Cannes Film Festival 2012 (2)

The Monday of the Cannes Film Festival 2012 was decidedly more sober, less international stars ready to show their looks. The celebrities who still took part in this new day of international film festival, however, we have shown the wardrobe chosen for this important opportunity, especially for what concerns the shoes. Among the usual style solutions, formed by peep toe, a must have on the red carpet at Cannes 2012, sandals and decolletes of every shape and color, there are also those who dared to taste much of ski boots.

Beautiful, for example, the pumps with high heels and platform that Phoebe Price has decided to splurge on the red carpet at the sixth day of Cannes 2012: a bit 'less convincing is her dress instead. Perhaps he dared a little 'too!

Even the ugly shoe choices on the red carpet by Isabelle Huppert: those sandals blacks in conjunction with its lovely white dress just does not convince us. Best solution to his feet he wore during the photocall of the afternoon. Far more glamorous, do not you?

We find, however, delicious black shoes tipped Delfine Cheneac, very elegant and chic, in conjunction with a complete sensual but simple, consisting of a pair of white pants and a short top the same color, to show the belly. It seems to show the navel is in fashion!

What to say instead of the boots worn by Sabine Azema blacks? Even her dress was very heavy, with this solution of shoes its look is very winter. Okay, these days it rained a lot in Cannes, but we are not in the winter!

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