Cesare Paciotti shoes, the collection of jeweled sandals and pumps P/E 2012

Cesare Paciotti presents its unique collection of shoes for the spring summer 2012 and summer in full style of the most loved Italian brand of shoes from fashion victim, find the line in chic and classic models, but also fully colored versions of jeweled sandals inspired the spring. The collection mainly rewards high stilettos for sandals and decolletes who are already making their appearance on the red carpet at the feet of young celebrities like Selena Gomez, along with the news we see the most beautiful.

As I said, Cesare Paciotti back to win a leading role with its jeweled sandals even in the summer collection. Among the most characteristic are red suede sandals with open toe-toe, price lists with embroidered flower-shaped crystals bombarded by a cascade of pink, magenta and white shoes, then completed by ankle strap and covered heel 10 (the price of 765 euros). Also the beautiful coral colored suede sandal with open toe-toe, lists flower-shaped, ankle strap with logo, heel 12 balanced with plateau outside red and multicolored crystals on the petals (855 euros).

In line Cesare Paciotti sandals platform models stand out in red leather with open tip-toe, heel 12 covered, plateau leather exterior with contrasting black lists and twisted the neck of the foot in black, red and powder (495 euros) , gray snakeskin sandals with heel 10, price lists and slingback t-bar connected to the center of studs coated silver charm pendant and a dagger, a symbol of the brand, from the buckle (760 euros).

Do not miss cage sandals in black leather heels and more on models with cinnamon-colored leather open toe-toe, t-bar lists and completed a double ankle strap attached to the cover around the heel that ended a fringe on top (495 euros).

In the line of pumps and decolletes Cesare Paciotti, the flagship model is the one in gray leather with stiletto heel 10 cm high, with a narrow tip as they want of the fads, upper asymmetric logo on the heel and rain of crystals along the neckline . This shoe is fabulous! (770 euros).

A complete collection of Cesare Paciotti then there are flat sandals, the models with pink leather strap and lists flower-shaped crystals coated with pink and white, models in leather with orange t-bars with colored inserts. Charms with a dagger hanging conclude the most beautiful forms.

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