 cm in height. Also the pumps are no different, repeated often in the classical forms that now adore.

Models with satin heel and heel in turquoise and the rest of the upper ocean blue alternate with variations in magenta and red, beautiful mary jane heels with 15, straw plateau of 4 cm and ankle strap are designed with postcard printing really fun, while variants with lower heels have a narrow point lists of spider-shaped, with a trademark symbol.

The line of sandals is well worth discovering! We start with wedge sandals from low in total color or color block, and you get to models with high stiletto heel 15 cm covered with alternating red and bright blue band at the tip end and peep-toe in pink! Of course, the plateau is in contrast to black, while models with lower heels - but always about 10-12 cm - in the forms are designed cage with lists in turquoise and blue heels or variations in shades of green and purple.

Do not miss the dancers in the collection Charlotte Olympia, the most famous models with a cat face on the point, those with colorful prints and original, with matching bags and accessories that complete the collection Cruise 2013.


Tabitha Simmons Shoes 2013

Tabitha Simmons Strikes Back and in a special preview, there has already been the leading models for the next hot season with its beautiful Resort collection 2013. The young British designer-shoe has invaded the world of fashion and footwear with his designs often eccentric and really original, it is kind of breath of fresh air that celebrity and fashion victims expected, given the ease with which he won the hearts many of them. So even while we admire the beautiful models from its spring summer collection 2012, Tabitha Simmons is already thinking about next summer, let's see what will be the new trend to expect.

The line of sandals, as always, is where the designer gives his best. In the collection for next summer will be holding court models like Jane sandals with stiletto heels and covered 12 balanced by a low plateau of 1 cm from the tip covered with open-toe satin midnight blue list, while braided straps hug his neck foot and close around the ankle.

The model variant Poppy Jane alternates proposed high-heeled or flat version, coated canvas with red stripes and blue on a beige, all finished off with ankle strap. Ruler of the collection is undoubtedly the model Pennant leather with triangular inserts that embellish the lists with alternating color blocks very eccentric and cheeky.

As I imagine you know, espadrilles are one of the most popular models by shoe addict especially in summer. Tabitha Simmons therefore proposes them to us for next year, but in a form quite different from usual: we speak of very high wedges of 14 cm with para front of 4 cm, the shape of a French girl with strings in the front. Everything is made of rope and canvas stripes!

Completing this preview Tabitha Simmons heads the bold the beautiful dancers of the line Alexa, dancers, however, designed with a particular narrow point in imitation of decolletes. They are made of leather with paint effect in shades such as pink and white and electric blue leather with triangle on the front contrast. Models casual but glamorous!

Charlotte Olympia shoes, the eccentric creations of the Pre-Fall 2012/2013

Charlotte Olympia prepares for next season with a collection of unique and eccentric shoes, at the end in style Charlotte Olympia. The British designer is always faced with exceptional forms, high heels, peep toe and sculptural very bright colors, so even with the new pre-fall collection 2012/2013 return uppers carved as artwork, inserts, original and very bold, details from glam rock charm and still matching colored blocks that apparently, after dominating the summer, also will be featured in the cold season. About some of the new branded Charlotte Olympia.

Although we speak of a pre-winter collection, there are sandals, stilettos often very high that the British designer thinks in shapes and colors very characteristic. The model Ursula is a high stiletto heel sandal with 15 cm and covered plateau outside of 4 cm, designed in colors like aqua lists for woven mesh on the toe peep-toe and double ankle strap, and cobalt blue for the perimeters of the sole. The second variant of alternating purple and yellow colors for the back pumps equally fanciful.

The sandals Lipsy instead add to the mix a band on the tip and lip prints with lots of red lipstick, while the beautiful Florentine uppers have mesh inserts and flower at the tip. The sandals Anastasia with their cameos in head matriosca lists and arabesques for supremacy with models Daria suede complemented by colorful buttons along the t-bar.

