Ballin Sandals, Special Riviera summer 2012 collection

The fashion label Ballin makes us feel like a seaside resort romantic, elegant, chic, maybe just a few of the enchanting Riviera, visited every summer by many stars of the show is no accident that the special collection of summer fashion 2012 of Ballin is called its Riviera and is nothing but a tribute to femininity, elegance, style and glamor to a class that will have no equal in the holiday destinations you choose for your well-earned vacation. Come along to discover the special Riviera collection of Ballin.

Among the many colored sandals of summer 2012 collection of Ballin, we could see in all their glory, we can now include a very special model, which will meet the taste of most fashionistas, all those women are always looking for an impeccable style , who can give them a unique charm.

The Riviera collection of Ballin, in fact, presents us with unique and elegant creations that remind us, from the shades, the most attractive seaside resorts around the world. The sandals are absolutely irresistible, the design is attractive, with an oversized bow that turns and turns into an iconic element of a shoe model by very high stiletto heels with ankle strap. Shoes made of leather and white paint of a turquoise so fashionable in this season's hot.

In combination with the model of high-heeled sandals, Ballin presents us with a clutch that repeats the same colors and the same materials, for an evening bag with gold metal shoulder strap, this case is ideal for our more elegant look, to show off the evening with the shoes of the same collection, but also during the day, perhaps with a less demanding model of shoe.

These sandals are really great Ballin, a confirmation that the accessories brand, was born in 1945 thanks to the creativity of the brothers Guido and Giorgio Ballin and based in Fiesso D'Artico on the Riviera del Brenta, is one of the most important and interesting for what regarding the female wardrobe. The solutions of the famous fashion brands are always the result of a search of the best materials, with a mix of tradition and innovation that always guarantee a good quality result.

The special collection of Ballin Riviera, which is added to the line for spring-summer 2012, lends itself well to look complete etiquette, perhaps made with an evening gown in shades of white or dark blue, but with more casual chic outfits, with skinny jeans and t-shirts with valuable, made more glamorous rhinestones and sequins. Sandals (and a bag) very versatile and irresistible!

If you are interested, the special collection of Ballin is already in stores: sandals have a price of 349 euros, while the pouch of 475 euros.

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