Espadrilles and wedges Giuseppe Zanotti, the original models from the summer 2012 collection

Giuseppe Zanotti has created a collection of this year, and espadrilles wedges really amazing, proposed a line of sandals more often dizzying heights and in some cases quite to the limit, who conquered and celebrity trendsetters like no other before. The new spring summer 2012 by Giuseppe Zanotti sandals with wedge alongside the more traditional forms, models with high wedges balanced maxi plateau really big, and especially the new year: the wedges cut inward sculpture that now almost every day tread the red carpet!

In the collection of Giuseppe Zanotti shoes you will find the most elegant and sophisticated models to suit fashionistas who prefer a more refined style and moderate in some ways. Among the versions in our photo gallery and more details on the official website you can see greige wedges crust with brass rings from the tip open-toe satin covered with lists connected by a hook to those who abbacciano the ankle. The model has a wedge of 10 cm and the price is 525 euros. More details are sandals with wedge cut out to create the effect of separation between the heel and platform, the first higher than 16 cm and 6 cm in the second, both in Cork. The model comes in denim or black patent (between 505 and 525 euros), but there are far less eccentric shapes, wedges low of 2.5 cm jewel embellished t-bar and flip flops (400 euros on saksfifthavenue.com).

Another form that has marked and is marking the summer collection of Giuseppe Zanotti is one of espadrilles, sandals fashion way in the last period, which in the hands of the Italian shoe designers see their rise to heights less than 17 cm in the heel area and 6 cm in the plateau! Zanotti espadrilles are made of rope with two-tone nappa leather uppers offered in versions with laminated dark gray toe peep-toe and ankle strap (505 euros), in the variant of the Orsay unglued sides hammered platinum leather and beautiful versions paint in pastel tones.

And like any collection of Zanotti shoes, this line is completed by patterns of sculpture unparalleled shoes, wedges cut in the heel area that services from fashion magazines to social occasions, marched at the feet of movie stars. Zanotti we propose in the leather version in beautiful pastel shades including lilac (585 euros) and new variants in the most precious and sought-python (745 euros).

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