Gianvito Rossi Shoes, Pre-Fall collection 2012/2013

Gianvito Rossi enables us to take a peek at its stunning collection of shoes for fall, a line pre-fall 2012/2013 that definitely knows how to impress, starting from the shape of the gems that are, to get the colors. Besides, the Italian designer has already proven itself with the spring summer 2012 we commented recently, not to mention the far more sophisticated and "technological" Carbon line. And since we're talking about a family tradition, made his bones in the school of Sergio Rossi, the new winter line could not disappoint the expectations: let's take a look together.

In his new collection of pre-winter Gianvito Rossi wanted to be really spectacular models, shoe sculpture that stand out for its original shape and then of course the height of the stilettos and the choice of materials.

As you can see in our photo gallery, there are ankle boots with peep-toe suede toe, stiletto heel and closed strings, designed with wavy shape, portholes and side inserts with contrasting purple with the ocher of the upper (for the price of 780 euros), tones that come back for the pumps, as they want strictly a narrow point of 2012 trends, and profiles of fringed stilettos than 12 cm (500 euros).

The industry sees the dominance of the ankle boot in patent models, shoes dall'allure intriguing and bold with asymmetrical upper that opens on the instep, toe and high heel peep-toe, declined mostly in dark colors like green and burgundy . Do not miss the variations in suede less fanciful, even if these are placed between ankle boot with rounded toe adorned with feathers lateral inserts in magenta far more eccentric.

Similar forms are also designed boots, always with high heels and suede garments in leather with ribbons to be tied behind the calf, but also overknee patent much more showy. The line of sandals takes some of the trends of previous models, from paint and feathers to add more special structures, metallic heels and strings as well as the central character of most forms cage.

The return of the cap-toe decolletes, queens of the summer and autumn, with their tips in a different mood from the rest of the upper or metallic version, decolletes that alternate models from the mood created in imitation of the bon ton, and loafers with tassels inserts and pendants.

Gold studs and metal components complement the most glamorous models of the line, what do you think of the preview of winter Gianvito Rossi?

Kate Spade shoes from autumn 2012

Kate Spade New York gives us the earliest news of its autumn 2012, and once again we see back in the ranks of the British brand's models shapes etiquette and romantic traits, however, in association with some of the trends that will mark the next cold season and which include among others the color block, the bicolor and reptile prints. Kate Spade does not give up to fill his collection of colorful patterns, as we have enjoyed dealing with the recent spring summer 2012, so the winter line is getting ready to conquer an audience of fashion victim who loves a style more lively and jaunty .

Kate Spade has a special fondness for colorful shoes and fashion accessories, we saw him last season and even more by looking at the new lines of pre-winter. So even for the pre-fall 2012/2013 return pumps, wedges and sandals that do not know how to go unnoticed!

In addition to established forms of decolletes with broad heel, round toe and bow on the paint that now have become iconic lines of Kate Spade, patterns emerge in patent pumps with heels covered in pastel colors like light blue, contrasting with thicker leather uppers reptile and the inevitable cap-toe tips that will fashion a number of winter.

Forms to be tall and thin heels and platform interiors are back for models like the Loire suede pumps with fancy polka dots, but also for variations in pastel colors ranging from red, cobalt blue, green, in line with the major trend of the moment.

Tips for models like the narrow back decolletes Lisa transparent mesh uppers, decorated with blue polka dots taken from the bow on the heel and toe, slingback model proposed in versions. The cap-toe are often designed for reptile leather uppers and toe paint contrast, type of alternation, which also returns to the flat models and dancers, most often designed with its narrow tip.

This is the case of models such as Eddie dancers with golden tips and upper black, or model Francine with colored crystals on the tip. The line of shoes continues to reward the glitter that large brands have loved this year, but no waiver of the more eccentric touches associated with showy colored blocks and shapes, high heels, peep-toe spikes and lines scapette-tango variations are most mischievous.

Do you like the pre-winter collection of Kate Spade?

Pollini Shoes, Resort Collection 2013: heated and sculptural forms

Pollini presents the very first models of his 2013 Resort collection and it is to recognize that even in this case the creative imprint of Nicholas Kirkwood is evident. They return to the fore the sculptural forms so fond of the British designer brand's creative director, so sandals in colored block wedges alternate from structured forms, in clogs and pumps in which the alternation of colors and materials creates very original and definitely quirky gems .

The new collection by Pollini aims to impress with strong tones and vivid that it seems the trend will become the next hot season, as also showed us the collections of other big names in the industry such as Valentino and Chalotte Olympia, both very eccentric but in different ways.

