Onassis Shoes collection 2012, a hymn to the beauty and femininity

If you do not know the brand of fashion Onassis, we recommend taking a look at our gallery of images you'll be absolutely fascinated by the patterns of even high heeled shoes with the fashion brand has created for this 2012. This collection is a veritable hymn to beauty, sensuality, femininity, that every woman can make even more accentuated with a simple accessory to wear with style at his feet. An accessory that will make our every look more attractive: not impossible to lay eyes on women who wear these shoes!

Onassis, distributed by SMH FRANCE, long active in the luxury sector, to offer not only shoes, but other accessories and clothing, declined in a style refined, elegant, never commonplace, the work of numerous experts. In this way is offered to clients with a unique and perfect from every point of view. Products manufactured according to the best quality Italian and French design studio.

The fashion house, based in Paris, this 2012 offers us a whole series of creations hand made, where each piece is never equal to itself. Unique pieces, glamorous and unexpected details, like shoes that offer heel spiral, instead of smooth classics, as well as dizzying heights and color combinations you would not expect, but that blend perfectly for a final result is absolutely amazing, The second trend is that the bicolor particularly fashionable in the shoes of the 2012 women's wardrobe.

These beautiful decolletes that Onassis was inserted in his collection of women's fashion for spring-summer 2012. Shoes really beautiful to see and wear, made with fine fabrics, Made in Italy, and processed by the expert hands of Italian craftsmen who know how to please the luxury side of each of us, with a decidedly glamorous accessories. The company, working with prestigious brands in the fashion world, such as Christian Dior, Christian Louboutin and others, shows us her beautiful shoes for warm weather to come.

The new brand of luxury shoes has arrived just in the Milan Fashion District, with its headquarters: in order to raise awareness of fashion and glamor in the Mecca of our country the style of a brand that knows how to make shoes. Shoes absolutely delicious, with very high heels, as dictated by the spring-summer 2012 more elegant (see Cesare Paciotti sandals that has made for its collection of hot weather!)

The shoe brand is aimed at the Onassis women's wardrobe is the male wardrobe, with unique clothing, then to match the beautiful shoes. If I showed you above the beautiful decolletes, here below we propose a pair of sandals, elegant, chic, jewel of the shoes that I know will meet your refined taste!

But in our gallery of images we can see many other models, a more beautiful and valuable of the other: we have shoes with high heels, straight or spiral, with a combination of glamor and sensual colors, like white with silver.

If you are interested to know the world Onassis, already very popular brand in China, Saudi Arabia and Russia, where the luxury sector is investing a lot, know that they are currently organized many events in the presence of celebrities from the worlds of fashion, entertainment and television both in Milan and Forte dei Marmi. Do not wait to touch it by hand!

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