Christian Louboutin high heel sandals with colored blocks, pictures of beautiful Echasse

Today we see a set of models of Christian Louboutin sandals, more details of the entire collection for next spring summer 2012. We speak of beautiful sandals designed Echasse evidently colored blocks, one of the models built by the eccentric French designer-shoe so far, does not it? Of course, Louboutin is very skilled in this kind of creations, her creativity is always very lively and jaunty, but it was with the last collection for the warm weather we're seeing the impact triumph colors very bright!

Among other things we are in the twentieth anniversary of the creation of the brand Christian Louboutin, and the great master of the accessories you are already very committed to create a shoe line dedicated to the event, a collection of 20 models of a most unusual 'more!

One wonders where he found the time to even imagine a model of the same level as this! I suppose you know, in summer this year will be the watchword colored block, so a sandal like this is definitely perfect for the lively atmosphere that you breathe!

The sandals are designed Echasse leather with paint effect, they list the tip turquoise open toe and strap around the ankle fuscia and yellow buckle ends. The heel is covered with yellow paint and is higher than 12 cm, although fortunately it's not really a stiletto.

The orange mini plateau is rather high and is 1.5 cm, in contrast to the iconic Louboutin red sole. The price of online mytheresa.com is 525 euros, but you wear colored shoes like this summer?

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