Pollini brings his desire to experiment at very high levels, and as a designer Nicholas Kirkwood behind it is understandable. In fact you will find collection of models in leather sandals with a stiletto high heel effect by painted wood, which easily exceeds 10 cm, balanced by a plateau earlier, all done in shades of blue and red contrast. In bicolor are also variants think chic, open-tipped toe, t-bar and central strap around the ankle, a love for vintage style but always present.

In the line of sandals Evening forms are placed halfway through the boot dell'ankle, sandals with cage and thus network effects, characterized by braided lists the t-bar is designed in gold and in two-tone versions with 12 and heel Front plateau covered with leather or suede, depending on the variant.

But it is in the wedges that Kirkwood gives his best. You go from models with wedge characterized by geometric pattern in black and white bicolor, with peep-toe and toe fringes tab over to behind the heel slingback, with versions in rope covered wedge joint proposals with effect woven multicolored patent leather uppers consists of lists and ankle strap.

Do not miss special models of clogs, wedges and wooden heel, complemented with sculptured heels and uppers cut proposal is elegant leather versions in black or white, either in multi-color fascia with the tip-toe and open the inevitable strap. Typical are also models with multicolor braided wedge without high plateau up to 12 cm.

Very original Pollini's new collection, is not it?


Dsquared2 Shoes, from Pre-Fall 2012/2013 the beautiful jewel mary jane

Dsquared2 pumps offers us the spectacular pre-fall collection 2012/2013 of shoes, a line had already left without words when a few months ago paraded on the catwalk during Milan Fashion Week with its fabulous colors and effects. The two Canadian designers and twin brothers, have just recently presented an equally impressive collection of shoes man, in the wake of a successful growing from the clothing and accessories, comes easily to the footwear industry, especially when gems is true as in this case.

2012 was characterized by the return of the fashion model mary jane, boots, bon ton, or at least think in this key early as the 20s, which have been very strange interpretations of the past year, ranging from Christian Louboutin with their high heels and very obvious external plateau, the most romantic clothing choices to its line Valentino Red Valentino.

Dsquared2's interpretation is even more remarkable the last, and aligns with the passion typical of the great brands for shoes jewel in a beautiful dress in this case. The new pre-fall collection, it offers us models from the narrow point, the high heels of at least 12 cm and ankle strap, which differ from time to time for the choice of color combinations and color inserts.

You go from models with white tip, heel inserts coated with golden crystals and sequins with floral resin and precious stones, crystals coated variants completely from toe to heel and especially in versions far more eccentric with multicolor floral jewel.

The versions are designed in shimmering gold and silver, but there are models with alligator print in pastel shades with contrasting heel and heel in darker colors, and even the now iconic animal prints adapted to parts pony.

And since no brand wanted whatever dall'animalier in his winter collection, in addition to its upper mary jane, Dsquared2 has also thought decolletes entirely covered with spotted print and complete by asymmetrical strap studded with crystals in tone. Do not miss the quirky tone of the color block pumps for the more daring, but even the color forever linked to elegance, from white to black, used mainly for ankle boots with ribbons or mesh cage in the form, also supplemented by inserts jewel.

Tabitha Simmons Shoes, a collection Pre-Fall 2012/2013 with strong colors

Tabitha Simmons continues to seduce us with his collection of shoes and in this case returns to surprise showing the first models of its winter line. After the huge success it is enjoying the spring and summer 2012 the first highlights of what awaits us in 2013, the shoe designer delights with new shapes and colors, putting aside the idea of ​​a sad and winter off and letting go experimentation. The results are very interesting, let's take a look at them in detail.

Tabitha Simmons loves to surprise inserting in its collections very unique styles of shoes, shoes that have their most obvious feature already in shape, often chosen through various mergers and cross-pollination, then to get the colors and combinations are often colored blocks that appear like it much the designer.

The new collection pre-winter there proposes models of pumps in the most typical form of a slippers, adapted in this case to a stiletto medium coated suede fuchsia as the rest of the upper, form completed by narrow tip in line with the must have to next winter.

To fuchsia, fashion color that marked sharply in 2012 and that apparently will be back next year, alternating shades of violet and indigo, very present in winter collections, Tabitha Simmons associated with ankle boots with high heels stiletto Ankle boot with fringe and along the upper straps to make more structured form.

But in the field of ankle boots Tabitha Simmons gives his best mood favoring a glam rock models in total black with studs and laces, shoes proposals in other colors such as red alternating with brown polka dot heels, the heel with studs and tip-toe cap.

Very beautiful the mary jane, always bon ton more elegant form, which in this case becomes an opportunity to create a model eccentric and very cheeky, designed with heel and toe in black satin with white polka dots, and the rest of the upper with white polka dots on a red and blue flowers, complete with straps over the instep.