The line of pumps and decolletes Charlotte Olympia is just as particular, and ranges from a narrow point decolletes models such as Ava with a knot on the toe, high heels and satin uppers or magenta flowers, Flora pumps with ankle strap on the height of about 15 cm heel with resin inlays in the shape of flowers on the sides and tip, and again the beautiful Dolores Kiss Me that we found recently also in the collection of bridal shoes Charlotte Olympia, with red lips or pink on the tip round.

Completing the premiere winter fabulous ankle boot models as Lucinda, with the iconic golden peep toe and contrasting leather or suede upper with studs, and models Natalia choose transparent uppers, covered heel and platform.


Stuart Weitzman bridal shoes, stiletto heels and jewelry collection in 2012

Stuart Weitzman presents his beautiful collection of bridal shoes for summer spring summer 2012, an exclusive line that consists mainly of stilettos, the fabulous sandals with braided lists, the most comfortable slingback, through the most sought after models in silk and satin often embellished jewel inserts, ribbons and lace embroidery, precious and romantic. A collection of Stuart Weitman one that completes the ranks of his colorful line of summer shoes add a touch of good taste and refined unique. Let's take a look at the models in detail.

In the line of bridal shoes Stuart Weitzman will find beautiful models such as open sandals Tracking tip-toe, t-bat Central and ankle strap, with a comfortable 8 inch stiletto heel. Much more characteristic Bigbow satin sandals, open-tipped toe and a cover price, backed by big bow on the strap side, while the Tarot are slingback with bow on the toe peep-toe and stiletto heel of 10 cm.

It also notes the model Celebrate satin transparent curl at the tip peep-toe slingback and adjustable by buckle or even the beautiful sandals with stiletto Strip coated Swarovski crystals as well as lists twisted at the tip peep-toe and ankle straps . The jeweled sandals abound, from the eccentric to Waveme Millionairess, all dream shoes embellished with crystals and gem detail.

Equally interesting is the vast range of pumps and decolletes Stuart Weitzman wedding license plate. As you can see better in our photo gallery and on the official website, there are classic models such as decolletes Platswoon satin round toe with stiletto heels and a low plateau outside, peep-toe from the upper undulating like Dippy and the fabulous white variants Chantelle ivory, but also in old rose, with Chantilly lace to cover the tip peep-toe, a wonderful shoe!

The Gigiritz think are tipped peep-toe satin upper and curl at the tip, while the Bigbow lace or glitter version has a big bow on the toe, as the name implies. The collection also includes the fabulous Vevey, former stars of different interpretations in the collections Stuart Weitzman, think about this time in leather with silver glitter finish with behind the heel slingback, stiletto heel glitter covered top 12 cm and outer plateau covered with a rounded shape. And if you love decolletes a narrow point, the Pave coated crystals are for you (but they are also the most expensive!)

Stuart Weitzman shoes, Spring/Summer 2012

Stuart Weitzman completes his spring summer 2012 with a line of wood or cork wedges and espadrilles especially in fashion colors very beautiful. This summer is seeing the triumph of wedges and in particular of the rope espadrilles, all models in the collections for spring summer 2012, redesigned in very eccentric variations, from multicolor models in color blocks, but without forgetting the most chic and versions sophisticated as those we found in Burberry. Stuart Weitzman offers us both versions for its models, we give them a look together.

In the line of wedges Stuart Weitzman will find beautiful models in cork-tipped open-toe and woven leather upper that ends with ankle strap and around the heel, platform height of between 12 and 10 cm with platform front. Much more elegant models are crammed with wood and leather upper network consists of lists of the slave who rises up to the instep, while the slingback are often designed with shiny patent upper with peep-toe and toe inserts supplemented by relief . They impress their wedges Poise particularly in para cork top and upper with reptile print as often in bright shades of magenta and shades of orange or even tones sfurmati ocean.

Do not miss the most sculptural wedges, high and complemented with adjustable buckle ankle bracelets or beautiful models decolletes wedge cork and denim uppers, must-have summer 2012.

The line of espadrilles from Stuart Weitzman is dominated Softbow model, we speak of beautiful rope espadrilles wedge proposals with a particular bent towards the whole as we have already seen in other collections, with a bow on the toe peep-toe and patent leather uppers golden. Do not miss variations in matte leather or raffia, designed specifically for the summer season, espadrilles with braided rope upper with imitation of a peep-toe decolletes in different colors and especially the model Encore.

