Wearing high heels and still maintain health. Is it possible?

As we all know, there are many documented problems caused by high heels, like calluses, corns and calluses. However, we also know that there's nothing sexier than a great pair of high heels. And help to accentuate women's legs and make them look longer and thinner, thus, make women look taller.

So how to prevent foot problems associated with high heels and how to maintain health, while still looking fashionable? Just check some of the tips below.

1. Choose the right opportunities.

As a matter of fact, there are always other types of fashionable shoes available at shopping malls or stores than high heels. It 'ok to wear high heels, but if there is another choice that can save the better your health, do not ignore it!

o For each wear, go with 1 to 1.5 inch heels, and save your dinner from 3 inches or occasional events. Do not wear high heels, if they are too high.
o Do not wear heels every day themselves. Rotate your shoes, wear different heel heights every day.
or wear high heels when there is no need to walk or run very energetic activities.

2. Choosing the right pair.

Consider several factors when selecting high-heeled shoes. Choose the ones you will be comfortable in.

o Choose a wider heel with higher heels. A wider heel, most often added stablility to the shoe and help to maintain balance.
Buy shoes with soft soles or internal.
For sandals or high heels, choose shoes with the back, thicker straps. High heeled sandals without a back strap are a recipe for disaster. There is very little material to keep your foot on skates and the potential drop is much greater.
O Make sure that shoes fit well. Never put your feet into shoes that are smaller than the size of your feet.

3. Taking much more attention.

Wearing high heels is not just putting your feet and walk inside. You should take more care when walking and after as well.

o Wear a thin pair of socks underneath. This will help prevent your feet from rubbing against the skin or the material of the shoes.
o Do not lend or borrow your shoes, in terms of hygiene, although for a few seconds. Several bacterial infections can be transferred from one person to another in this way.
o After a day or evening in high heels, massage the feet, roll your foot over a frozen bottle of water sports.
Lengthen or both the foot and calf after wearing high heels. To stretch the bow, placing the foot on the opposite knee and pull your toes back.
or change shoes when you come home and spend the evening without heels on.

4. Do not ignore foot problems.

You can get rid of bad pair of shoes in a second, but the damage they cause your feet are long life. Therefore, if you are unsure of your foot pain, see a doctor immediately.

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