In the line of sandals return the forms that have made the success of the summer collection, models with high-heeled peep-toe, t-bar central and waterfalls of rhinestones and sequins along the vamp or versions with lots of leather straps are often designed in colored block .

Christian Louboutin Shoes 2012/2013

Christian Louboutin launches tartan-mania with the first models of its pre-fall collection 2012/2013! The great experimenter in the field of shoes this time back to focus on a traditional fantasy, the Scottish model of shoes adapting to its collections of classic and coming in every case the results are truly innovative. The thing in the end we are not surprised, Christian Louboutin is one of the greatest shoe designers in the world for its unique ability to get out screens without thinking too much and get into it when he wants. The pre-winter collection confirms it!

Christian Louboutin these days is at the center of attention for the realization of his own shoes of Cinderella, a model that is making dreams and celebrity fashion victims alike. But in the end a bit 'all the Louboutin red soles make us dream, even if judges and lawyers disagree on the exclusivity of that particular red so that the collective, willingly or unwillingly, is now associated with the soles of law Louboutin.

Thus even the early models of pre-fall collection 2012/2013 once again attracting attention with their quirky shapes, high heels and of course the more unique patterns and characteristics. In this case, the tartan to dominate the scene.

Christian Louboutin thinks of its four basic models with this feature. Beginning of the article can see Bana, stiletto-heeled mary jane top 14 cm well-covered as much as the plateau of 4 cm of tartan. The entire surface of the model, the tip peep-toe and strap your imagination take over in shades of blue, red and black. The price is 545 euro.

They have the same decoration and color choice Sonietta also ballerinas, ballet shoes with low heels inside a ballpoint completed by grograin bow in black. Their price is 395 euros in the new European store brands, while the slippers Harvanana start from a masculine form, fit a low heel and toe patent leather with pyramid studs and you're done! The price is 645 euros.

The latest model, but certainly not least, is that of Daf Booty, boots inspired by the forms of a Duffodile with their high heels 15 cm and the apparent plateau internal 5 cm. This model is made with tartan plaid in blue and red in the store and its price is 935 euros.


Donna Karan Shoes Pre-Fall Collection 2012/2013: What's new glamor

Donna Karan again the star with his pre-fall collection 2012/2013 of shoes, a very varied, and shows us again how the American designer adore surprise. Beginning with the choice of forms of each model and then past patterns, materials and color combinations, Donna Karan wanted to make his collection of pre-winter a small masterpiece with eccentricity and style, as we had already figured out by looking at the few models on the catwalk months ago. We discover what's new line.

The line of boots Donna Karan favors forms with high stiletto heels, and leg member. Among the models are in fact special boots with heel, toe, platform front and back of the leg in black leather, while the rest of the uppers in suede in various shades ranging from brown to black, green oil, fashion color which apparently marks the next cold season, to dark blue. A line full of personality!

Much wider choice in the field of ankle boots, Donna Karan thinks very special versions with platform and high heel, complete with strings twisted along the central panel. Dominant feature in the line of ankle boot is the combination of different materials in contrasting color, from black leather with brown crocodile, all'alligatore red leather panel, through shades of cobalt blue, bronze and gray for most models whimsical. The ankle boots are offered in both versions lower than in those high on the ankle, always marked by contrasts in tone and very interesting material. Even without strings models have unique features, such as tips cap-toe patent leather and fur inserts not bad.

In the line of pumps and Donna Karan are placed decolletes mary jane's most elegant and sophisticated. We speak of models with the characteristic pointed cap-toe patent leather clad as the heel, while the upper and designed in glitter black, bronze or silver, a narrow point of returning pumps to exploit contrasting with the alligator skin matte, tones of burgundy, gray and classic black and still sought after models in satin with leather. High heels and platform several inches outside of the models for the evening, often characterized by the glitter in dark tones, patterns that are completely opposed to the flat shoes that Donna Karan wanted to even animal prints in his latest collection.

Burberry Prorsum Shoes, a collection Pre / Fall 2012-2013 elegant and refined

Burberry Prorsum offers us the very first pictures of its pre-winter shoe collection, a line Pre-Fall 2012/2013 focused on all models of pumps and ankle boots as always in original and precious fabrics. Lately Burberry have stunned us with a series of very special creations, starting with those who marched a few weeks ago for spring summer 2013 menswear collection, to get to the wedges of the female figure in this period held the bank balances like few others. Let's see how we propose the Prorsum line for next fall.

The pre-fall collection 2012/2013 Burberry Prorsum, as there we looked forward, leaves ample room for models of pumps. Let's talk about platform sandals and decolletes often on very high heels, but also forms the retro revisited in new and modern keys.