The wedges are fabulous Encore rope espadrilles with wedge height 12 cm and 2 cm anterior plateau, with the tip-end lists and open-toe ankle twisted around, all characterized by great imagination with a horizontal colored blocks that provides tones orange, magenta and yellow, a model must.


Burberry espadrilles and wedges summer 2012

The collection of wedges Burberry is one of the most interesting ones we've seen so far. Complete line for the British brand for the nice spring summer 2012 season features while maintaining style and elegance, but without putting aside the more fashion must-haves of the moment. Burberry fact highlights one of the most popular models of wedges this season, espadrilles, and adds to its fabulous summer collection models often high wedges in pastel and colored block, just like they want the dictates of fashion in this period. Let's take a look at the collection together.

How do you anticipate, much in the summer collection of Burberry models are high wedges and much more colorful eccentrics and saucy. Among the most beautiful wedges that you can better see in our photo gallery on the official website and there are very stylish wedge height of 12.5 cm with a plateau of 2 cm, made of leather burgundy tipped peep-toe, price lists and special woven t bar that wraps around the instep and ends with an ankle strap. The price on the site is 550 euros. The wedges are the most original but in black leather and velvet magenta, height of 13 cm in the heel area of ​​the plateau offset by 3 cm, model supplemented by lists in the same leather and velvet tones and strap (450 euros).

Very beautiful wooden Zelle also coated 10 cm tall leather upper with yellow on the tip list and open-ton with Check Printing (375 euros).

Great collection of Burberry in space is reserved at this year's espadrilles, shoes are very popular in summer by shoe addict and celebrity flaunting often very imaginative variations. Burberry choose to remain on the classic in this field and proposes models mainly in evergreen tones from white to brown to black, often made unique by the iconic print check.

These include an in rope espadrilles wedge exceeding 12 cm and white leather upper strap with large buckle closed (450 euro), espadrilles lowest take in rope with leather upper painted in shades of dark brown or light beige caramel color (from 265 euros to 375 euros) and especially the elegant models in black. We speak of different heights in espadrilles wedge characterized by the black rope that combine lists Leather Nova Check Haymarket and often in the paint (from 375 to 250 euros).

Miu Miu Shoes, the beautiful new collection from summer 2012

Miu Miu presents his collection of wedges for the summer season spring summer 2012, a line that stretches between eccentric and extravagant models in a more classic shoes and unique sculpture in the tradition of the brand. The wedges in the end are the shoes that best represent the season, especially this year when the model has been copied and reinvented by all the great names of fashion in clothes very imaginative and special. Our Miuccia Prada adorns so the ranks of its models with a summer line of wedges to the sometimes very high and do all the crazy fashion victim!

In his line of summer wedges, Miu Miu models wanted beautiful cork wedge sandals are 12 cm high and upper paint tones looked like white, but also variants such as youth in passion red. The model has tip-toe and open lists intertwined that come to surround the ankle providing the best fit, given the height. Their price in stores and on the official website is 385 euros.

Very beautiful and sought after models are then tipped peep-toe slingback and behind the heel, by 12 cm high cork wedge in the heel region and 3 in that of the plateau, available in elegant colors like black and white, but also in romantic tones like pink powder. The price is 395 euros and the model is thought also without slingback heel covered.

They fit in the collection of Miu Miu pumps even more flair bon ton, characterized by 12-inch cork wedge heel and peep toe front, which have the peculiarity of an upper-shaped decolletes round toe, their price is 395 euros.

They could not miss the collection of shoes Miu Miu models of wedges sculpture more specific: we speak of sandals with 12.5 cm high plateau outside and cut that divides it from the heel. The latter is concluded by a section of metal and the upper is made of calfskin with printed race in beautiful colors like fuchsia and especially in gold and silver glitter versions with fluorescent profiles, or even with a reptile print. Prices go up from 440 euros to 690 for models in reptile and rope.Which model you prefer?


