Kate Spade shoes from autumn 2012

Kate Spade New York gives us the earliest news of its autumn 2012, and once again we see back in the ranks of the British brand's models shapes etiquette and romantic traits, however, in association with some of the trends that will mark the next cold season and which include among others the color block, the bicolor and reptile prints. Kate Spade does not give up to fill his collection of colorful patterns, as we have enjoyed dealing with the recent spring summer 2012, so the winter line is getting ready to conquer an audience of fashion victim who loves a style more lively and jaunty .

Kate Spade has a special fondness for colorful shoes and fashion accessories, we saw him last season and even more by looking at the new lines of pre-winter. So even for the pre-fall 2012/2013 return pumps, wedges and sandals that do not know how to go unnoticed!

In addition to established forms of decolletes with broad heel, round toe and bow on the paint that now have become iconic lines of Kate Spade, patterns emerge in patent pumps with heels covered in pastel colors like light blue, contrasting with thicker leather uppers reptile and the inevitable cap-toe tips that will fashion a number of winter.

Forms to be tall and thin heels and platform interiors are back for models like the Loire suede pumps with fancy polka dots, but also for variations in pastel colors ranging from red, cobalt blue, green, in line with the major trend of the moment.

Tips for models like the narrow back decolletes Lisa transparent mesh uppers, decorated with blue polka dots taken from the bow on the heel and toe, slingback model proposed in versions. The cap-toe are often designed for reptile leather uppers and toe paint contrast, type of alternation, which also returns to the flat models and dancers, most often designed with its narrow tip.

This is the case of models such as Eddie dancers with golden tips and upper black, or model Francine with colored crystals on the tip. The line of shoes continues to reward the glitter that large brands have loved this year, but no waiver of the more eccentric touches associated with showy colored blocks and shapes, high heels, peep-toe spikes and lines scapette-tango variations are most mischievous.

Do you like the pre-winter collection of Kate Spade?

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