Among the high heels with open toe mary jane pumps are 13-inch python offset by black patent peep toe front, covered in python which was also in the heel area and continues on the strap around the ankle. The model is completed with suede leather parts and its price in the store is on the official website of 725 euros.

Forms are designed in good taste instead decolletes most elegant style moccasins, made of shiny leather inserts under the tongue and stitching. They glued the top 10 cm heel and toe with durable stitching, the colors in which they think are the burgundy and black and the price is 425 euros, while pumps in ways more like have Halter Ankle boot in less pronounced forms, heel 13 and plateau of 2.5 cm (475 euros).

Also interesting are the models in horse with 13 cm heel and platform, while in the line of ankle boots stand out models with leather strings and fringes hanging (750 euros) in colors ranging from dark black to various shades of brown and burgundy, variants with elongated tip and heel stitching plateau of 12 cm and internal balance it and still models from glam rock mood laminated leather heel and 13 cm and coated with a special buckle strap that runs around the instep. They come in black or brown leather at a price of 650 euros.

A collection of elegant and refined the Burberry Prorsum and unlike the summer, without excessive detail. You can see more details of the models in our photo gallery, let us know which you prefer!

Casadei Shoes, Pre-Fall Collection 2012/2013: high heels and colored block

Casadei is preparing for a winter season very interesting as it shows us the collection Pre-Fall 2012/2013 in its first images. Impact colors, striking contrasts, very eccentric forms that depart from the pumps and high heels come to the cuts of fur boots for long, short, a collection that certainly knows how not to go unnoticed. Besides, the idea we were already done commenting on the images of advertising campaign fall winter 2012/2013, we see the models in detail.

First, the pre-winter collection of shoes Casadei leaves plenty of room once again to high heels. Casadei has always had a special fondness for stilettos, suffice it to rethink models of the Blade which among many other celebrities have sported on the red carpet in years past.

Now in the wake of great innovators such as teachers and Christian Louboutin Giuseppe Zanotti, Casadei brings her stilettos far above the already dizzying 12 cm and offers us models of pumps really spectacular. The collection ranges between fact decolletes with reptile print peep-toe high heels 15 cm and outer plateau evident in vibrant tones of red, but in less conspicuous variations in the nude, and pink powder (at a price of 550 euros on luisaviaroma.com) models with round toe returning players after the domain of narrow peaks in the last period, and especially the variations in color blocks.

In this field he played on inspiration Casadei 70 proposing a round toe pumps with stiletto heel of 15 cm high, covered in pink paint then recovered by the tip and the front of the plateau (630 euros), a model that echoes that of stiletto ankle boot with a rigorous 15 cm in fluorescent yellow, complemented by black leather uppers and yellow tip over the plateau in fluorescent green (700 euros).

Even more unusual are the models of heeled boots covered in pink leather uppers and mood from animal covered with printed pony maculata (800 euros). Obviously one of the fancier models are placed in absolute boots, and not just those with high-heeled, the oversize or ankle boots with wedge heel high, because the models with basic black suede heels, clad in fluorescent tones and uppers covered with fur long, often in bright colors (1350 euros).

A collection that is discussed at length to Casadei, who once again proves that he has no fear of experimenting and daring. What do you think?


Manolo Blahnik Shoes collection Pre-Fall 2012/2013: pastel colors and eccentric shapes

Manolo Blahnik gives us a preview of the models in his collection of shoes Pre-Fall 2012/2013 and in response to those who have exceeded defined with respect to other genes in the sector such as Christian Louboutin and Giuseppe Zanotti for years that stand out for their style whimsical, even the Spanish fashion designer has definitely had its say. They return in the collection of Manolo Blahnik wanted to be daring and experimentation, both in the forms of shoes, as in that of the decorations and the color combinations. Let's take a look at the collection in detail.

Where once the name of the shoe designer was primarily approached its iconic Campari mary janes fashion hailed the series Sex and the City, increasingly in recent years Manolo Blahnik was noted for very different choices, you just think back to the models proposed spectacular last spring and summer 2012 limited editions made in recent collaborations.

The desire to play on other fields has led the Spanish master of the shoes to make them interesting models even in the last pre-winter collection, as you can see from the pictures in our photogallery.

Among the most interesting patterns emerge colored pumps that exploit the contamination between the shape of the mary jane and that of the Frenchman. Let's talk about high heel pumps characterized primarily by the choice of colors and patterns decoravi abstract models as they want to narrow tip of the fads, covered stiletto heel, central and upper strings from sidewalls ironic to witness a very special mood.