Espadrilles and wedges Giuseppe Zanotti, the original models from the summer 2012 collection

Giuseppe Zanotti has created a collection of this year, and espadrilles wedges really amazing, proposed a line of sandals more often dizzying heights and in some cases quite to the limit, who conquered and celebrity trendsetters like no other before. The new spring summer 2012 by Giuseppe Zanotti sandals with wedge alongside the more traditional forms, models with high wedges balanced maxi plateau really big, and especially the new year: the wedges cut inward sculpture that now almost every day tread the red carpet!

In the collection of Giuseppe Zanotti shoes you will find the most elegant and sophisticated models to suit fashionistas who prefer a more refined style and moderate in some ways. Among the versions in our photo gallery and more details on the official website you can see greige wedges crust with brass rings from the tip open-toe satin covered with lists connected by a hook to those who abbacciano the ankle. The model has a wedge of 10 cm and the price is 525 euros. More details are sandals with wedge cut out to create the effect of separation between the heel and platform, the first higher than 16 cm and 6 cm in the second, both in Cork. The model comes in denim or black patent (between 505 and 525 euros), but there are far less eccentric shapes, wedges low of 2.5 cm jewel embellished t-bar and flip flops (400 euros on saksfifthavenue.com).

Another form that has marked and is marking the summer collection of Giuseppe Zanotti is one of espadrilles, sandals fashion way in the last period, which in the hands of the Italian shoe designers see their rise to heights less than 17 cm in the heel area and 6 cm in the plateau! Zanotti espadrilles are made of rope with two-tone nappa leather uppers offered in versions with laminated dark gray toe peep-toe and ankle strap (505 euros), in the variant of the Orsay unglued sides hammered platinum leather and beautiful versions paint in pastel tones.

And like any collection of Zanotti shoes, this line is completed by patterns of sculpture unparalleled shoes, wedges cut in the heel area that services from fashion magazines to social occasions, marched at the feet of movie stars. Zanotti we propose in the leather version in beautiful pastel shades including lilac (585 euros) and new variants in the most precious and sought-python (745 euros).


Ballin Sandals, Special Riviera summer 2012 collection

The fashion label Ballin makes us feel like a seaside resort romantic, elegant, chic, maybe just a few of the enchanting Riviera, visited every summer by many stars of the show is no accident that the special collection of summer fashion 2012 of Ballin is called its Riviera and is nothing but a tribute to femininity, elegance, style and glamor to a class that will have no equal in the holiday destinations you choose for your well-earned vacation. Come along to discover the special Riviera collection of Ballin.

Among the many colored sandals of summer 2012 collection of Ballin, we could see in all their glory, we can now include a very special model, which will meet the taste of most fashionistas, all those women are always looking for an impeccable style , who can give them a unique charm.

The Riviera collection of Ballin, in fact, presents us with unique and elegant creations that remind us, from the shades, the most attractive seaside resorts around the world. The sandals are absolutely irresistible, the design is attractive, with an oversized bow that turns and turns into an iconic element of a shoe model by very high stiletto heels with ankle strap. Shoes made of leather and white paint of a turquoise so fashionable in this season's hot.

In combination with the model of high-heeled sandals, Ballin presents us with a clutch that repeats the same colors and the same materials, for an evening bag with gold metal shoulder strap, this case is ideal for our more elegant look, to show off the evening with the shoes of the same collection, but also during the day, perhaps with a less demanding model of shoe.

These sandals are really great Ballin, a confirmation that the accessories brand, was born in 1945 thanks to the creativity of the brothers Guido and Giorgio Ballin and based in Fiesso D'Artico on the Riviera del Brenta, is one of the most important and interesting for what regarding the female wardrobe. The solutions of the famous fashion brands are always the result of a search of the best materials, with a mix of tradition and innovation that always guarantee a good quality result.

The special collection of Ballin Riviera, which is added to the line for spring-summer 2012, lends itself well to look complete etiquette, perhaps made with an evening gown in shades of white or dark blue, but with more casual chic outfits, with skinny jeans and t-shirts with valuable, made more glamorous rhinestones and sequins. Sandals (and a bag) very versatile and irresistible!

