Christian Louboutin and Cinderella's glass slipper for summer 2012

High Heels —— If one of your wishes are a nice pair of shoes by Christian Louboutin and maybe even the magical and romantic beautiful glass slippers that Cinderella wore while dancing with her Prince Charming, in the famous fairy tale proposal on the big screen by Disney, know that now the two can join and dreams come true. The famous designer shoes, in fact, has in mind a project that will groove to the most romantic, to all those who as a small dream of being able to wear the glass slipper, a sign of love a happy ending to "And they lived happily ever after ... ".

Many of the brands that are inspired by Cinderella's slippers, like those of Manolo Blahnik. Moreover it is a shoes and recognize that all we love at first sight: since we are the children associate with the look of a princess crown on her dream of love and that, precisely because of those shoes with heels not too high , a crystal clear very charming, finds her beloved.

Now we think Christian Louboutin to make this dream a reality. As a singer the same Cinderella dreams are wishes shut down the heart ... Just hope strongly and forget the present and here the dream come true ... And the world's most famous designer shoes we need a model that will become a glass slipper cult among the fashionistas.

It seems, in fact, that the great shoe designer has decided to partner with Disney, which led to the big screen this beautiful fairy tale, romantic, hopeful and even funny skits. The aim is to create a model of glass slipper that is modeled on that worn by Cinderella in the evening of dancing with her prince. So our dream is finally real ...

The shoe will only be available from summer 2012 and on its design, material choice, color, heel height, no one knows anything yet. Let's just hope not cost a blunder: Cinderella had a fairy godmother to give her a hand ... not us!

There remains, therefore, have to wait and see cos'avrà of Serbia for us in the brand of shoes Christian Louboutin and what role will the Disney collaboration ... this whole bet that there will be an important event in true fairytale style, in order to present glass slippers for women around the world? Who would you see as the face well into the shoes of the unfortunate Cinderella then eventually marries her handsome prince? Kate Middleton is obvious, because the beautiful Emma Watson?

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