In the same vein patterns are placed decolletes and ankle boots designed with fancy polka dots, the versions with round wooden heel and upper pink shosking, models with narrow tip, and particularly fancy embroidered on the tip.

The bright colors are big players in the pre-winter line of Manolo Blahnik, and in particular the lemon, just to the iconic BB used in paint, how to tip the models with peep-toe with window and side mirror. Nevertheless, there are baroque motifs and more sophisticated, for peep-toe slingback brogues and think look the most challenging to complete.

The colored blocks back so much on the ankle boot on their boots, along with solid models, however, designed in fashion colors of the moment including the beautiful red and cobalt blue. A lively collection and in some ways counter to Manolo Blahnik, give it a look in our pictures. What do you think?

Sergio Rossi Shoes, Pre-Fall Collection 2012/2013: return to the high heels

Sergio Rossi enables us to give a look to the earliest models of shoes from the pre-fall collection 2012/2013, a collection of models, as always, rich in precious materials, but mainly characterized by decorative quality, high heels, and forms that do not know how to go unnoticed. We recently had a look also to the beautiful spring and summer of 2012 to 2013 Resort line for which Francesco Russo wanted colors on and impact. About some of the new collection of pre-winter.

The new pre-fall 2012/2013 by Sergio Rossi enhances forms that have had great success in the collections of the brand, starting from famossissime Cachet and passing for Miladys. The Cachet in the winter are designed as pre suede in pastel shades of orange and yellow ocher, with their high heels 14 cm, slingback with adjustable buckle front and plateau of 4 cm.

Among the most interesting Miladys emerge later models with fancy velvet leopard in shades of brown and yellow ocher with 12 cm heel and ankle strap, but among the new pumps are placed in snakeskin, python from the sea serpent, all 'alligator.

Heeled peep-toe high heels are available in 12 cm sea serpent in dark tones of brown, but also in versions in pink degradé sole in red or blue to create a very nice colored block. Do not miss the decolletes a narrow point of the line Chichi proposals in pastel suede heel average of 10 cm, while among the most beautiful sandals in metallic leather structured models appear and reptile, and even variants with heel 15 with effect from the upper cut- out, toe peep-toe strap and t-bar front.

But to characterize the pre-winter collection are mostly sandals with leather upper lace effect proposed in romantic colors like pink, models with heel 10 cm and the shape dell'ankle contaminated with that boot, and even sandals with uppers covered by a network of Swarovski crystals, to continue the passion for shoes jewel of which Francesco Russo just can not do without.

Sandals in black and white bicolor are also those most vocal tones in alternating yellow and black, while the more fanciful versions are characterized by high-heeled sandals with blue satin and lace from new woman in white leather with lace effect.

What do you think of the preview of winter Sergio Rossi?


Tory Burch Shoes Pre-Fall Collection 2012/2013

Tory Burch gives us a preview of the models of shoes from his pre-fall collection 2012/2013, a line that seems to be dominated by the model of decolletes revisited in new versions of a narrow point, but especially in special garments that follow the retro mood the brogues and Oxford models. Just recently in the news of the Tory Burch collection we have seen very beautiful shoes in the line of pumps, the models proposed in the spring summer collection 2012, new and colorful Beverly who have had great success in the lines of the designer.

Tory Burch has made a name in the star system mostly for his most famous line of dancers, ballerinas Reva, the celebrities who have worn a lot lately in their private lives. But the American designer is very good in the creation of models and refined chic as we show now with the new pre-winter collection.

How will we looked forward, the line honors models of pumps features, starting with decolletes with medium heels covered in woven leather with tassels and strap closure dall'allure bon ton, to arrive at models inspired by the shape of a man offering Oxford lace stitching exposed along the neckline and even the same two-tone black and white, sometimes alternating red and white and beige and white with brown parts.

No shortage of solid models with reptile print, from the tip narrow, but the most beautiful are those inspired by the tango shoes, t-bar pumps with low and strap over the instep, think again in different combinations always bicolor .

In the line of shoes, ankle boots stand out gem with upper cut-out ended a string ending with fringes hanging embellished with colored crystals, even in models designed versions favoring paint colors like red and blue or black and green and black, while the variations are more fanciful elements designed in red paint with black and beige, and even purple-tipped toe cap, price lists and twisted straps indigo as the stiletto heel.

The collection concludes with the cap-toe, tip models decolletes differentiated from the rest of the uppers that have had great success recently. Besides those already mentioned, there are clear decolletes reptile leather with contrasting toe in dark tones and patterns in python degradé more elegant.