If you are interested, the special collection of Ballin is already in stores: sandals have a price of 349 euros, while the pouch of 475 euros.


Jimmy Choo bridal shoes 2012

Jimmy Choo presents us with her beautiful line of bridal shoes, the Bridal Collection 2012 which proposes a series of extraordinary models to make it even more beautiful than the most important day of your life. In the purest tradition of the brand, the style of Jimmy Choo and his ability to roam between different shapes and decorative motifs are both and the result is a line that rewards mostly white, but also aims to impress by adding to the mix glitter prints details and eccentric, for fashionistas who love a more extravagant style. Let's take a look together to the new collection.

In his line of pumps and Jimmy Choo has added decolletes beautiful models, such as the peep-toe Gloss made of silk with curl at the tip and along the heel, to mimic the shape of a flower (the price at the online store is 620 euros) , model designed in a version with transparent lace on the toe and heel covered with 12 cm (645 euros). More in classical form Atom are the pumps, peep-toe high heel and platform 9 cm by 1 cm, made of ivory satin (525 euros), while the Nova takes up the shape by adding a more comfortable adjustable slingback with Swarovski.

The romantic and Isabel have medium heel of 6.5 cm and are designed in ivory satin, while the delicious Lockett must have the advantage of the period, that of decolletes a narrow point. Were 8.5 and upper heel ivory silk (345 euros).

In the line of bridal shoes are the most unique gems of the collection. We start with the Fairy model, the most eccentric with her stiletto heel 14.5 cm high well balanced with the front plateau. Fairy is designed with lists woven silk and closed with buckle strap with Swarovski (750 euros), while the Lotus has tip-toe with open list covered with large and clear crystals, 10 and slingback heel behind the heel (595 euros). More sober models Macy (525 euros) and India (345 euros), but always beautiful.

As I said, Jimmy Choo and daring in this case it does enter the Bridal Collection also models of shoes with glitter finish really special shoes on high heels, medium high or very high, and all very interesting. We find in the collection of reinterpretations of classic lines of Jimmy Choo, the peep-toe heels with Life 15 (550 euros), the Vamp adored by celebrities (550 euros), through to sophisticated Private (695 euros) and the beautiful mary jane Lace with heel 10 (375 euros).


Bally Pumps, models narrow tip and round tip for summer 2012

Bally completes the ranks of his collection of footwear for spring summer 2012 season with a hot line decolletes definitely something for everyone. The collection ranges from more traditional forms and fact to which the brand has established Swiss never gives up, and new this season, the beautiful decolletes a narrow point back in fashion this year and valued by all brands of high quality. So, after the line of sandals and flat models, Bally also focuses on these shoes elegant and sophisticated, but reconsidered in clothes and colors more vibrant and carefree for the summer 2012. Let's take a look at them in detail.

A classic for several seasons is that of decolletes round toe, stylish shoes which sometimes gives you a more professional touch. In the collection of Bally will find special models such as Dorine, made of leather or black version with caramel-colored leather sole and the neckline raised (at a price of 325 euros on the official website), the mary jane with black nappa Mallia contrasting white strap and adjustable buckle, also with medium heel 5 cm (350 euros), and yet the model Babs Fo calfskin with laser cut, painted and staple effect on the tip (425 euros).

More youth are Otty Crest leather with heel 8 cm wide, round toe and side insert a central medallion with ribbon (395 euros), while Pammy have the characteristic shape reminiscent of a moccasin, with inserts of colored paint block (375 euros).

Great protagonists of the summer collections of shoes this year decolletes a narrow point, models from most worldly charm and character. In the line of Bally These things are fabulous Colette pumps with leather effect paint, with a cigarette heel of 10 cm, available in very beautiful colors like red, blue and evergreen tones (325 euros). They have low heels and conveniently decolletes Clea, calfskin painted a narrow point in different colors, while among the most beautiful versions decolletes find the beginning of the article, the Pascalle. They are made of leather and high heels have a cigarette and patent leather bow at the tip (395 euros).

Conclude the collection the slingback between which the model Paulinne with heel convenient and staple on the tip.