Charlotte Olympia shoes, preview models of the 2013 Cruise

Charlotte Olympia introduces us to advance his new collection of shoes for the next hot season, the Cruise Line 2013. In fact they are already several brands that we are proposing the first models of shoes for next summer, preparing, inter alia, must-haves that will mark 2013. Charlotte Olympia has every intention of keeping the eyes of celebrity and fashion victim focused on his creations, so there is no one model that does not make you notice the new collection! Give her a look.

The 2013 Cruise collection by Charlotte Olympia back to focus on high wedges, wedges, which have already scored very well with his collection summer 2012 fashion spectacular shapes and colors. The line for next year is still pointing higher, and it does not just wedges that reach and exceed 12 cm in height in the heel area, but also very eccentric decorative fantasies.

We talk about models with platform front and toe peep-toe, ankle strap and cover with multicolor abstract print or the version with geometric print in pastel colors for models that come to 15 cm in height. Also the pumps are no different, repeated often in the classical forms that now adore.

Models with satin heel and heel in turquoise and the rest of the upper ocean blue alternate with variations in magenta and red, beautiful mary jane heels with 15, straw plateau of 4 cm and ankle strap are designed with postcard printing really fun, while variants with lower heels have a narrow point lists of spider-shaped, with a trademark symbol.

The line of sandals is well worth discovering! We start with wedge sandals from low in total color or color block, and you get to models with high stiletto heel 15 cm covered with alternating red and bright blue band at the tip end and peep-toe in pink! Of course, the plateau is in contrast to black, while models with lower heels - but always about 10-12 cm - in the forms are designed cage with lists in turquoise and blue heels or variations in shades of green and purple.

Do not miss the dancers in the collection Charlotte Olympia, the most famous models with a cat face on the point, those with colorful prints and original, with matching bags and accessories that complete the collection Cruise 2013.

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