Christian Louboutin and the glass slipper of Cinderella

Here they are finally footwear that Christian Louboutin has made to celebrate the return of Cinderella, in collaboration with The Walt Disney Company: during the Week of Haute Couture in Paris, in fact, the French designer has shown us the beautiful glass slipper that has created the basis of one of the Disney classics, which will return to the restored version on Blu Ray Disc and DVD (in Italy we have to wait until next September 12, 2013). Christian Louboutin, for the occasion, has created a real marvel, to fulfill our every desire, with a simple shoe. That is a real dream come true!

If one of your wishes are a nice pair of shoes by Christian Louboutin and maybe even the magical and romantic beautiful glass slippers that Cinderella wore while dancing with her Prince Charming, in the famous fairy tale proposal on the big screen by Disney, know that now the two can join and dreams come true. The famous designer shoes, in fact, has in mind a project that will groove to the most romantic, to all those who as a small dream of being able to wear the glass slipper, a sign of love a happy ending to "And they lived happily ever after ... ".

Many of the brands that are inspired by Cinderella's slippers, like those of Manolo Blahnik. Moreover it is a shoes and recognize that all we love at first sight: since we are the children associate with the look of a princess crown on her dream of love and that, precisely because of those shoes with heels not too high , a crystal clear very charming, finds her beloved.

Now we think Christian Louboutin to make this dream a reality. As he sang the same Cinderella dreams are wishes shut down the heart ... Just hope strongly and forget the present and here the dream come true ... And the world's most famous designer shoes we need a model that will become a glass slipper cult among the fashionistas.

The great shoe designer has decided to partner with Disney, which led to the big screen this beautiful fairy tale, romantic, hopeful and even funny skits. The aim is to create a model of glass slipper that is modeled on that worn by Cinderella in the evening of dancing with her prince. So our dream is finally real ...

The shoe will only be available from summer 2012 and on its design, material choice, color, heel height, we finally know something more: the shoe is made of delicate lace, embellished with crystals. Two sparkling butterflies adorn the shoes, both on the tip is on the heel, which is completely covered with shiny crystals. Obviously the red sole is the trademark of Christian Louboutin.

"The dream is an essential factor for my design concept. There are no limits in the world of fantasy and there is always a happy ending. Cinderella is not just an icon of beauty, grace and love but also of style, especially for shoes, "these are the words of designer shoes.

How to wear them? Simply enter the competition of Disney: you must be Italian, have more than 18 years and published on the official website of the initiative with a photograph that would wear the outfit with these beautiful shoes. By September 7, 2012, a jury will select the ten finalists who will be invited to participate on September 12 at a big event to be held in Milan, with trials in the Disney style. The most clever and win the beautiful shoes!

There remains, then, try to wait and see who will have the chance to show off this delight created by the mark of Christian Louboutin shoes ... I bet that there will be an important event in true fairytale style, to present the glass slippers for women around the world? Who would you see as the face well into the shoes of the unfortunate Cinderella then eventually marries her handsome prince? Kate Middleton is obvious, because the beautiful Emma Watson?


Valentino Resort Shoes 2013 collection rewards the more vibrant colors

Valentino offers us the very first models of his 2013 Resort collection of shoes, a line that stands out immediately for the choice of bright colors, tones impact exploited for sandals and pumps of the line, which also adds to the effect the studs. If you love Valentino models, you will know that his good looks Rockstud is entirely centered on the use of studs, be it shoes or beautiful bags often designed together, as indeed we have also seen the recent pre-fall 2012 collection / 2013. Let's find out what's new 2013 line.

How will we looked forward to dominate the scene of Valentino creations are the pastel shades and strong colors that characterize the first sandals. Valentino began proposing models very beautiful flat sandals with leather thongs and t-bar that connects the central and the two straps around the neck of the foot and ankle. The sandals are declined in shades of apple green and shocking pink and have the characteristic of being covered with pyramid studs along all price lists, with matching clutch bags Rockstud line.

The bosses also return along the neckline of a narrow point beautiful dancers that some seasons make their appearance in large collections of Valentino, models in leather with impact and painted in colors like hot pink, studded glam rock and embellish. In the same vein lie decolletes a narrow point with slingback and kitten heel, the profile is complete with studs, but if these inserts are not for you, think Valentino pumps also simpler, jewel-heeled, ankle strap and peep toe front in many cases .

The sandals are designed in special versions with price lists in skin color, but especially with heel golden cube as we have already found models adapted to the winter collection, but are mainly evening to make their fabulous figure. The pre-summer collection offers models coated crystals in romantic shades of blush pink, but also in versions with silver center lists "bare" and the classic black to complete the most challenging and looks elegant.

For next summer, then repeats the Valentino low espadrilles that have marked the 2012 collection, with upper lace patterns declined in very beautiful colors and bright like pink and apple green. What do you think of the preview Valentino?

Alexandre Birman Sandals by Pedro Lourenco, very original new for summer 2012

A collaboration between Alexandre Birman and Pedro Lourenço could not be born a model of shoes truly unique and exceptional. So one of the most interesting news this spring summer 2012 we find the singular forms that once again surprise us, showing us how untrue that fashion no longer horizons to be discovered and continues to focus on the revival of the past. Forms more futuristic than the new line Pedro Lourenço it will be difficult to find anywhere else, let's see in detail.

Alexandre Birman has made a name in the fashion world especially thanks to the skilful use of snakeskin and python in particular, arriving at results very eccentric as we have seen commenting on the recent spring summer 2012, one of the most original of 'last year. From stilettos to wedges, the Brazilian fashion designer has created a series of small masterpieces in his last line, which is now added the most unexpected news badged Pedro Lourenço.

The name will sound familiar forms, we speak of another Brazilian designer of only twenty-one who just recently signed another very interesting partnership, one with Melissa and according to even the first preview images of the collection, we really expect surprises interesting!

These unique creations for Alexandre Birman include use of natural materials in addition to a bold aesthetic effect, we talk about shoes, for which daring and experiment were the teachings in the design phase. These sandals have inner sole red leather under which slide cylinders of wood in parallel rows which extend into the area of ​​the heel. Under the cylinders there is a plateau which significantly raises the height of the heel round, while the upper part provides tip open-toe, bands and rope from the tip that surrounds the neck of the foot and arrives at the ankle around which binds with effect from the slave, finishing with metal cylinders.

The two versions are provided with a heel and peep toe in white, the other in black to match the most suitable character to look and maybe even looked for outfits, if you are bold enough in dress. Not to mention that the use of natural wood and rope makes the perfect eco-friendly models, how they want the fashions of the moment so careful to protect the environment. The price of these babies to the very original moment is around $ 777, and we wonder which celebrity has the courage to show off first! What do you think?


Tory Burch Shoes, Resort Collection 2013: pastel and romantic style.

Tory Burch gives us a preview of the beautiful and colorful images of his 2013 Resort collection. The American designer fact already thinking about the next hot season and paints the most beautiful colors that already are marking this summer, bringing in the new year as the trend of colored blocks that it looks like the big brands. There are many brands that we are already showing their Resort collection these days, by Phillip Lim Derek Lam, passing giants like Sergio Rossi, all put the color in the center of their collections. Let's see how he got away Tory Burch.

In his collection of sandals Tory Burch wanted spectacular models like Kiki, peep-toe sandals with uppers with striped top and covered stiletto heel and a low plateau outside. They ankle strap and are available in blue flowers, brown and pink on a white base with strap and peep toe in blue paint, or the version in shades of pink, orange and beige more romantic.

Then the beautiful flat sandals line Flora, lists with leather effect with paint and along the t-bar inserts a rain of flowers in tone, while Cassandra models have dual band with inserts and embroidery and behind the heel slingback. All models are already sold on modaoperandi.com!

The collection of decolletes surprise early as the model Lyla, pumps with heels covered in cigarette and narrow tip, in the version proposed cap-toe with contrasting toe patent leather and uppers of Kiki in the same colors in flowers, while over the summer is the model Lyla in raffia with orange toe and heel.

Do not miss mary jane Janey as the model with double strap over the instep and around the ankle, with a similar model to the beautiful Karina network lists along the instep and toe embroidered. Pumps from the retro mood and etiquette are often designed in pastel shades, a line not to be missed!

The collection also includes the inevitable Tory Burch ballerinas, models Pippa side inserts with different paint colors, the Everly versions with t-bar and embroidery along the neckline and the tip, a vintage model dall'allure researched and that never hurts. Tory Burch All models are available in different colors, you've chosen your favorite?

Sigerson Morrison shoes, the latest news from the Resort 2013 collection

Sigerson Morrison allows us to take a look at his new Resort 2013 collection of shoes and apparently, once the brand has focused on beautiful colors to interpret the spirit of the upcoming hot season, confirming inter alia that the color will be a block of the major players. In these days when you're browsing the pre-summer collection of many major brands, it is increasingly clear that even in the next year will be strong tones and matching block to make a difference, colors like cobalt blue, red and yellow are among the major rulers at the time: let us see what you think Sigerson Morrison.

In her line of sandals Sigerson Morrison has entered models such as Pitch, sandals with suede toe complemented by open-toe heels with a characteristic inner plexiglass model, however, made especially by the combination of tones such as turquoise-colored blocks, the blue and yellow, bright colors that come back for the flat models alternating with warmer tones like red and magenta. Do not miss the new collection as chic and sophisticated models such as Cam sandals with strap in alligator along the instep and price lists in black suede, but to dominate the collection are the beautiful wedges, models such as Fabiana para lined with suede and mesh of lists that create a cage and are entered into by the strap around the instep and behind the heel.

In his line of pumps and decolletes Sigerson Morrison inserts like Brielle models with narrow tip and end with reptile print in the middle, pumps designed in a bright cobalt blue as an alternative to models from Madisona mood busier. They are designed in leather with narrow tip, and covered high heel and often in bicolor, exploiting the contrast between black and white or neutral tones like beige and powder pink.

We could not miss the new collection models, dancers, shoes icon of the brand. Sigerson Morrison think about new models suede colored, often with contrasting inserts and decorative, to embellish a collection of lively and cheeky that strikes at first glance.


Jason Wu Resort Shoes 2013 collection for high heels and bright colors

Jason Wu is getting ready for next season with a hot shoe collection is truly spectacular. The Taiwanese designer favorite star from overseas thought it a Resort 2013 collection in which every creation, from shoes to handbags, it features very beautiful colors, bright colors and typical summer often borders with fluorescent shades that eventually the perfect symbol of the holiday season. So after the eccentric collection of proposals badged Charlotte Olympia and Tory Burch among others, Jason Wu has to say and his new collection for sure knows how not to go unnoticed.

Besides that Jason Wu had a predilection for particular forms and combinations of materials as well as particular color already noticed there were commenting on the latest creations of the Spring summer 2012. It is no coincidence that his facebook is crammed with photos showing him alongside the most fashionable celebrity of the American star system!

For the next hot season 2013, Jason Wu has designed several models of pumps and sandals inspired by the black and white bicolor usually characteristic of Oxford brogues and models. In fact, the line includes models of pumps with stiletto narrow point average of 8 cm and covered, the upper that covers the tip with a network of listings in black leather and after creating a game ending twists over the instep with adjustable buckle on the strap which surrounds the ankle and heel.

Another model is very nice open-toe sandal with heel and platform 12 black leather exterior, the upper with jeweled buttons connected by strings and pattern profiles with perforated black leather in black, t-bar and slingback.

But the real stars of the new pre-summer collection of Jason Wu shoes are colorful, eccentric models created in conjunction with the new line of handbags just as vivid in color choice. Jason Wu has built the beautiful models Marisa, open-toe sandals with stiletto heel of 12 cm and coated metal, balanced by a plateau in the same exterior color of the upper.

On the tip open weave lists leather jewelry with flower petals punctuated with crystals and colored center stone, while satin bands declined in several colors cross over the instep and shall be concluded by adjustable metal buckle. The sandals Marisa are already pre-order on modaoperandi.com and are thought to be in classic black, which in fuchsia and cobalt blue, colors peak in the collections of 2013 according to the preview.

Do you like the new collection Jason Wu?


Oscar De La Renta Resort 2013 Shoes collection: chic stilettos and wedge colored blocks

Oscar De La Renta Resort 2013 collection presents a truly spectacular. The brand likes to impress with new creations right from the form, as we noted just recently commenting on the equally fabulous collection spring summer 2012, and also for the next hot season, the House prepares to big surprises. The Resort 2013 collection of shoes are designed with profiles and color combinations of impact, whether it's the most chic sandals or wedges more eccentric, there's something for everyone!

The line of sandals Oscar De La Renta for the next hot season ranges between models in a more elegant and sophisticated, stiletto heel sandals that create the illusion of an ankle boot from the upper mesh. They come in variations in the most romantic white skin, black leather glam rock and soul in elegant gold leather version to combine with evening look more refined. The new collection will then wonderful models D'Orsay asymmetrical, low-cut on one side of the foot, designed in black lace with open-toe and toe strap, a shoe refined and very intriguing. But there are gems along with jeweled sandals proposed lists or variants glitter think is that in high-heeled version with flat thongs.

The line of wedges to be back for next season characterized by the presence of hot wedges sculpture, those at the end of Oscar De La Renta loves most. In fact, our photo gallery you can see models of wedges covered with reptile print in the form of decolletes peep-toe that seem really painted and come in two-tone black and white or green and white wedges much higher. High wedges are also the ones proposed in para-colored blocks with black patent leather heel area and using lists in bicolor shades of electric blue, black and white.

Conclude the collection of beautiful models dancers in the purest style of Oscar De La Renta, models in transparent PVC with leather trim at the neckline and details surrounding floral inserts on the tip colored fabric, dancers romantic charm and refined etiquette.

In our gallery you find pictures of the more specific the Resort 2013 collection, which you curious about?